Jessica Hogge
Episode 12

Conquering Skin Death After Tummy Tuck

Jessica Hogge

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Episode Twelve of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast, Dr. Sajan chats with his patient, Jessica Hogge. Dr. Sajan performed Jessica’s tummy tuck. During her recovery, it became evident that Jessica experienced a rare complication known as necrosis, or skin death.

This episode details Jessica’s story of why she sought a tummy tuck from Dr. Sajan, finding out she had necrosis, and the how Dr. Sajan treated her. Despite going through a complication that would easily deter many patients, Jessica’s bright spirit persevered through Saturday treatments with Dr. Sajan, caring for the wounds at home, and healing from the inside out.

Necrosis is a not often talked about complication that can happen after any surgery. While rare, Jessica’s story highlights how complications don’t have to ruin amazing results.

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