Ellis Younts
Episode 21

Transgender Discrimination Within The Community

Ellis Younts

This episode includes topics about

Transgender Journey Podcast: - Joining Dr. Sajan on the Plastic Surgeon Podcast is his patient, Ellis Younts. Ellis underwent bilateral double incision chest reconstruction, also known as FTM top surgery. He discusses the many decisions that transgender patients, doctors, and surgeons must make when considering transition. Talking points include underage gender affirming surgery, puberty blockers, and starting hormones at a young age.

Ellis provides important insight into the politics that exist within and outside of the transgender community concerning transition. He experienced gatekeeping being told he could not present feminine at all to consider himself a transman. Along with this, Ellis discusses early experiences in his life that foreshadowed his future gender identity.

With interesting and insightful conversations about what age gender is conceptualized, patient’s right to choose, and the possibility of regretting surgery. Luckily, Ellis does not regret his surgery and is so happy with his new chest following FTM top surgery.

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