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Clinic Talk 6

Gas Station Plastic Surgery

Sabrina Sajan

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On the sixth episode of Clinic Talk of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast, Dr. Sajan and Sabrina Sajan discuss various stories of people paying for their partner’s plastic surgeries and the motivations of people getting plastic surgery for others including a person who wanted Dr. Sajan to take breast implants out of an ex-girlfriend.

Along with discussions of stories like this, they talk about the theft problem of cookies, Nespresso pods, and water bottles. When investigating usage of the amenities in the Allure Esthetic, they discover that caregivers are swiping the water bottles. For more real plastic surgery stories, subscribe to the Plastic Surgeon Podcast and follow Dr. Sajan on Instagram @realdrseattle.

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Sabrina Sajan 00:00

Ever wonder what motivates people to get plastic surgery?

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:02

Do they regret it?

Sabrina Sajan 00:03

What can we learn from the weird and wild things that happen at our plastic surgery clinic? We're going to tell some stories, get some laughs and learn on.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:11

Clinic talk with Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan 00:13

On the plastic surgeon podcast.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:32

Hello, my friends. I'm Dr. Javad Sajan and of course I'm here with my lovely wife and CEO of Allure Esthetic Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan 00:40

Welcome back. And thanks for listening. Please rate us and review us on Apple podcasts to support the channel. On clinic talk, we tell real stories of fun, strange, hopeful, and educational things that happen at our clinic form day to day.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:53

Yep. We get a lot of weird and hilarious happenings at the clinic.

Sabrina Sajan 00:57

You can find the clinic @allureesthetic.Com for more information. So Janu, what clinic story are we starting with today?

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:03

I had an amazing patient. One of my first patients that I ever did surgery on. He paid for surgery for his girlfriend and it actually happened to see him one time when I was skiing, just weird fluke. So he wasn't a really cool patient. Family is in the field and he came with his girlfriend for a consult. It was one of my very first surgeries and it was a normal thing, you know? And so we did the consult. She ended up getting a breast augmentation, nothing out of the ordinary. And then one day skiing and crystal mountain. And he comes up to me, sees me randomly. He's like, "Hey doc, what's going on"? And I'm like, "Hey, what's up"? And he's with some other lady front person, you know, I never say any HIPAA protective stuff. I never said her name or anything.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:50

He's like, "Hey" and she's across the Hill on the other side. He's like, "Hey doc, I want to ask you something". I'm like, "What"? He's like, "Can you take out the implants that I paid for on my ex-girlfriend.

Sabrina Sajan 02:02


Dr. Javad Sajan 02:03

Yes. He's like, "You know, we're not together anymore. And I paid for those implants. Those are my implants".

Sabrina Sajan 02:09

That's funny.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:10

And this person's family is in medicine the dad is in medicines. All I can say. And I look at him, I'm like, "Did you just say that"? I'm like, and I know I had all my ski gear on, but I thought maybe I misheard him like, "Hey can you say that one more time"? He was like, "Yeah, take a her implants. I paid for them". I'm like, I can't do that. How do you expect me to do that"? He's like, "Well, this is what you're going to do". I'll tell her that she's going to get bigger implants. Cause she's been asking for those. I'll bring her in. I'll pay you double and you just take them out and we're done.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:45

I was like, "My friend, that's wrong on so many levels. I can't even tell you". And he's like, "Well, they're my implants. I paid for them". He kept saying that over and over again. And I kindly told him, you know, this is a one-way road, you know, it's unethical. It's strange. It's weird. It be considered so many, would be considered wrong on so many levels. I can't even get into it. There's no way we're taking the implants out without her consent or her wanting it.

Sabrina Sajan 03:12

That's crazy.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:13

It was unbelievable and I couldn't even imagine he wanted that. I'm like, "You know, you got some other problems, bro. You gotta go figure that stuff out before coming, talking to me".

Sabrina Sajan 03:24

You probably want to remove them from the old one and put them in a new one.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:27

I'm surprised he didn't ask for that. Absolutely. Yeah.

Sabrina Sajan 03:30

We've heard about those ones too.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:32

So what happened in clinic this week? I heard that you talk to someone or know the receptionist talked to someone and said, "Hi", and she got the wrong name. What was going on?

Sabrina Sajan 03:40

Yes. so you know, along the same lines as the story that you're talking about. We get this guy that comes in and he says that, "Oh checks in at the front desk because he's here with another lady to first breast augmentation surgery. And the receptionist of course recognizes him because she seen him there before and she says, Hey we're just gonna use the generic name. Like, Hey Janu, how are you? And he said, "Oh, I'm good. How are you"? And you know, he's really super nice and everything. And he was like, "Oh, how's it going"? And then she's about to say like, "How's it going with", you know-

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:23

Her name.

Sabrina Sajan 04:23

Her name. And then he just like quickly turns around and he said, "Oh, let's grab a water bottle. Let's go this way". And he like redirects the person that he's there with so that she can move out of the way, while she's getting the water bottle, he basically indirectly chose his eyes to the receptionist, giving her an impression that that's not the same one.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:46

What? So he's there for a consult?

Sabrina Sajan 04:48

He's there for a breast augmentation surgery as a caregiver for a woman.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:53

And this is a different woman than the another woman. He was there with.

Sabrina Sajan 04:57

Yes. Six months ago.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:58

And so easy, like a caregiver just provides care for people or what?

Sabrina Sajan 05:03

I'm not sure what the situation is, but basically the front desk saw this person six months ago as a caregiver for a surgical patient for breast augmentation.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:14

His girlfriend.

Sabrina Sajan 05:15

His girlfriend. And now he's back again, six months later for another breast augmentation as a caregiver, but it's a different individual.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:23

Is he paying for these people's breast augs?

Sabrina Sajan 05:25

Correct. So he just shows his eyes at the front desk, you know, giving the front desk the impression that no, that's not the one, like don't say anything. He was like, no. So then, you know, of course we're not going to say anyone's name or anything, you know, find us acts normal and does, "Oh, hi, I'll, we'll check you in, get some all checked in". And then he left the front desk. So the he'll talk to us or the girl at the front desk after he gets her checked in. So that he gets the patient checked in for surgery. And then the nurse takes the patient back for the rest augmentation surgery. And then he comes back to the front desk when he's leaving and then he basically tells the front desk that he's with a new person. And once again, he's paying for a breast augmentation surgery for a new girl and he's not with the old one anymore but the new one doesn't know. And he's still been coming to the post-op of the old one.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:23


Sabrina Sajan 06:23


Dr. Javad Sajan 06:24

That's wild. Now he's not my patient. I can say that. Right? Maybe with the other doctor who works with us. So and then I heard that there's more, this has happened to the same gentlemen before.

Sabrina Sajan 06:38

Yes. This was the third time.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:40

So he's paid for three women's breast augmentation.

Sabrina Sajan 06:42

Correct. At the same facility with the same surgeon and at same office.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:47

And does he come to all of their post-ops?

Sabrina Sajan 06:50

He comes to a lot of them.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:52

That's so-

Sabrina Sajan 06:53

That's unbelievable. It's just really a funny story. And you know, he's, I mean, he's proud about it. He's, you know, he's really cool person and he doesn't regret any of them at all and he's like, "Yeah, I paid for them.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:08

So he's not ask him to get him removed, like my patient.

Sabrina Sajan 07:11

Not at all. He's helping the business.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:15

All right, guys, we've got to give a public service announcement. If you pay for somebody's breast ops you can't forcefully pay them to remove it.

Sabrina Sajan 07:21

Yes. I know we had also another situation similar kind of situation. This has also happened with another doctor at our facility. The patient, a woman came with a guy to her consultation super excited for the consultation, waited many months for it also breast augmentation. The person that she was with the guy he paid, they booked for surgery. He paid 50% of the surgery with his card and then of course-

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:55

Like, this was the one that ever once looked weird. Right?

Sabrina Sajan 07:58


Dr. Javad Sajan 07:58

She was disconnected from him. She was in her twenties, Asian he was like in his late sixties, early seventies.

Sabrina Sajan 08:06

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. and they were just the whole couple just looked a little really off and so he pays 50% of surgery and then he says, "Oh, she'll pay for the rest". Everything goes fine. And then his car done file and everything. And then he calls like a week before the surgery is supposed to happen. And he says, "I want my money back".

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:31

For the deposit?

Sabrina Sajan 08:32

Yes. And we said, "Oh sir you signed your financial policies form. You know, and you agree that you will be playing for this patient's surgery you signed it, you were there at the consultation". He's like, "Yeah, I did, but I'm not with her anymore". And then, so then, you know, the person on the phone asking him, "Oh so you're with him or you're not because at the consultation you told us that you were with her", he's like, "Yeah. Oh, I just met her three weeks ago and I was helping her out".

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:02

Oh man, that's a lot of help.

Sabrina Sajan 09:04

And he said, "Yeah, I was just helping her out, but she's not with me anymore. And I want money back she's she should pay for the surgery. I'm not going to pay for it anymore".

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:14

I wonder if she made him sign a refund policy.

Sabrina Sajan 09:18

So then you know, he went back and forth and basically because he only had the, the procedure was only paid for 50%. The individual, the girl, she didn't have any money to pay for the rest of the procedure. So unfortunately we did have to cancel the procedure and you know, give the money back to this individual. Because he refused that he was, you know, was with her and he wanted his money back. He had only met her a few weeks ago and he were just helping her out.

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:52

No, not from what I heard. There was a whole issue about his refund, right? Because he signed, he paid the non-refundable deposit and ended up disputing it with the credit card company. It was whole episode. Right?

Sabrina Sajan 10:02

Yes, correct. So he paid a non-refundable deposit, which means that once you book for surgery, that's non-refundable, you're more than welcome to reschedule to some another date, but you won't get that. You don't get that money back. And, you know, we told that to him, he signed off on all the forms and the policies and he called us back and forth and whatnot. And then yeah, eventually disputed it with their credit card company because we wouldn't give his money back.

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:24

And then we have to work it out through that whole process.

Sabrina Sajan 10:26

Yes. We worked it out with their credit card company and, you know, provided whatever they needed with his consent. And then, yeah.

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:33

That's wild. I had another one, a few weeks ago. This was a good story that I liked this story actually. So I had a woman come. She had five kids with a gentlemen and they're done having kids. And now she's in a, like in her fourth decade of life and she's getting her mommy makeover. So she came in, she was getting a BBL, Tommy Tauck breast dog, all three together. It was a big surgery, works out maybe around $30,000, something like that. She was getting all that stuff done and a lot of and a lot of lipo. So basically she comes and book surgery. And during the consult, I remember the guy was being like, it was seemed a little bit sleazy. He would always make comments to our staff. Like, "Hey, you look good". Or he, I remember he told one of our medical assistants and I'm quoting his word, these are not my word.

Dr. Javad Sajan 11:24

He's like, "Oh, I want this, no, no. I don't do surgery on my employees. But he told the medical assistant, can my wife get those kinds of breasts? He didn't use the word breast. He used the word quote-unquote titties. He's like, "Can you give her those titties"? He told the medical assistant that.

Sabrina Sajan 11:39


Dr. Javad Sajan 11:40

It's a very pervasive, very weird. And so basically she, you know, she came for the consult and then she was there for a pre-op and she actually broke down and started crying. And she told the pre-op coordinator that, you know, I'm so happy. I'm finally getting this done and I can finally have my body back. And I feel so bad with what I have. And then our pre-op coordinator asked her, like, you know, I'm happy for you Dr. Sajan is gonna take great care of you.

Dr. Javad Sajan 12:08

And she's like, "Yeah, my husband's been cheating on me this whole time. And he's cheating on me because he tells me I don't look how I used to. And he doesn't want to look at me anymore. He doesn't find me attractive". And she gave him five kids, nice woman. So, you know, we're obviously kind and supportive and nothing, you know, nothing more we can do. And I did her surgery, it went amazing. It was a wild success. And she, you know, and I knew the whole story. My pre-op coordinator told me, but she, you know, he came to a lot of our post-ops, but right around three months, ish, when she comes for three months, post-op, she's there. And I asked her, "How are things going with your husband"? Cause I know you guys went through some things. And she tells me, "Oh, I left him. I hadn't paid for my surgery and I'm done now".

Sabrina Sajan 13:00

That's a good twist.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:01

Yeah, exactly, you know, he took, you know, I think cheating is absolutely unacceptable. And I felt good that she got a win. Some people might not agree, but you know what? That woman gave that guy a lot of years, you know, they have five kids together. She seemed like a nice person. And for him to say a comment like that this is unacceptable. You know, when we do plastic surgery, the goal is to help people achieve their vision of themselves in the most safe way possible. But for someone who is your loved one to make comments like that is just inappropriate. What do you say? So-

Sabrina Sajan 13:39

Yeah, makes someone feel down like that and you know, kind of stomp on their self-esteem is really sad.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:44

Exactly. And you know, I know everybody knows this, but we're all gonna grow old. We're all not going to look how we did today. Tomorrow. And things are going to sag. Things are going to fall and we're going to get fullness and, you know, lumps where we don't want lungs, then we'll get divots where we don't want divots. You know, that's a part of life. You have to live with that and you have to be with it when you come for surgery. Sure. We can make things tighter and fuller, bigger in the right places, smaller in the right places where you never going to change how somebody else feels. And I tell all my patients this, and I remember at the pre-op when the coordinator called me to talked to this patient, I wanted to make sure motivations were right. I told her very clearly. I said, I will do the surgery for you because you want it. I will not do the surgery.

Dr. Javad Sajan 14:25

If you want me to change how he thinks, because if this person thinks about you like this, now when he's being picking you apart, even after your surgery, he's going to find something else and then you'll find something else. So if this is your reason, we don't, we shouldn't go forward, take your money back, have a nice life. It's okay. Come back in the future. And she was like, "No, I am doing this for me". I was like, "Okay, I'll help you", and that's such an important thing. You know, the goals, the motivations, the ambitions, never do anything like change your body for somebody else. Cause they will just find something else to pick on if they're pushing you to do it, that you think so.

Sabrina Sajan 15:03

Yes, definitely.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:05

So that's my soap box for this podcast. So moving on. So many of you guys know my family used to own gas stations no more. And this is going to tie you into this, wait a minute. So at the gas station that we own, when we first bought them, you know, in the nineties, my family owned quite a few of them, all the candy bars used to be outside. So people can buy, pick the candy bar and pay for it. However, there was too much shoplifting and at all the stores, we moved the candy bars behind the counter. So people wouldn't steal candy bars. Right? Makes sense.

Sabrina Sajan 15:40

Yeah. They will have to ask for them and then you would give it to them.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:43

Yes. And that means you would sell less candy bars, but at least no one's stealing them. So unfortunately Janu, I heard we had to do the same thing add a lure, tell me what's going on.

Sabrina Sajan 15:53

Yes, we did have to do this very similar situation at a lawyer. So we like many of, you know, before COVID happened, we used to have fresh bake cookies every morning in our lobby and we replenish them throughout the day. So we were making cookies all throughout the day and we replenishing them. We used to have glass sparkling water Vos water bottles and we also used to have Nespresso. So we started all the different flavors of Nespresso pods out there. And you know, the guests and patients would be able to grab cookies for themselves, grab maybe, you know, they wanted some sparkling water and they would also have the ability to make themselves you know, whatever Nespresso that they wanted. And you know, I don't usually look at the, I do look at all the orders, but once in a while, audit the orders that, you know, the, our team is placing and.

Dr. Javad Sajan 16:51

And guys, we were giving away so many snacks that we had to go. We used to buy them from Amazon, like Voss water that we had to go direct with Pepsi who owns Voss because the Amazon couldn't keep up with our orders. We were hitting all the quantity limits, right?

Sabrina Sajan 17:06


Dr. Javad Sajan 17:06

I didn't even know Amazon had limits on how much Voss you can order.

Sabrina Sajan 17:09

Yeah. So you can only order 10 at once we had to keep placing multiple 10, 10, 10 orders. So eventually we ended up just going directly to the manufacturer, which has Pepsi and doing bulk orders through them. And so the Pepsi guy was like, "Is this for your lobby"? We're like, "Yes". "This Guy come here every week". I was like, "Yeah, that's how much we go through". And he was shocked to know the amount of water bottles and the amount of Pepsi and even the cookies we go, we buy them directly to from Otis Spunkmeyer and we buy huge bags of 250 cookies, almost every week for each of our locations, that's how many cookies we used to go through as well. Evacs is a story. So we used to have all those amenities available to our patients and guests when they came to our facility.

Sabrina Sajan 18:01

And, you know, I was just auditing the orders one day. At some free times I was auditing the orders and I, you know, I was looking down my list for month by month and I kept seeing the Nespresso and the Pepsi orders and all of these going up every week. And I'm just wondering what's going on? And I'm like, I asked, the front desk "Well, you guys know what's been going on". I asked, you know, the team that, you know, kind of handles the lobby area. And I was like, "Do you know what what's been going on though"?

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:28

Was there a more patient flow or the numbers were about the same as their schedule is pretty full?

Sabrina Sajan 18:32

Yeah. The numbers were pretty much the same and for some reason the number, the amounts kept going up every week, almost every month.

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:40

The same number of patients, but more snack usage.

Sabrina Sajan 18:43

Correct. Yes. More snack usage, more Nespresso pods being used and more water bottles being ordered. There was one time that we even, I remember we ordered, you know, just the amount of same water we ran out and we had to run to Fred Meyer to grab more because the order hadn't kept up with what we needed.

Dr. Javad Sajan 19:01

Yeah. And guys, let me tell you something, one thing we've learned about offering amenities. So when you offer them, you can't stop them or people will protest literally in they'll get upset and they'll use unpleasantries with the front desk.

Sabrina Sajan 19:13


Dr. Javad Sajan 19:14

There's a shortage. We'll go buy retail and bring it in.

Sabrina Sajan 19:16

Yeah. And I'll talk about that in a second as well. But so then, you know, numbers kept going up in the night. I asked the front desk and I said, "You know, what's been going on that, I see the Nespresso orders are going up. The cookie orders are going up. The water bottles are being ordered more". And the girl in the front are like, "Yeah, people are stealing them". And I said, "What do you mean"? And she's like, "Well, we started giving, you know, snack bags". And we also, you know, we give snack packs to patients after their surgery. So it's a nice allure bag and it has a few snacks in there for surgical patients. And then that bag is handed to the caregivers. The caregiver then waits either in the lobby or one of our consultation rooms until the patient is ready for discharge. So I said, what do you mean by that? And then, so the one of the front desk girl explained it to me. She said, "Well, just like yesterday, there was a caregiver that was waiting in the lobby with two bags in her hand. One was a snack bag that was given by the nurse. And then one was a post-op care bag such as we give a lot of our patients like ABD pads and gauze. And like all of these things that they can take home to take care of the patient".

Dr. Javad Sajan 20:23

And we only use a lower branded reusable bags guys.

Sabrina Sajan 20:26

Correct. And they are lower branded reusable bags.

Dr. Javad Sajan 20:30

Not of those plastic killing white dolphin bags.

Sabrina Sajan 20:33

No, So the caregiver's waiting she's the front desk is explained to me, the caregiver is waiting in the lobby. And all of a sudden we hear like a thump, like something fell on the floor and, you know, the front desk just gets up Insightly, like, you know, tilts her head. She's, you know, kind of looking at the caregiver like what's going on because in our lobby is slightly a little dark, so it's not too bright and she's looking and the caregiver doesn't know we're staring at, you know, we're looking at them and she's looking at them. And then basically what the caregiver does, is a caregiver acts like they like tripped and they fell to the floor. They put their bag in the corner right next to the refrigerator that we have in the lobby. And then they slightly open the door very quietly. So we wouldn't hear, and they literally put their entire hand inside the refrigerator and swipe all the water bottles into their bag.

Dr. Javad Sajan 21:28

What? Our cost is like $10 per bottle.

Sabrina Sajan 21:31

Correct. And they literally swipe up like swipers,

Dr. Javad Sajan 21:34

Yes, yes.

Sabrina Sajan 21:36

Swiper now swiping from Dora. Literally they swipe up all the water bottles in the refrigerator into the snack bag that we gave them. And then you know, of course we don't say anything, you know, that's them. And they thought that we didn't just see them do all of that. And they just very quietly just like, you know, closed the door with their leg. And then they just act like nothing just happened. And there's just like standing in the corner. And then, you know, the front desk girl are still like, you know, they're thinking something's fishy that they're going to do something else. And they're just like watching them. And, you know, seeing if they're going to do something and they kind of tilt their head and they hear someone grabbing some Nespresso pods, and then they turn around and this individual is putting the Nespresso pods in their bag as well.

Dr. Javad Sajan 22:28

And was it full with a water bottle?

Sabrina Sajan 22:31

They had two bags, they were filling-

Dr. Javad Sajan 22:33

One for the snack bag and one for the dressings bag.

Sabrina Sajan 22:35


Dr. Javad Sajan 22:36

My mom was there. She would have taken it out of the bag. Right. My mom at our gas stations, she worked. So my mom's probably five foot, one 75 pounds, maybe 80 pounds now. But she is at the, she used to help run all the gas stations. It would be this big guys. It was steal something in there, put a can of red bull in their jacket. She would put her hand in their pocket and take it out. They used to call her mama. Cause she had no fear.

Sabrina Sajan 23:03

No fear mama's here. (Laughing)

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:07

So we just let them steal and leave.

Sabrina Sajan 23:10

Yeah. So we didn't want to, you know, tell them that we watched them do all of that. You know, it's pretty embarrassing and-

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:19

If I was in the lobby, I would have taken the bag, I grew up in the gas station guy. That's what we do. Okay. Don't get mad.

Sabrina Sajan 23:26

So, you know, we just let it go. And then, you know, in the front desk, you know, it did bring that up to my attention that-

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:33

Where was I? When all this was happening.

Sabrina Sajan 23:35

You were doing the surgery for the patient, that the caregiver was stealing stuff in the lobby.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:39

Messed up.

Sabrina Sajan 23:41

And the front desk did tell me that, you know, the stealing of these items has increased because we're keeping them in the lobby. Like they're refilling Espresso pods every day. And we put about 50 pods out there, and-

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:56

On top of everything that we serve.

Sabrina Sajan 23:58

Correct cause we had teas and espresso pods. We had hot cocoa, Apple cider. Yeah. so yeah, the stealing of these amenities was increasing day by day. So that eventually just like the gas station we had to bring the items behind the counter.

Dr. Javad Sajan 24:20

So now when people come Sabrina made a really nice menu, we show them a menu and we asked them, what would you like? And then, or something like that. Nice. And then we our staff served them well, right now we're really limited because of COVID what amenities do we have right now?

Sabrina Sajan 24:36

Yeah. And like, people were like, you were explaining earlier how people were getting upset. When COVID happened, you know, quite a bit of patients were really upset that we weren't serving cookies and we're not serving espresso. There was this one patient. I remember she had surgery right before COVID happened. So we had to see her a few times to make sure she was doing okay. So her caregiver, every single day that they came in, he asked if there were cookies.

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:08

Oh I remember that person the VIP.

Sabrina Sajan 25:09

Yes. If they had cookies and if they had Nespresso and our patients were so excited about Nespresso, like, cause we have all the kinds of flavors that you can imagine.

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:21

And we make those individual expensive pods for them.

Sabrina Sajan 25:23

Yes. Every patient gets their used to get their own pod. And there were so, patients were so excited about it. They would come and tell us, or ask us at, "Oh, have you guys ordered the limited edition that just came out". And at that time limited edition, I remember it was like cookie caramel or pumpkin spice or something like that. And they will literally come and say, "Oh, did you get the limited edition one yet"? And because our patients are so excited about it, we would, you know, of course placed the order for the limited edition flavors. And it was the whole thing.

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:54

So this person who's the VIP, I got to say this. Now I remember this. She even, so she's a VIP, which means she came through our special program or known people and stuff like that. But she was a little bit on the stingy side. I remember because he used to ask for five, six pods for the road too. Cause she didn't want to order it herself.

Sabrina Sajan 26:13

So she would come in, she would drink one herself when she was there, her caregiver would get one as well. And then she would ask a friend is Could I have a few for my house"? And they're like, "Of course, sure. You can have some of that". She would tell us all the flavors that she wanted and that we would make a little baggie for her and give it to her so she could have, cause she had the machine at home, but she doesn't order the pods.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:33

Absolutely. Why order when we're here, we're happy to serve and it's really fun to do that. And we joke around, we don't mind.

Sabrina Sajan 26:39

Yeah. And it's just so funny that patients really love all these things and we're trying our best to bring as much as back as possible with the restrictions that we have. I remember some people posted reviews that Laurie's to have these yummy cookies and we're really sad. They don't have any more. And I remember that one patient, they said why they picked our practice?

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:59

I couldn't believe this is and you guys can look at my Google reviews and read it. The patient literally wrote on the review, they came for me to do life-changing and this was a transgender patient. Right? It sounded reviews, public, gender affirming, gender changing surgery purely. They picked me out of everybody else purely because we had cookies in the lobby.

Sabrina Sajan 27:21

Correct. They said that that was, that made the difference for them was the fresh baked cookies in the lobby.

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:29

So what amenities do we have right now?

Sabrina Sajan 27:31

Yeah, so right now you know, we're serving closed drinks. So they're all, pre-packaged closed drinks that are in our lobby. We have Gatorade that we've added to our amenities to be all the different kinds of Gatorades. We also have Wasop water and then we also have all the different and new flavors of bubbly. So that's a new thing that patients are liking they're coming and saying, "Oh, do you have mango or do you have strawberry".

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:56

Oh, that's cool.

Sabrina Sajan 27:57

So that's been pretty cool. And then our front desk is serving every patient and every guest, a fair Rocher chocolate upon their entry.

Dr. Javad Sajan 28:05

Are people liking the Ferrero Rocher?

Sabrina Sajan 28:07

Yeah. I think they're liking it a lot, you know, they're, you know, packaged separately and we're using tongs and gloves to give them so patients feel safe. And they're able to take it home with them and eat it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 28:17

Yeah. I saw those tongs. They have, the other metal tongs, but they had little hands at the end.

Sabrina Sajan 28:22

Yeah. The little hands at the end of the tongue. So I think patients are liking it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 28:27

Yeah. And you know, one of the things is we know me and you Sabrina Jan, we both love doing these things? Right. I was really thinking a lot yesterday. Cause you know, we put together our topics for the podcast. Like why do we like doing these things? Right? Cause they have a cost and it really, you know, we joke about that one patient coming to me for cookies. He was probably more than that. He was being a little bit funny facetious, right? Writing that. But I was thinking about it. Why do we like doing these things, offering amenities, doing coffee and espresso, all this stuff when we could be like everybody else and just not have anything and have people go through and not spend the time and the money. Tell me why?

Sabrina Sajan 29:04

Yeah. Because I think, and you know, another thing is all these things take a lot of training with our staff. It's more work of course for our staff but really we really instilled us in all of our team members that work here and it's you know, it's not that the money that they get here it's not that this is the only job they have or anything like that. There's many other opportunities out there I'm sure but it's really because they like to give that experience and change someone's life. And I think it's more about the experience for me, especially you know, there's many other places patients can go, there's many other facilities that they can choose and what sets you apart is really want to do from the heart and I think, at least for myself and I'm sure for you too we really like to give that experience to the patient. And we do it like they were coming to our own house.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:53

Exactly. And coming to our, we see our practices as an extension of our house extension our employees as an extension of our family. And that's what we try to build for everybody. And for me, one of the reasons I really support all these ventures of snacks and amenities and we can't wait for hopefully COVID to calm down or her away whatever's going to happen to this nasty virus terrible plague. To re offer these is because I feel happy when I make others happy. And that's one of the main reasons I love doing plastic surgery because if I can add to somebody's life, if we can add to somebody's life, if we can contribute to them and they get fulfillment, they get joy and the ones around them do I share in that? And that really motivates me to do more, be more. And I want to take our, I was actually buying a Sabrina Jan will tell you I had a whole cappuccino machine on order pre COVID and we were going to make lattes and cappuccinos. I know Alex are going to like that. And we were going to add this whole setup with plumbing and everything. And I canceled the order because it was the money, the payment was due just when COVID strikes.

Sabrina Sajan 31:00

Yeah, I remember it was a whole setup, like a Starbucks and it was, it may. Yeah, it was like, it would make lattes and cappuccinos and all these different things. And we were so excited to tell the team that we were ordering this huge machine and we're probably going to hire a barista for it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:18

I'm cool with that. I like that. It's like a robotic. It's like, so basically grinds the coffee fresh and then, you push buttons on it. It's sort of similar to the level that McDonald's has, how they make their drinks.

Sabrina Sajan 31:33


Dr. Javad Sajan 31:34

So like a level below Starbucks, but like Mickey D's level.

Sabrina Sajan 31:37

And had a whole like milk system and steaming system and everything. So that was really exciting. But we had to cancel the order.

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:45

Yes. Hopefully after COVID is controlled, like we want to offer these right now, but the reason we're not is, you know, the virus is everywhere. We don't want, you know, there's no strict rule on it, I think, you know, but it seems like based on the governor's recommendations that you have to minimize all these touch points. So that's what we're trying to follow the rules the best we can.

Sabrina Sajan 32:03

Yes definitely and also going back to you know, people stealing things out, you can call it, I guess

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:15

Absolutely shoplifting. I'm looking at a shoplifting sign for the office. Like we had at the gas station, shoplifters, you guys have seen those shoplifters will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Sabrina Sajan 32:24

Yeah. We need be one of those. In recently it's been really weird because, so we have our estheticians that provide, you know, services

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:35

What the recitations do tell the fans?

Sabrina Sajan 32:37

Estheticians will do ultrasound massages for our surgical patients, which is the most common thing that they do they also do like laser hair removal, tattoo removal, facials, and things like that.

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:49

Chemical peels.

Sabrina Sajan 32:50

Correct. So they do all those types of services and they have their own room. And in their room they have this huge clear cabinet where they keep all of their skincare. So they keep all like their skincare items in there. They keep like their microneedle equipment in there. They keep their chemical peel solutions in there. And recently-

Dr. Javad Sajan 33:12

And one more, I think we keep free samples in there. Cause I mean, it's a real product, but we let people try them.

Sabrina Sajan 33:19

Yeah, we take a little bit out and then we'll give it to them to try so that way they'll no one's touching any of it so that way they can try our products and see if they wanted to purchase them. But yeah, we get an opportunity to do that as well. So we keep all of that in there and we have, you know, we have four estheticians now and everyone has their assigned days that they come to this office and on Monday, one of the esthetician says, "Oh, I'm Sabrina. Is it okay if I check out a stale mucus and allure eye cream for my back bar" and I said, "Sure, yeah". She said, "Yeah, I think it's missing that's okay. No problem". So I, you know, give her one of the same mucus jars and eye cream and you know, she puts it in her back bar and she signs off on it that she got it.

Sabrina Sajan 34:03

And then two days later, another esthetician, a different esthetician comes to me like "Sabrina, the snail mucus, and the eye cream is missing". And I said, "Are you sure? Did you look around"? And she was like, "Yeah, I looked around. It's not there anymore". And I said, "I'm sure I gave it to the other one on Monday.

Dr. Javad Sajan 34:22

The same product.

Sabrina Sajan 34:23

Same product, snail mucus. And I'm just like, I'm sure I gave it to the other esthetician on Monday. Are you sure it's missing"? And she was like, "Yeah, I don't see it". And I'm like, "Okay". So I give her a snail and another snail mucus to put in the, her back-bar so that they can use it. And you know patients can try it. And then this is the beginning of her shift. And at the end of her shift, she said, "Sabrina, the snail mucus has gone".

Sabrina Sajan 34:48

And I said, "Are you sure this is the only snail mucus, she was like, yeah, I'm a hundred percent sure I had used it on the patient. And then I put it back in the back bar. Then what happens is the esthetician leaves, the room so the patient can change back into their clothes or grab all their stuff. And she tells them like, I'll meet you at the front desk. So they're in the room for a few seconds or not few seconds probably have like a minute or two.

Dr. Javad Sajan 35:09


Sabrina Sajan 35:10

Unsupervised. And of course our cabinet is not locked or anything. It's there. I mean, it's closed

Dr. Javad Sajan 35:15

The non-prescription stuff, just like samples and backbar stuff.

Sabrina Sajan 35:18

Yeah, backbar stuff in samples.

Dr. Javad Sajan 35:20

The back bar is like the creams aestheticians can use on the patients that come in bulk. Right?

Sabrina Sajan 35:24

Correct, there are bigger jars and bigger items not the smaller versions that we saw. So the patient checks out at the front desk and the aesthetician goes back in her room to clean her room. Cause I was her last patient of the day and she comes back running to me. She's like, the snail mucus has gone, the snail mucus has gone. I'm like, "Are you serious? This is a third snail mucus that I had to give you this week". And she's like, "I'm a hundred percent sure I used on the last patient and now it's gone". And I'm like, "Wow". And then I'm like, "Okay, we have to fix this problem because you know, skincare is going missing. And now who knows what also people are-

Dr. Javad Sajan 36:03

The patient stole the snail mucus?

Sabrina Sajan 36:05


Dr. Javad Sajan 36:06

The sample one from the back bar.

Sabrina Sajan 36:08


Sabrina Sajan 36:09

So that's addition was a hundred percent sure. She said, I just had used it. I put it back in the cabinet and while the patient was changing and checked out the front desk, it was probably a minute after the ascertation checked the room and it was missing.

Dr. Javad Sajan 36:24

That's wild.

Sabrina Sajan 36:25

Yeah and then

Dr. Javad Sajan 36:28

Do you guys call the patient? Did you accidentally put it in your purse?

Sabrina Sajan 36:31

No, we didn't. Yeah, we knew who that is.

Dr. Javad Sajan 36:36

You don't want to make them feel embarrassed or anything.

Sabrina Sajan 36:38

Yeah, it is what it is. Maybe they really needed some mucus. Maybe they needed to hydrate their skin and they didn't have the money.

Dr. Javad Sajan 36:46

Yeah. Well, you guys are, I'm a very nice person, but I would have asked a question there like, "Hey did you accidentally think that in that cabinet, that seal, that was yours"?

Sabrina Sajan 36:58

But that, and then the funny part is the esthetician goes to clean the room and the KV wipe box is missing too.

Dr. Javad Sajan 37:06

What, so what are KV wipe? I don't think they know?

Sabrina Sajan 37:10

KV wipes is like a more stronger version of like Clorox wipes basically that you would use to clean. It helped it cleans like a room was all like diseases and virus and things like that. It's like a medical grade version of like Clorox wipes. And it's a pretty big box. It's like this big giant, the jumbo size. Cause we use it for our clinic.

Dr. Javad Sajan 37:30

The size of super wipes come in the super wipes, the big box, the green box, something like that.

Sabrina Sajan 37:37

Oh, the swifter.

Dr. Javad Sajan 37:37

Yeah. Swifter. Yeah. Yeah.

Sabrina Sajan 37:40

So it's a pretty big box. It's cylinder though. This one's like a cylinder of white box and it's pretty big and she's like, "Yeah, the KV is missing". And I'm like, "The KV is missing. What do you mean"? And she's like, "I think the patient's stole that too".

Dr. Javad Sajan 37:54

Oh my God guys, that surgical grade is in fact it even kills HIV and kills coronavirus too. Most likely

Sabrina Sajan 38:02

I understand right now, Clorox wipes are on back order, but please don't steal our KV.

Dr. Javad Sajan 38:06

I know it's so hard to get right now when we use those things to also clean our surgical stuff and mess up very nice.

Sabrina Sajan 38:13

So she was almost, I mean, she was a hundred percent sure that the patient had stole the snail mucus and the box of KV so then we had to put some more measures in place and I actually put a lock on the on every cabinet in that room. And I told him to even hide the KV wipe box.

Dr. Javad Sajan 38:32

Do you need to put a sticky note, do not schedule on the patient's chart?

Sabrina Sajan 38:36

I think they would probably hear this podcast, not do it next time.

Dr. Javad Sajan 38:39

Kindly please don't steal our products. Thanks for listening to clinic. Talk on the plastic surgeon podcast. It's been fun. Please rate and review on Apple podcast to support the channel and to hear more great content.

Sabrina Sajan 38:51

Tune in next time for more clinic talk, we have more great stories coming your way.

Dr. Javad Sajan 38:55

For my live surgeries on Snapchat and adventurous throughout the week. Catch us on all social media at @realdoctorseattle.

Sabrina Sajan 39:02

See you next time. Bye.

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