Sabrian Sajan
Clinic Talk 5

Botox Burglar & The Fucci Fiend

Sabrina Sajan

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This week on the fifth episode of Clinic Talk of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast, Dr. Sajan and Sabrina Sajan tell the exciting story of a break in at their Seattle plastic surgery office. After finishing surgery, Dr. Sajan finds out about a suspicious person at their Seattle office from an employee still inside.

Thinking the burglar was gone, Dr. Sajan and Sabrina arrive and get the story from their employee. In this process, it is discovered that the burglar is still inside. For the full story, listen to the Plastic Surgeon Podcast.

Also on this episode is a story about a patient wearing “Fucci” aka “fake Gucci” who refused to keep her mask on and demanded lip filler despite having active cold sores. For more real plastic surgery stories, subscribe to the Plastic Surgeon Podcast and follow Dr. Sajan on Instagram @realdrseattle.

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