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Clinic Talk 7

Birthday Surprise

Sabrina Sajan

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In the seventh episode of Clinic Talk of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast, Sabrina surprises Dr. Sajan with a special birthday trip live on the podcast. Sabrina explains how she planned the trip over the past few months, kept it a secret from Dr. Sajan, and the story of how their flight got changed last minute.

With only a few hours until their trip, this Clinic Talk is a short and sweet surprise for Dr. Sajan. For more real plastic surgery stories, subscribe to the Plastic Surgeon Podcast and follow Dr. Sajan on Instagram @realdrseattle.

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Sabrina Sajan 00:00

Ever wonder what motivates people to get plastic surgery?

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:02

Do they regret it?

Sabrina Sajan 00:03

What can we learn from the weird and wild stuff that happens at our plastic surgery clinic? We're going to tell some stories, get some laughs and learn on.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:10

Clinic talk with Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan 00:12

On the plastic surgeon podcast.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:32

Hello, my friends. I'm Dr. Javad Sajan and of course. I'm here with my lovely wife and CEO of Allure Esthetic Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan 00:39

Welcome back. And thanks for listening, please rate and review us on Apple podcasts to support the channel. On clinic talks we tell real stories of fun, strange, hopeful, and educational things that happen at our clinics from day to day.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:52

Yep. We got a lot of weird and hilarious happening at the clinic.

Sabrina Sajan 00:55

You can find the clinic @allureesthetic.Com for more information. So Janu what clinic stories are we talking about today?

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:03

We have such an amazing week this week.

Sabrina Sajan 01:05

Yes, it's very special this week.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:08

Why so special this week.

Sabrina Sajan 01:09

It's your birthday tomorrow.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:11

I know, I know it was an amazing surprise you did today. I really appreciate it. It was too much.

Sabrina Sajan 01:18

The surprise has just started.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:21

What do you mean?

Sabrina Sajan 01:22

So I don't know how to say this, but we are going [laughing].

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:33

Why are you crying?

Sabrina Sajan 01:34

I'm not crying. It's just really funny. I don't know how to say it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:37


Sabrina Sajan 01:38

So we're going on a trip in six hours. Yeah, I have printed. So you don't think it's fake?

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:48

No, I don't believe it.

Sabrina Sajan 01:49

So we're going to trip here's a printed version and the flight leaves at 5:51 AM.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:56

Are you kidding?

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:58

No, well, first, okay, let me explain this a little better. So-

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:02

A trip?

Sabrina Sajan 02:02

Yes, I planned a trip on your birthday.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:04

No way, you never planned trips. I plan all the trips.

Sabrina Sajan 02:07

Well, it's a surprise for your birthday.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:10

Oh, thank you, I don't believe it though.

Sabrina Sajan 02:11

And but so just so you guys know a little background story Dr. Sajan operates Monday through Friday, Friday was blocked off in his scheduled this week. And he asked me every single day, what he's doing Friday, why it's blocked off. And I said, "Oh, this is an executive meeting". You know, we have a meeting once a month. And I've been, I blocked it off as executive makes a no staff would make any comments or ask questions about what you were doing and where you were going.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:37

Some people AKA Janella were like, "Oh, what's going on Friday". I'm like, "We're doing surgery". And then she was like, "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Surgery". And then a few hours. And then the next day Patrick's like, Oh, what was- I asked Patrick in the surgery that was asking how our week is going. I'm like, "Hey Patrick, what are you going on this schedule for Friday"? He's like, "Oh, you have your thing, don't you"? I'm like "What thing"? He's like, "Oh yeah. You're executive meeting, executive meeting". And then he just changed the subject quickly.

Sabrina Sajan 03:03

Well, in the beginning I blocked a schedule off and I put, do not schedule Dr. Sajan birthday. So every single day someone came to me and said, "What are you doing for his birthday? What are you doing for his"? I said "Nothing". So then I went in patient now I changed it to executive meetings. So people would stop asking me.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:18

Oh Yeah. Yeah, it makes sense.

Sabrina Sajan 03:20

So back to the story I booked this trip three months ago.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:25


Sabrina Sajan 03:25

Yes, three months ago.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:28

And we keeping it a secret this whole time.

Sabrina Sajan 03:29

You have no idea how hard it's been and I did it all by myself no elder individuals were involved in the planning of this trip. Okay. Let's just keep it at that. Yeah. and I planted three months ago the flight was supposed to take off at 8:15 tomorrow morning. And then I get a notification last night, which I had to quickly delete because I didn't want you to see it, that they changed the flight from 8:15 to 5:15.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:58

Is this where you were panicking to fix the bank of America card?

Sabrina Sajan 04:02


Dr. Javad Sajan 04:02

And you, something was funny because the bank of America card had some kind of alert on it because I was sending money for our supplies for, and it wasn't working. And that's how you were, ohhh.

Sabrina Sajan 04:14

We got to get this card fixed. The cards were all blocked last night and they weren't working here.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:19

And we go to sleep, We can do it tomorrow.

Sabrina Sajan 04:20

Yeah. And I'm like, don't we have to make this org, like, I'm going to call bank, I called them three times.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:24

And I had surgery in the morning. I'm like, I need to sleep. I have a big surgery. Can we please go to sleep? Then eventually I just went to sleep. Then, I don't know what she was doing.

Sabrina Sajan 04:32

Calling the bank.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:33

I never go to sleep. You know, I never go to sleep at a different time, but I was just tired and you were acting strange.

Sabrina Sajan 04:40

Okay. So back to the story. So they changed the flight last night to 5:15 in the morning, 5:15. So we're leaving in eight hours, approximately.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:51

That's why you were asking me about the travel point.

Sabrina Sajan 04:57

Well, yesterday we were like, well, we have a lot of travel and it's like, "Yeah, we can use it towards the travel". And then you were like, "What channel"? I was like, "No, no, no". You know, when we go eventually somewhere.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:05

I know it's COVID we don't have any trips planned. What are you talking about?

Sabrina Sajan 05:08

Yes, we have a trip plan.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:08

No, I don't believe it.

Sabrina Sajan 05:10

And it's tomorrow. So yeah, we are leaving at 5:15 in the morning. We're going from Seattle. There's a whole background to this whole trip, which I'll explain at another time, but basically we're going to Phoenix Arizona, and then we are hopping over on another plane and going to Utah to this private desert resort.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:34


Sabrina Sajan 05:34

It's called, I'm not sure if you remember

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:37

Kathleen conversation about resorts.

Sabrina Sajan 05:39

Okay. It started off as, at that conversation. And then I started researching about resorts and what's opening during COVID and all this stuff. And then I came across this resort on some sort of like review thing where people have been going and celebrities have been to like hide out and all this stuff. I was like looking more into it and I call them and they have one room available, one room and I'm like, okay. And I'm like, I can't make this decision that fast. And the price was pretty high, which you'll find out at a later time I might pass out.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:15

Right. Like 99 bucks a night.

Sabrina Sajan 06:17

Okay. We'll talk about that at a later time. But so there was one room available.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:22

You get the deliux sweet from 199?

Sabrina Sajan 06:23

There was one room available and basically they only keep, like they only right now will they only have like 30 rooms or sweets or whatever you want to call it. And right now, because of COVID, they only have half the resort booked. So they're even more social distancing and all of that. So I was like, "Okay, fine". So I called them back, like within a few hours. And then I booked the room and I booked the room.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:49

Three months ago?

Sabrina Sajan 06:50

Three months ago.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:51

So early planning.

Sabrina Sajan 06:52

And at that time, so this resort only gets airplanes. Or the only way to get to this resort is through this airport called Paige airport in Arizona. It's a private airport where people usually get their private jets flown in. And that's why it's so popular is because celebrities fly their private jets. So they usually fly there private Jet's airplane. Of course we don't have a private jet. Insha Allah one day we will, but by the grace of God but so I was like, okay, this is going to be really complicated. So then eventually I got ahold of the resort people and they helped me and they told me, there is a airport, and the only place you can stop over to get to this airport is Phoenix.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:36

Oh. So they have like an airport for like the poor people.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:39

So basically we go to Phoenix, and then from Phoenix, we go to Arizona up to page Arizona, which is a separate deserted Island. So then I book the resort and I'll show you pictures after. But so Kylie Jenner was here, in July for her birthday. So it's the same resort. And I don't know if you remember this, but when we went to see that house, that apartment and that broker was saying that this house is designed by so-and-so resorts and he used the words, Amman resort. Do you remember that? So this is that resort.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:18

No way. Did you recognize it?

Sabrina Sajan 08:20

Yeah, I recognized that second when he said it, but I couldn't say anything to you. So yes. It's a private resort. We're going there tomorrow. Well, technically in 8 hours and we'll be there till Sunday.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:34

I can't wait.

Sabrina Sajan 08:35

That's your birthday surprise.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:37

Oh, it's too much sweetheart. I love you so much. I can't believe you did all this, thank you.

Sabrina Sajan 08:40

But this is the proof.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:41

We don't have points with American airlines.

Sabrina Sajan 08:44

I know that was the only flight that was going.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:49

That's so amazing. Thank you, sweetheart. It's too much. I can't believe you did all this. I love you so much. Thank you so, so much.

Sabrina Sajan 08:56

So you're not here tomorrow and you don't have an executive meeting tomorrow and your meetings for tomorrow needs to be canceled.

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:04

I had a feeling, something was up. I didn't think you would think you went through so much trouble. It's so touching. Thank you so much. It's amazing.

Sabrina Sajan 09:12

All right, guys. So that's-

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:13

That's clinic talk.

Sabrina Sajan 09:15

Yeah. So we got to go pack.

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:17

Thanks for listening to clinic. Talk on the plastic surgeon podcast, please rate and review us on Apple podcasts to support the channel and hear more great content.

Sabrina Sajan 09:25

Tune in next time for more clinic talk. We have more great stories coming your way.

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:29

For my life surgery was on Snapchat and adventurous throughout the week. Catch us on all social media @realdoctorseattle.

Sabrina Sajan 09:35

See you next time. Bye

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