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I Was Meant To Be A Boy


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Transgender Journey Podcast: - On this episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast Dr. Sajan’s patient, Liam. Liam is a transgender man who underwent top surgery with Dr. Sajan at Allure Esthetic earlier this year. Liam was born and spent his early life in the Dominican Republic. It was not until he attended high school in the United States that he began to have the language for his identity and the feelings he had growing up.

During childhood, Liam experienced feelings of gender dysphoria. He never liked wearing traditional girls’ clothing and expressed an interest in girls instead of boys early on. Seeing boys, Liam realized that he wanted to look like and be like them. He even enjoyed when he would be misgendered before he transitioned because it better matched his true identity.

After moving to Washington and attending school, Liam witnessed fellow students come out as transgender and transition. This gave him the language to understand how he was feeling and his true gender identity. Liam did not formally come out until 2020, despite having these feelings all of his life.

Listen to the top surgery patient story of Liam’s incredible journey on the newest episode (and season!) of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast with Dr. Javad Sajan.

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