Episode 25

You Killed My Daughter


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On this episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast Dr. Sajan’s patient, Killian. Killian underwent FTM top surgery with Dr. Sajan. He was also the focus of Episode Four of the realdrseattle series. Having grown up in South Texas and Tennessee, Killian grew up in a religious and non-supportive environment for a young transgender person.

When Killian first attended university, he learned about gynecomastia surgery where extra chest tissue is removed for cisgender men. This sparked his interest in top surgery. Having experienced homelessness, entering the Navy, rampant discrimination from many in his life, and being cut off from his siblings, Killian eventually made his way to Washington State where he found a supportive group of friends that supported him on his top surgery journey.

Listen to the story of Killian’s incredible life journey and surgery on the newest episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast with Dr. Javad Sajan.

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