Sabrina Sajan
Clinic Talk 9

Urination, Fallen Nipple and Exposed Implant

Sabrina Sajan

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On this episode of Clinic Talk, Dr. Sajan and Sabrina discuss some more unbelievable stories from their plastic surgery clinic. First off, Dr. Sajan tells the story of a patient who kept him up for 36 hours straight after having a tummy tuck. Unable to urinate, the patient went to their local Emergency Room. The patient did not inform Dr. Sajan before surgery that she frequently experienced this problem after surgery.

Sabrina and Dr. Sajan also discuss other concerns patients have called with, such as, one patient who believed their nipple fell off. The final story tells the sad circumstances of a woman who had a breast augmentation out of the country and experienced her breast implant popping out during a mammogram.

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