Brooke McNally
Episode 13

Too Late In Life To Transition?

Brooke McNally

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Episode Thirteen of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast welcomes Brooke McNally to tell her story of undergoing a male to female transition and MTF breast augmentation with Dr. Sajan. Brooke’s transition story is unique because she did not begin her transition until she was in her forties.

Brooke discusses the challenges of coming out as an adult including handling her transition in the workplace and within her well established relationships. She also discusses some of her experiences of being misgendered in public and how she overcame those obstacles. Eventually, Brooke decided to undergo MTF breast augmentation with Dr. Sajan as part of their male to female transition.

Living an active lifestyle, it was important to Brooke that her breast implants not get in the way. Having a friend that had undergone the same surgery with Dr. Sajan, Brooke scheduled a consultation. Due to her lifestyle and concerns, Brooke went with 440cc gummy bear breast implants to achieve a natural looking breast.

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