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Mommy Makeover Surgery Helps Woman Overcome Rape


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On this episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast Dr. Sajan’s patient, Stephanie tells her absolutely amazing story of overcoming a horribly traumatic experience when she was a teenager. A Marine Corps veteran, assault survivor, and mother, Stephanie underwent a mommy makeover including a breast lift with a tummy tuck.

Growing up in Florida, Stephanie was an athlete and star student until a violent assault upended her life at the age of fifteen. After taking several years to overcome this trauma and find success in the Marines, Stephanie eventually found herself in the Pacific Northwest.

When she began gaining weight in her thirties and forties, she found that she needed to work through her trauma and depression to lose weight and be the best physical version of herself. After losing a hundred pounds, Stephanie began researching Dr. Sajan and other plastic surgeons. When she chose Dr. Sajan, she made her final decision based on Dr. Sajan’s work with the transgender community.

Stephanie’s surgery was challenging and included a free nipple graft breast lift. After her mommy makeover surgery, Stephanie feels her body better matches how she feels inside. She has seen even better results as time goes on.

Listen to Stephanie’s story of overcoming trauma and finding the silver linings in life on the newest episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast with Dr. Javad Sajan.

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