Oaklee Gose
Episode 22

LDS Conversion Therapy To FTM Surgery

Oaklee Gose

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Transgender Journey Podcast - On this episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast Dr. Sajan’s patient, Oaklee Gose. Oaklee is an FTM man who underwent FTM top surgery with Dr. Sajan at Allure Esthetic. Growing up in Idaho and the LDS church, Oaklee’s journey is truly unique and captivating. It includes periods of homelessness, conversion therapy, and a lot of hard work.

Oaklee was an accomplished soccer player throughout childhood and got kicked off the team when he came out as a lesbian. This also caused his parents to kick him out of the house and eventually send him to conversion therapy. When he was a teenager and early adult, he learned more about binding and the transgender community from a friend and the internet.

After moving to Oregon on a soccer scholarship, Oaklee began to identify as transgender. This is when he looked into hormones and top surgery. While attending school to become a paramedic, Oaklee was able to undergo top surgery with Dr. Sajan. Taking hormones and top surgery completely changed his life, and according to Oaklee, saved his life.

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