Sabrina Sajan
Clinic Talk 8

Poison Injections, Interview Nightmares and The Fucci Fiend Returns

Sabrina Sajan

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In this episode of Clinic Talk with Dr. Sajan and Sabrina Sajan, they discuss some of the most interesting stories from their plastic surgery clinic the past few weeks. From someone who accused an injector of injecting their forehead with poison to wearing crop tops to job interviews, Clinic Talk Eight will surely have you in disbelief.

Along with these unbelievable stories, Dr. Sajan tells the story of an employee who came back to apologize three years after leaving their job with no notice. Sabrina also provides an update on the Fucci Fiend and the lengths this patient went to that ended up causing a complete change in Allure Esthetic’s phone system.

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Sabrina Sajan 00:00

Ever wonder what motivates people to get plastic surgery.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:02

Do they regret it?

Sabrina Sajan 00:03

What can we learn from the weird and wild stuff that happens at our plastic surgery clinic? We're going to tell some stories, get some laughs and learn on.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:11

Clinic talk with Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan 00:13

On the plastic surgeon podcast.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:32

Hello, my friends. I'm Dr. Javad Sajan and of course I'm here with my lovely wife and CEO of Allure Esthetic Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan 00:39

Welcome back and thanks for listening, please rate and review us on Apple podcasts to support the channel. On clinic talk we tell real stories of fun, strange, hopeful, and educational things that happen at our clinics from day to day.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:53

We get a lot of weird and hilarious things happening at the clinic.

Sabrina Sajan 00:57

You can find the clinic @allureesthetic.Com for more information. So Janu what clinic stories are we talking about today?

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:05

We had a wild week. Didn't we coming back from the holidays?

Sabrina Sajan 01:08


Dr. Javad Sajan 01:09

So a lot of things, you know, come back after the holidays, like people-

Sabrina Sajan 01:14

We hope you gays had a great Thanksgiving.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:16

Yeah, I hope it was amazing. I heard The Fucci Fiend Returns.

Sabrina Sajan 01:19

Yes, the Fucci returns.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:21

So what happened?

Sabrina Sajan 01:22

So I think we've talked about this individual a few clinic talks ago. It's this individual that came in to use our coupons for her Botox.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:36

She was the one wearing the fake Gucci mask and screaming coupon in the lobby, right?

Sabrina Sajan 01:41

Yes, exactly. So we dealt with all of that and now we're here.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:45

And she was the one that we gave her free product just to get her to leave. She wouldn't leave. Okay. I remember know.

Sabrina Sajan 01:50

Yeah. She wanted to use her Botox coupon and she wasn't a good candidate for one of the procedures that she wanted or, you know, treatment that she wanted to do. So in order to compensate for her time for just coming and just nicely leaving, we gave her free product.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:08

And I heard that she made a comeback. Yeah. This week. Right?

Sabrina Sajan 02:12


Dr. Javad Sajan 02:12

What happened? I thought we had a number of block though.

Sabrina Sajan 02:15

Yes. So unfortunately, because she, you know, called and called all of our staff you know, bad names and-

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:24

She used the B word I heard.

Sabrina Sajan 02:25

Yes, B word and all sorts of other words. And yelled and screamed on the phone and all of this stuff. So we ended up, you know, telling her that we're going to block her number and we appreciate her not to call this office anymore. And that we're just not a good fit for each other.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:39

So when you guys told her the first time you're going to block her number, what did she say?

Sabrina Sajan 02:43

She didn't think that we were going to, and then I guess, we ended up doing it because she kept calling and calling and was demanding to schedule appointments so now come whatever a few months later on Monday, this starts and, you know, we get this call and from another number and, you know, we answer the phone and we asked for, you know, their phone number to kind of pull up their account in our system. And we pull her up and, you know, it's her and you know, of course we have tags and stuff in our system where we can, you know, we block people to just make sure that we're carefully, you know speaking to them and we want to make sure that we're setting the right expectations.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:23

So she got on the blacklist, right?

Sabrina Sajan 03:25


Dr. Javad Sajan 03:25

What's that? What do you guys call that?

Sabrina Sajan 03:27

Do not schedule.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:28

The DNS list.

Sabrina Sajan 03:29

Yes. The DNS list. And so she calls and she is demanding to get on the schedule for filler. And we're, you know, of course we say, we told, we tell her, you know, unfortunately due to previous interactions with our office and with our office staff, unfortunately, we're not able to schedule you at this time. And she's like, "What do you mean by that? What do you mean? Who said that, who over there is saying that about me"? And you know, they went on and said the same thing to her and you know, then she hung up the phone. Then an hour later, she calls from another number and says a different name. And we're like, okay, this sounds exactly like who just called an hour ago. It's a different phone number. She says, she's someone else now, which we pulled up in our system. And that number is also on the DNS.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:18

Yes, no, we can't say her name, but I heard, it sounded like literally mini me.

Sabrina Sajan 04:22


Dr. Javad Sajan 04:23

That was, she gave a name that sounded very similar to mini me, like Austin Powers, Dr. Evil.

Sabrina Sajan 04:29

Yeah. And then we pulled that number up and also that one's fly to our systems. Same thing again, I'm sorry.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:36

Is she mini me or is mini me somebody else?

Sabrina Sajan 04:40

This person says, that's her friend. And she's trying to schedule this appointment for her friend and her friend's name is Mini me.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:47

They're not, that's not the real name guys, but it sounded like that. So we're using a pseudonym.

Sabrina Sajan 04:51

Yes and she said, this is her friend that she started a schedule appointment. Whether she says she's going to be coming with her friend because her spine doesn't speak English. And we're like, unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions, we're unable to have any guests at this time. You know, we're happy to, you know, have your friend on, you know, the phone or FaceTime to translate, but just because of COVID restrictions, would you just can't have additional people.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:14

This is the only time COVID has actually helped us, Oh my God,

Sabrina Sajan 05:17

We use it to our advantage, the situation. So she doesn't take that for an answer. She goes on and on and on, and eventually, you know, the staff members and unfortunately I can't help you any further and we just can't help you any further hangs up the phone next day comes and I'm in the office on this day. And she calls again, same number. And then we're okay. Now I got to call a different number. So now we try to block that number and then anonymous call start after that.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:49

Star six, seven block number.

Sabrina Sajan 05:50

Correct. So block numbers start and she's calling again with, from a blocked number and gives her phone number and says, I need to schedule an appointment for a Botox and filler. And we're like, unfortunately, we are not able to assist you at this time because you know, previous interactions with our, we're just unable to meet your expectations. And, you know, I think that's fair. You know, and we really strive and we say this to all of our patients and clients here, we really strive to provide excellent customer service. And if we feel that we're unable to do that for someone we're just not a good fit. And I think that's very fair, you know.

Dr. Javad Sajan06:25

Exactly. Just like when you get your hair done, sometimes that stylist can't do anything to make you happy. You got to go somewhere else.

Sabrina Sajan06:30

Exactly. So, you know, someone, if a practice or a surgeon or provider is telling you that they're not a good fit for you and we're just not a good fit for each other. I think the best thing is just to take that as a positive and to find someone else, and I think that's fair.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:44

So what did she say when you guys told her that?

Sabrina Sajan 06:45

So she just would not take that as an answer. Like she kept repeating over and over again that she, that we must, and she's threatening on the phone that we must schedule the filler appointment and the Botox appointment for her. She's like, what do you mean by no. Why can't you do it? You needed to just do it right now. And she's using all these words again.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:05

How does she threaten us?

Sabrina Sajan 07:06

She's saying that she's going to actually just show up and we're going to have to do her Botox for her. She said, if you don't schedule, I'm just coming there. So we talked to her and then hung up the phone. Of course she calls back literally 10 minutes later, again with the block call and we say the same thing again. And then finally, because the calls were getting extreme and she was getting very aggressive over the phone and threatening us. And saying all these bad words, things that we don't want to hear. We eventually ended up telling her that if she calls the office again, either from a blocked number, from any other number we're going to call the police.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:42

The police?

Sabrina Sajan 07:43

Yes. We said, this is the last call. We will not appreciate you calling us from block numbers. We did not appreciate you keep calling and threatening our office staff. And if you continue to do this, we are reporting you to the police.

Dr. Javad Sajan07:55

And how do you guys made a change in the phone system too? Right?

Sabrina Sajan 07:59

We blocked all blocked calls.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:02

So we had to make a complete system change because of here.

Sabrina Sajan 08:05

Yes. So we had to completely block any callers that are calling from blocked numbers.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:10

So now no one can call office from some block numbers.

Sabrina Sajan 08:12


Dr. Javad Sajan 08:13

That's wild. And she's been quiet since then.

Sabrina Sajan 08:16

Yes, she probably can't couldn't call us anymore because we've blocked their calls. And we blocked.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:20

If there was a payphone and she would call us from payphone, that's unbelievable. That's unbelievable. So that's so wild, you know, but her not being able to come is one of the COVID restrictions. We have to work with an hour, isn't it?

Sabrina Sajan 08:38

Yes. So, unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions, you know, unable to do many things that we were able to allow before.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:43

I know. And one of those restrictions is, you know, unfortunately we can't allow children in the office and we can't allow you know, for a appointment on a systematically necessary right now. We're not, we can't allow a second person to come with them.

Sabrina Sajan 08:58

Like a guest or caregiver friend.

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:01

Yeah. We are accommodating, we'll FaceTime somebody in, we'll Skype them in. We'll do everything we can, we're required by the governor's requirements to eliminate people coming in.

Sabrina Sajan 09:11

Yeah. And it's sad, but I mean, it's kind of hard, you know, for us, like we want to have, you know, we weren't allow that we were allowing that before. Of course, because of COVID, weren't able to do it now, but unfortunately we have to follow the rules in the law. You know, it's, you know, the facility's licenses on the line, there's providers here whose licenses on the line, we just can't take these risks, you know, we have surgery patients that are coming in. We want to make sure we have to make sure we are protecting all of these people. We just can't have additional people. And a lot has patients don't understand that. And I'm sure you've kind of, you know, went through that when people are coming for consultation and they're demanding for, to bring a friend with them or whoever else would them to their appointments, to their consult appointments or whatever. And it's really difficult, you know, it's something that's not in our control.

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:02

Exactly. And I have to say, I hate the restrictions. I don't like them. I don't want them. You don't want them. But the hard part is we're forced to do them to stay open. So-

Sabrina Sajan 10:13

No, and I understand also that lot of times, like patients, you know, in the past, were able to bring in, for example, kids to their appointments, right? To their Botox appointment or filler appointment, you know, they brought their, you know, five-year-old or three-year-old or whatever it is. But at this time we're just unable to, and, you know, I understand it's hard to find childcare and, you know, patients have given us these reasons. I, you know, I don't have a babysitter for my child. My nanny, you know, is not there anymore, or I can't afford a nanny. What do I do? Like I can't, unfortunately that's not in our control. It's really hard. I mean, I feel bad saying we're unable to treat you because we're unable to take you back with another person.

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:52

Exactly. And the hard part is, you know, the restrictions are one thing, but unfortunately, you know, we all have, you know, not, unfortunately I say we all have to do our part to mitigate disease and, you know, we understand how this disease spreads. We understand the signs and we have to unfortunately minimize contact where we can safely.

Sabrina Sajan 11:12

Yes. We really do. And you know, we're doing our part and doing all that, and we really appreciate all the people that understand these things. And really even we have to follow the law and the rules and, you know, it's just would all just be helpful if everyone would just cooperate and just follow the rules.

Dr. Javad Sajan 11:28

Now we've been able to make some accommodation. Right. Like, so, you know, we had to stop our warm beverage service, but now we've got new service. Right. So what's our new and we stopped making cookies too, because of COVID.

Sabrina Sajan 11:39

Yeah. So instead of, you know, open and hot beverages, we have, you know, closed, packed beverages that people can grab from the fridge in the lobby. And then instead of the hot baked cookies that we used to do, we're giving rap Pharaoh share chocolates upon entry. So just, you know, everyone's adapting to the changes and we all have to do our part and, you know, there's some things that we won't like and some things, you know, we will like, you know, so we have to kind of just work with each other to make it all work.

Dr. Javad Sajan 12:06

Yeah. And I'm trying to get frappuccino as we can give out. So people get coffee still somehow. So, you know, Sabrina and I, you know, we live in breathe. Our patients, you know, care and our practice. So sometimes we have nightmares. So last week we had a really bad nightmare Sabrina, wasn't it? That was your nightmare.

Sabrina Sajan 12:28


Dr. Javad Sajan 12:29

Tell him, tell me, what was that about again?

Sabrina Sajan12:31

Yeah. So this is a thing a couple of weeks ago, and I just like got up in the middle of the night. I think it was like, what 3, 4:00 AM or something. And I'm like, Oh my God. Oh my God. And you were like, what happened? I'm like, I literally had a nightmare that I walked into the office at 7:30, you know, whatever time we get here at 7:30 in the morning. And the entire lobby was full of people like jame pack people. And there was little toddlers everywhere on the floor laying on the floor. They had drinks everywhere, cookies everywhere. No one had masks on. And I go in there and I yell one of our front desk staff's name. I'm like, "What is going on here"? Literally yelled. And that's when I like, woke up like that. That's how much like the taunts me.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:20

And, you know, it haunts us obviously for safety, but there's something called the COVID police in the state. I'm not going to name the inspector's name. You know them, they're nice people, we respect them, but they're coming around, they're checking clinics and all open businesses to make sure you're being compliant. And Sabrina had this nightmare, right. When one of our friends just got inspected by the police.

Sabrina Sajan 13:40

Yeah. So one of our practice friends, another practice who's good friends with us. They had a COVID inspection to make sure they're following all the pre COVID precautions and their social distancing and all of that. And right after that, I had this nightmare because I was so worried, you know, to make sure like, you know, I mean, it's difficult, you know, you have to make sure you have certain amount of people in the lobby and, you know, rooming patients accurately and not too many people are waiting in the lobby. I mean, there's a lot of, you know, a lot that we have to do to protect everyone. And it's, you know, it can get overwhelming.

Dr. Javad Sajan 14:17

Yeah, with that in we're a small business guys, you know, we're not some fortune 500 hospital here running around, you know, we and with COVID obviously, you know, everything is last, you know, we're not doing the same. We used to do when we're grateful we can be open and we're doing something. We thank God for that. But you have to implement these restrictions while bringing in a lot less revenue to support our employees and ourselves. So it's a real challenge, but you know, we're thankful we're all healthy or so far, and we're safe that we're going to keep chugging along and, you know, enforcing all these rules that nobody likes because we have to.

Sabrina Sajan 14:51

Yes, for sure.

Dr. Javad Sajan 14:53

So guys as you know, as our company has been slowly, slowly getting more staff and growing, we interview a lot.

Sabrina Sajan 15:00


Dr. Javad Sajan 15:01

So I gotta share this story. What happened last this past Tuesday?

Sabrina Sajan 15:06


Dr. Javad Sajan 15:07

So I know when we started the company was approximately four years ago and we started a new program for accepting. I gotta be careful. I can't give too much away, but we basically started a new program in the practice for gender affirming care or transgender care. So we had just started this program to deliver the care. And I had one person who was the designee who ran the program. And she was the only one who knew anything about pronouns, how to schedule what to do about the billing for their. Because we accept insurance for gender affirming care. She did all of that. Remember that. And so she worked for me and then she worked for about 9 months she built a whole program. And then one day she disappeared.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:56

It doesn't show up for work. I texted her, we called her, I only had four or five employees. There was all this outstanding billing, like tens of thousands of dollars. And we didn't know where she left anything because she was the only person doing it. So she disappears doesn't that we think she's dead. We got no message for three days. And then on the third day, cause we were going to find like a missing person report with the police. I get, we get a text saying, "Oh no, I'm having family issues. I'll be there tomorrow". And she kept doing this tomorrow or next week, three weeks, three months never showed up ever. And because of this, we lost a lot of money. There were bills wouldn't follow up on. We didn't know where she left off. She was the only person running it appointments were not properly scheduled.

Dr. Javad Sajan16:42

We didn't know what patients I paid, what they hadn't paid. This was four years ago when we just had a team of five people. So it was very different than what we are now. So basically she goes on her way. We got a replacement, you know, we lost some money, but we got everything cleaned up and we kept moving forward and the patients got great care. Obviously we didn't pause the care because of the billing and the other insurance issues, but we kept moving forward. So, you know, we're hiring another role, another person for this role. And-

Sabrina Sajan 17:08

Three years later.

Dr. Javad Sajan 17:09

Yes. Now fast forward three years. And we put the job posting again for this coordinator person not giving the title away. And this person applied. She applied three times to this job after she literally, I fault screwed us over. It screwed me over big time. And she applied three times. I say no interviews. I'm not interviewing her. Four times she applied put a wrong long letter about how she want to meet with me. I said, okay, fine. I had my, I had our scheduling persons says scheduled to interview for me. It was last week, this week Tuesday. So this person comes the Cedar down in my office and I finished my surgery. I go in there and I sit down, she starts bawling, crying. And she is a grown woman crying, mask wet. And I'm like, I'm not going to say her name. Nice person. I'll use that word. Nice person. What's going on? She's like, "My life has been hell since I screwed you over". I'm like, "What do you mean"? She's like, "Everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. My one child became homeless.

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:24

My other child ended up losing their relationship. I had never lost a job. I've lost three jobs. Financially I made some really bad decisions and I'm in peril. I came here because I know karma got", and I just looked at her. I was like, wow. In the back of my mind, I was thinking there is justice in this world.

Sabrina Sajan 18:46

And then you said, I wouldn't think I would ever see you again.

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:49

Yes, yes, yes, yes. That's what I said as she was like, no, I just came here to apologize and say, I'm sorry. And all of these things. Yes. And I'm like, Oh, okay. That sounds great. I said, I appreciate you apologizing. I didn't say it was okay. Cause it's not okay. They never say that. I told her it's not. Okay. But I said, I appreciate you making the effort and coming and seeing me. And then she's talking about, she feels bad and life is bad and all of this. Right. And she's probably listening to this podcast, is what it is now. So anyway and then she says, Oh, you know, my job, my new job I'm at now delayed me off too. I'm like, Oh, cool. Okay. I understand. And she's like, "Oh, I saw you had a job ad on indeed". And then I just said, "Stop nice person. I know the real reason you're here". And she's like, "What do you mean"? I said, "You know why you're really here. You're not here to apologize or say anything". She is like, "What do you mean"? I'm like, "You're here because I have a job on indeed. And I'm paying more than anybody for this job. And no one else is going to pay you as much as I would.

Dr. Javad Sajan19:53

That's why you're here". Speechless became bright red, like a cherry, like Patrick's ears when he gets upset, Patrick is anesthesiologist, he is a great guy. Anesthesia provider, but he gets very bright red, when he's upset. And yes. Oh, he gets very upset and then I have to hear about it. But anyway, so, and then she just looks at me, doesn't say anything. We both know. The real reason you are here is because you think I'm going to hire you back and give you more money. You didn't come to apologize three years after the fact. You could have just sent me an email, you have my cell phone number. I texted you a million times. You had that number. You could have just texted me.

Sabrina Sajan 20:28

And you never responded to.

Dr. Javad Sajan 20:29

Exactly. And then, you know, she didn't say anything with a cordial goodbye, and she left. It was almost a surreal experience. I never thought I would see this person again. And this person we had helped her help this person out a lot, you know? Cause I was just shocked how life came back. I'm not happy. She had trouble. I feel bad for her, but makes you realize, you know, I really believe in this, you know, I think there is a higher, I believe in God, obviously, but I think there's a higher power that looks after all of us. And I think sometimes we can have a lot of blessings. I'm not saying bad things that I wished upon us, but sometimes those blessings may not exist if you know, we don't do good for others. It doesn't always work out that way. But in this situation I was like, wow, it did.

Dr. Javad Sajan 21:15

I was shocked. I mean-

Dr. Javad Sajan21:16

What did you feel about it?

Sabrina Sajan 21:18

I just, you know, sometimes you hear about people, you know, that have moved on and stuff and you hear, you know, chatter or gossip about things but this was a very unique experience because that individual came back three years later to say how hell her life had become and you know, how she felt. She's literally said that. She said every single day after I did that, I remembered that I did you guys wrong. And that every moment after that was literally karma coming back to me because I basically screwed you guys over. And it was really shocking to kind of here, you know, directly from that person who did it. Because a lot of times you hear about it. And then you're like, you know, it is what it is. And then you, you don't ever hear that about that person again, but her coming back and saying that I think it was crazy.

Dr. Javad Sajan 22:11

Yeah. That was wow. That's something I'm never going to forget. Yeah. So Jan I know you do a lot of interviews too, right? And you have had some experiences with interviews too. Right? So what's the most unusual thing you've seen.

Sabrina Sajan 22:27

I've had all sorts of interviews. I mean, I've been interviewed for many different positions for the company.

Dr. Javad Sajan 22:34

Sabrina is been hiring since she came to this company, literally.

Sabrina Sajan 22:39

You know, I mean, our company's been growing, I would say since I've been here, you know and you know, we're really blessed and thankful for everyone. That's part of this, you know, growth and we were interviewed for many, you know, many, many different positions all the way from top to down, I would say. So it's just, it really surprises me when people don't understand or maybe they don't know, which is really shocking in 2020 How to dress for interviews.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:09

What do you mean?

Sabrina Sajan23:10

Like I've had people come to interviews and crop tops. I've had people-

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:15

What kind of position?

Sabrina Sajan 23:17

You know, all sorts of positions, front desk, RN bookkeeper.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:23

Crop top is the top ends above the belly button. Right?

Sabrina Sajan 23:26

Correct. Like your whole abdomen is basically showing.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:29

So did they have like a sweater on top.

Sabrina Sajan 23:29

No, nothing low waisted pants. No, there was not even a six pack that they were trying to show off.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:38

What about a piercing?

Sabrina Sajan 23:40

It was literally like ended like literally the entire abdomen was showing with the low waisted pants. They wouldn't even wear high-waisted pants. They weren't even trying, you know? I'll say I never, I've never seen that in East coast. So it must be a Seattle thing.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:58

I think so.

Sabrina Sajan 23:59

The funniest thing was like I remember when that person came in, they checked and everything. And two of the, you know, two of our leader, you know the leadership staff literally turned around as I was going in the door. They were like, that's the interview. He was at a patient. I said, she's here for an interview. They were shocked flip-flops literally flip-flops.

Dr. Javad Sajan24:20

For an interview?

Sabrina Sajan24:21

For an interview.

Dr. Javad Sajan24:24

Like the single toe flip-flop.

Sabrina Sajan 24:24

The ones you wear to the bathroom.

Dr. Javad Sajan 24:26

Oh my God.

Sabrina Sajan 24:27

Yes. Literally flip flops. What else? Without a mask, like totally didn't denying, wearing a mask like.

Dr. Javad Sajan 24:37

They are coming to healthcare organization with no mask.

Sabrina Sajan 24:39

Correct. And I'm like, you need to put a mask on, Oh, I don't have one. Oh, unfortunately I can't interview you. Literally it's wild. Just like very casual attire jeans, ripped jeans, destroyed jeans, ripped all the way up to their ass like, you know, all sorts of what else? Like coming late to the interview.

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:05

I remember that one person you guys sent away and she's not because she was late and they sent a long letter of giving some kind of explanation.

Sabrina Sajan 25:12

Yeah. I mean, I understand things happen all that, but I mean, you can't come late to an interview. You'd rather just say that I couldn't make it, you know, instead of coming like 30, 40 minutes late, I mean-

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:23

I think her reason was she was lost.

Sabrina Sajan 25:23


Dr. Javad Sajan 25:25

Come on you got Google maps or whatever, you know, go get a garment for God sake.

Sabrina Sajan 25:29

Yeah. I mean, you know, a lot. And I sometimes ask the staff that we currently have and I'm like, so would you ever come to interview late? And they were like, no, you know, a lot of our staff were like, we came the night before to kind of make sure where we were going and kind of scope out the area to make sure that we would come on time. Others was like, yeah, I came 30 minutes early and I waited in the parking lot, you know, or came 10 minutes early and make sure I knew where the office was and everything. I mean, if you want the job, you're going to make the effort to come on time.

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:59

If you're not going to come on time for your interview, how are you going to be on time to check my patients and for surgery.

Sabrina Sajan 26:04

Exactly. And you know, I mean, it's, this is a critical role, you know, it's, you know, your provider like an RN or, you know, whatever else is critical, you know, part of the, you know, patient care and we, yeah. We understand things happen and you know, emergencies do happen, but I mean, you gotta be on time. Yeah. I mean, it is what it is. You gotta be on time.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:26

So what's other story I hear about a patient complaining that you all injected poison in their forehead.

Sabrina Sajan 26:33

Yeah. So this patient came in and saw one of our providers.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:39

It was Jena, right?

Sabrina Sajan 26:39


Dr. Javad Sajan 26:40

Jena has the most unique patients. I don't know why, but the patients who are the most eccentric we love our patients. We don't use the C word unless you're the Fucci fiend, but anyway, she gets the most eccentric patients with the most unusual demands and sort of follow up care.

Sabrina Sajan 26:58

So she came this person came in and Jena saw them, you know, they were getting Dysport, Dysport is a neuromodulator it's like Botox to keep us involved, we'll say Botox is patients coming in to get, you know, Botox. And she did the treatment, patient went home patient calls back calls office like a day later and says that they're having all these symptoms. And they're like feel that there's poison in their head.

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:29


Sabrina Sajan 27:29

Yeah. Literally says the word poison.

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:32

How did they know this poison?

Sabrina Sajan 27:33

They said that they're feeling all these weird things. They're feeling depressed all of a sudden. And they feel like they're going to faint. And they've lost their appetite.

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:44

How many days after was this?

Sabrina Sajan 27:45

A day after.

Dr. Javad Sajan27:46

Oh my God. It doesn't kick in for three days.

Sabrina Sajan 27:49

Yeah, and they're almost sure that this provider injected poison in their head and they don't know what to do with themselves. And that they're going to go to the ER.

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:59

ER, for Botox, for forehead, Botox, guys, forehead Botox is like a little, nothing procedure.

Sabrina Sajan 28:06

Yes. They're going to go to the ER. Because they're feeling all these things and they literally think there's poison in their head. And so, you know, we're like, okay send us pictures.

Dr. Javad Sajan 28:16

Before this had poison. Did they just say, Hey, I'm having these symptoms. Can you help me? That's a normal thing to do. People can have weird reactions did they do that?

Sabrina Sajan 28:24


Dr. Javad Sajan 28:24

So this person went straight to poison?

Sabrina Sajan 28:28


Dr. Javad Sajan 28:28

Straight from zero to a poison from zero to 100. Yeah.

Sabrina Sajan 28:31

Yes. Literally poisoned in my head.

Dr. Javad Sajan 28:34

Sometimes you'll get this and that's okay. If you're having weird symptoms of something, we do talk to us, call us. We'll help you, accusing us of putting poison. That's another. That's a special person. That's a do not schedule person.

Sabrina Sajan 28:46

DNS list. So we're like send pictures in. Do you see the, no, I don't see anything. I just feel all these things and all this stuff. Right. So what we said, okay, fine. We'll schedule you to come in. Doesn't see an MD want to evaluate you, make sure you're doing well. So the patient eventually schedules an appointment with an MD the MD then just, you know, looks at that and everything looks normal. I think one of their, they want a more symmetric eyebrows or something like that. So they put a few drops.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:16

So you guys put more poison in?

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:17

The person said that, that they had a cemetery and they weren't mentioning poison at that time when they came in, I don't know what it was.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:26

So I was, or somebody wanted free extra units.

Sabrina Sajan 29:29

Maybe. And then, so they do that treatment and you know, we made sure there were two people in the room at that time with an MD to make sure that, you know, we're all on the same page and we're not up anything here.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:42

When you got that consent, I would put poison, Botox slash poison.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:47

And then this patient call back and says the MD put more poison in my head.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:54

That's unbelievable. You know what I would've said? And I'm just thinking about it. Now I would have told them, well, botulinum, toxin is a poison, so you are correct. How may I help you? You know? What questions do you have?

Sabrina Sajan 30:04

Literally? They said, you guys put more poison into my head.

Dr. Javad Sajan 30:07

Oh, it's true. You got poison. You asked, you paid for it and you signed off on it.

Sabrina Sajan 30:13

Oh my goodness. It was just. And then eventually they kept calling and they say like going to the ER, and then there was a, well, if you feel that you need to go to the ER.

Dr. Javad Sajan 30:21

Oh, that'll be a joke that will kick that person out of the year. So quick, there we'll send them to the psych ward.

Sabrina Sajan 30:26

So yeah, they feel, I'm guessing they feel better cause they stop calling or maybe they went to the ER, I don't know.

Dr. Javad Sajan 30:33

We love our patients. Weird things happen. We deal with it. Call us, please. No one's putting poison in technically. Okay. BOSH line and toxin could be considered a poison, but you paying for it. You're asking for it. We love our patients guys, but we've gotta be reasonable.

Dr. Javad Sajan 30:48

Thank you for listening to clinic. Talk on the plastic surgeon podcast, please rate and review us on Apple podcasts to support the channel.

Sabrina Sajan 30:55

Tune in next time for more clinic talk, we have more great stories coming your way.

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:00

For my live surgeries on Snapchat and adventures throughout the week. Catch us on all social media at @realdoctorseattle. See you next time. Bye

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