Episode 24

Breast Augmentation With Different Sized Implants


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On this episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast Dr. Sajan’s patient, Koreen. Koreen underwent a gummy bear breast augmentation for larger breasts and to treat breast asymmetry. She opted for two different size implants to achieve the most symmetrical results that matched her body.

Koreen is an ICU nurse who grew up all around the United States due to her father’s military career. Both of her parents immigrated from the Philippines and instilled values of positivity and hard work in Koreen. Becoming a nurse was natural for her given her childhood and personality.

Interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery, she consulted with several surgeons who Koreen felt were selling themselves and not valuing what she wanted to achieve with the surgery. During her consultation with Dr. Sajan, Koreen knew she had found the right surgeon when he thoroughly discussed his plan based on her goals and anatomy and not the other way around.

Listen to the story of Koreen’s incredible life journey and surgery on the newest episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast with Dr. Javad Sajan.

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