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Clinic Talk 5

Botox Burglar & The Fucci Fiend

Sabrina Sajan

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This week on the fifth episode of Clinic Talk of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast, Dr. Sajan and Sabrina Sajan tell the exciting story of a break in at their Seattle plastic surgery office. After finishing surgery, Dr. Sajan finds out about a suspicious person at their Seattle office from an employee still inside.

Thinking the burglar was gone, Dr. Sajan and Sabrina arrive and get the story from their employee. In this process, it is discovered that the burglar is still inside. For the full story, listen to the Plastic Surgeon Podcast.

Also on this episode is a story about a patient wearing “Fucci” aka “fake Gucci” who refused to keep her mask on and demanded lip filler despite having active cold sores. For more real plastic surgery stories, subscribe to the Plastic Surgeon Podcast and follow Dr. Sajan on Instagram @realdrseattle.

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Sabrina Sajan 00:00

Ever wonder what motivates people to get plastic surgery?

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:02

Do they regret it?

Sabrina Sajan 00:03

What can we learn from the weird and wild things that happen at our plastic surgery clinic? We're going to tell some stories, get some laughs, and learn on...

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:11

Clinic Talk with Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan 00:13

On the Plastic Surgeon Podcast.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:32

Hello, my friends. I'm Dr. Javad Sajan and of course I'm here with my lovely wife and CEO of Allure Esthetic Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan 00:40

Welcome back and thanks for listening. Please rate us and review us on Apple Podcasts, and support the channel. On Clinic Talk, we tell real stories of fun, strange, hopeful, and educational things that happen at our clinic from day to day.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:53

Yup. We get a lot of weird and hilarious things happening at the clinics.

Sabrina Sajan 00:58

You can find the clinic at If you want more information. So Janu, what clinic stories are we talking about today?

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:06

This week was so wild. 2020 keeps getting wackier and wackier here. Don't you think?

Sabrina Sajan 01:12

I don't want it to get any wackier, I should say.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:18

So guys yesterday we had a burglary in our Seattle office.

Sabrina Sajan 01:23

Yes. It was really scary.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:26

So I was operating at our Lynnwood surgical center and then I finished, I leave the OR, talk to my caregiver and I walked to Sabrina's desk and the phone rings and the phone says Seattle Plastic Surgery, which is our other downtown office. And I'm like, “Well, that's weird. Why are they calling?” And it was like 06:30, right?

Sabrina Sajan 01:45


Dr. Javad Sajan 01:46

And then Sabrina picked up when, who called you Sabrina?

Sabrina Sajan 01:50

So, Lexi from our Seattle office called and she's like “Sabrina.” I was like, “Lexi, are you okay?” And then she was like, “Yeah, there's someone here.” And I'm like, “Explain to me what's going on and then--”

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:02

Lexi is at the front desk at Seattle

Sabrina Sajan 02:05

Lexi handles the front desk at Seattle and she was the closing shift down there. So she's super worried she's nervous and I'm like, “What's going on, Lexi? And then she says, “There's some guy here, there's someone here.” And I'm like, “Who is it? Like, explain to me what's going on.” And she says she was leaving the office to use the restroom. So there's other people in the office and the providers was providing treatments and she said, “I stepped outside the office to use the bathroom and I smell smoke.” And she was like, “I was looking around.” And she's like, “It smells like smoke, like someone's smoking in the office” and she's looking. And then she looks down the hallway and she sees a cane, a big cane. She sees a jar of ice cream and she sees the backpack and she's looking, and then she steps a little bit more further into the hallway. She sees this individual without pants.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:03

In our office?

Sabrina Sajan 03:04

This is like down the hallway from our office right outside.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:07

So in the hallway of the office.

Sabrina Sajan 03:09

Yes. So in hallway office. She sees on their pants and she just turns around like, “Oh, I wasn't supposed to see that. Like, I don't know what's going on there.”

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:17

Guy is exposing himself in the hallway of the downtown Seattle building, super secure building.

Sabrina Sajan 03:22

Yes. The super secure building that has access card, you know, little scanners everywhere. There's a security guard at the office at the building till like 11:00 PM. And this person's there and she's explaining the story to me over the phone. And then she says she saw that and she turned around quickly and she was like, “Oh my God, that's so weird.”

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:42

And guys just so you know, Lexi is a harmless human being. She's probably 4'11", like 90 pounds, you know, it's just so you get a visual of her.

Sabrina Sajan 03:49

Yeah and she like, you know, she just turns away and then she just goes to the bathroom and then she comes back from the bathroom and she's about to go, you know, our office has a little hallway inside the office and she's about to get into the hallway of the office. And she sees that guy in the office hallway.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:09

The same guy again.

Sabrina Sajan 04:10

The same guy again.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:10

Who is exposing his genitals in the hallway of the office building.

Sabrina Sajan 04:14

Yes. And he has his pants on this time and he's in the office and he's saying, “My leg, my leg.” And Lexi's like, "I don't know who you are, but you cannot be here right now. This is not the time. Like you cannot be here right now". And he's like, "I'm saying all these weird things and she couldn't understand what he was trying to say". And she's like, "You just cannot be here and you have to exit the office.” Right? “And you have to exit the office". And then eventually he leaves the office and we have glass doors. So they're clear. So you can see what's going on in the hallway. And then she goes to the front desk and that's when she's on the phone with me and she's talking to me and she says that he's lingering around in the, near the front door. As she's talking to me, she's telling me that.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:54

She was able to kick him out of the office.

Sabrina Sajan 04:56

Yeah, but he was hanging out at the front

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:58

So I don't get it. So she goes to the bathroom on her way to the bathroom. She sees this weird individual running around naked. She goes to the bathroom, then comes into the office and finds the same guy in the office.

Sabrina Sajan 05:09

Yeah. The same guy was in the office and then.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:13

That's an Chucky stuff.

Sabrina Sajan 05:14

And she was surprised. Cause she's like, “I did not even go for probably 60 seconds.” She was like, “I went to the bathroom so quickly. Cause I was like, I have to get back. And before patients come back to the office.”

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:26

She washed her hands.

Sabrina Sajan 05:27

Yes. But she like rushed back because she knew she had to cover the front desk. Patients were coming. So she rushed back and it was not even, like she said, "It wasn't even a few minutes. And this person is all the way inside the office hallway".

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:41

The hallway is the private hallway. It's not in the lobby of the office. It's in the back of the office.

Sabrina Sajan 05:46

Yes. Where the clinic rooms are.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:48

What did she tell him? What she sees them? She says leave.

Sabrina Sajan 05:50

Yeah. She said, “You need to leave the office right now and leave the office right now.” And then he leaves. And then she comes back to the front desk and she's on the phone with me at this time. And she's explained to me all of this, and she's saying, “He's lingering at the front desk.” So I was like, “Okay, let's give me the security guard's phone number right now.” So I grabbed my cell phone. I'm on the office phone with her. I grabbed the security cell phone and I'm dialing it. And I told her to just keep a watch on it to make sure he doesn't come back. I hang up the phone with Lexi and I call the security.

Sabrina Sajan 06:17

And I said, "There's a guy. I don’t know what he's doing upstairs. He tried to get into our office. now we don't see him he was trying to do something in the office. We're not sure.” So, the security rushes upstairs. Then, I call Lexi back. "Do You see him anywhere? Do you see him?" Lexi's like, “No, we don't see him anywhere, but his stuff is still there in the hallway, but we don't see him anywhere.” She said the security checked everywhere. The security checked the woman's bathroom, the men's bathroom. She checked all the other offices that were locked to make sure that they were all still locked. And then she's like, “I don't know where he is. I don't see him.” And then she said, but it really still smells like smoke everywhere. Like, cause he was smoking a cigarette. Oh, I forgot to mention this. When Lexi found him, he was smoking a cigarette in the building.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:01

In our office?

Sabrina Sajan 07:02

In the office.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:03

That's not normal at all.

Sabrina Sajan 07:06

No, not at all. He had two backpacks. He was smoking a cigarette and he was wearing a fur coat and a hat.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:14

So then this guy's M-I-A.

Sabrina Sajan 07:16


Dr. Javad Sajan 07:16

And then the security can't find him anywhere.

Sabrina Sajan 07:20

No, can't find him, but his stuff is still there. Security has to be in the building. They're looking, looking everywhere. 20 minutes go by. I call Lexi again. "Lexi What's going on? Is everything okay"? She's like, "Yeah, everything's fine. Security couldn't find him. Maybe he left. Like, I'm not sure I don't see him anymore.” I'm like, "Okay, if anything changes, give me a call right away".

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:37

So I just finished my surgery.

Sabrina Sajan 07:39

Yeah we were in Lynnwood.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:40

Yes. We were waiting for operating to finish. And then Sabrina and I talked and you know, we love our employees, our staff, they're our family. And we speak. We both decided we are going to go to downtown to see what's going on. So as soon as my patient was discharged, we got in the car, following all traffic laws, pretty much. Sped to downtown because-- 

Sabrina Sajan 07:55


Dr. Javad Sajan 07:56

--not on the shoulder, H-O-V. And then we made sure because the only people that were there were Lexi and Turi right. What does Turi do again?

Sabrina Sajan 08:11

She's an esthetician.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:12

Yeah she's our master esthetician. One of them, we have four amazing person. And so we're speeding down there and Sabrina's calling them, "Hey, what's going on? Everything good? They're good". We have security cameras. So we're dialing into our security cameras. We're checking on our staff and everything looks fine. But, at the back of our mind were like, where did this guys just disappear to? If, for people that don't know, our office has two entrances / exits. One main with glass doors and then there's a back door. That's like a fire emergency exit that locks from the inside.

Sabrina Sajan 08:46

Yeah it's a wooden door.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:47

Yeah. So then we get to the, so then Sabrina and I park in emergency three-minute parking. Because I'm worried about the staff, something smells, right? And it's not cigarette smoke. So, we run up the elevator. We see security. She's like, "Hey, everything's good". Nice lady. Security person.

Sabrina Sajan 09:01

And then security was really excited. She's like, "Yeah, I didn't find anyone. I was looking, looking, couldn't find anyone". Then, you know, everyone's really excited about this whole story. And then we're Snapchatting Lexi and we're like asking her what happened. And she's like super excited. And she's like, "Yeah. I told him to leave. I told him to leave".

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:15

Lexi was like, “I saved the day.” So we got, we talked to security on the way to the office. We get up there and Lexi’s telling us a story. I snapped Lexi telling me the story on Snapchat @realdrseattle, and then what's going on Sabrina?

Sabrina Sajan 09:28

And then we are like okay, “Let's just make sure everything is fine. Let's see what he, if he touched anything, like let's just take a look.” So, we’re going down our clinic rooms. We have a few clinic rooms and a few consult rooms.

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:38

And we saw ash on the floor on the floor and I found.

Sabrina Sajan 09:44

No. So then we're like, “Okay, we smell something. We smell something.” And we're like, “Okay, let's get close.” We're going to the rooms and we smell something really strong. Like someone was cigarette, there's a cigarette on fire somewhere or lit somewhere and we're just smelling it. So we go into one of the rooms and it's wreaking of cigarette smell. So then do you remember where you found?

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:01

Yeah, so we walk into one of our exam rooms and the smell was so strong of cigarettes. I could swear it was a cigarette there and I look everywhere and inside the sharps container. The big red sharps container. There was a cigarette with a little bit of a cigarette butt with a little bit left on it on smoking, hidden in the sharps container.

Sabrina Sajan 10:25

So this individual, probably, when he saw Lexi, he dropped it into the sharps container

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:31

In the exam room, we see ashes everywhere, a trail. And I saw an open packet of antibacterial bacitracin ointment in the same exam room.

Sabrina Sajan 10:43

It was the ointment. And then remember the jar of Vaseline was left open.

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:47

Yes, there was. Oh yeah. “We're like, what's going on? Why is Vaseline? Ointment? Cigarettes?” And we're like, so we're checking every room.

Sabrina Sajan 10:57

The story kind of adds up because when Lexi had found him, he kept saying my leg, my leg. So it may, and he had a cigarette. So he was probably in that room. He dropped a cigarette in there, nicely made himself at the clinic and applied all these ointments on him probably. And that's when Lexi kicked him out and then we're looking.

Dr. Javad Sajan 11:15

Exactly. And I think there might've been something else going on with ointment, but we're going to talk about that. So then we're looking in every room, and Lexi’s scared. We hear music, our rooms, all our private stereo systems. Right? So people can play the music. In one of our procedure rooms, we hear music blasting.

Sabrina Sajan 11:33

Yeah and one of the procedure rooms, we were like, “Why is there music playing in there?” And then we like open the door of that procedure room. And there's blast--music is blasting in there that like someone was in there and then we smell smoke in there as well.

Dr. Javad Sajan 11:46

Exactly. And I'm going in there and all I got is one and two right here. I got security with me right? Here security lady is not there right now. So I'm opening every room. I'm like anyone in here looking in every corner, every cabinet, we have some long closets checking everything and we see hints of ash. And we found and that's it. Right?

Sabrina Sajan 12:08


Dr. Javad Sajan 12:08

And then we finally get to the last room, which is my office, our consultation room where I meet patients. I try to turn the knob. It doesn't not turn the door. The door handle not the knob.

Sabrina Sajan 12:21

The door, it's not opening.

Dr. Javad Sajan 12:23

Yes. It's not opening. And you can only lock it from the inside. And then so Sabrina immediately calls the security office to send someone, the nice lady runs up red faced, and I know the guys in there now I'm like, “Someone's in my office. I don't know what they're doing. What they're stealing.” We have locked cabinets. But in those locked cabinets, there's fillers, there's information, all kinds of sensitive stuff, computers in there, you know, all my stuff, my fridge, my private bathroom’s in there, all kinds of stuff. So basically I'm knocking on the door, “Open the door! Open the door and let me in!” No, nothing's happening.

Sabrina Sajan 13:00

No reply at all.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:01

No reply, I started gently nudging the door, my footer, and kicking the door and then we start hearing noises.

Sabrina Sajan 13:07

Then the door opens.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:08

The door opens. There's this guy, Caucasian guy, six foot one. He has a big bamboo like bat in his hand. He's holding it.

Sabrina Sajan 13:19

Lexi's like “That's him! That's him!”

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:19

Yeah. Lexi screams that it’s him. He's holding the bat, above his head in a very violent fashion.

Sabrina Sajan 13:26

And right that second security and you're dealing with him. I grabbed my cell phone and I call 911.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:30

Yup. And I'm like Sabrina, “Snap it.” And she's like, “No, I'm calling 911.” I'm like ‘Snap it.” And she's like, “I'm calling 911.” I'm like, “Okay.” So then he's like, I'm like, I was a little bit aggressive. Cause I'm like, “Man, what are you doing in here? What do you want?” No. I said, “What did you take?” I asked him that. Not “What do you want?” And then he's like, “Ohh, I didn't take anything. I didn't take anything. I didn't take anything. I was on the computer. There's a conspiracy.” Saying all these words and nothing makes sense. Swinging his bat thing in a very violent fashion. If you will. He's like, “Look at my backpack. I didn't take anything.” He starts opening his backpack.

Sabrina Sajan 14:02

That's when he drops his bat.

Dr. Javad Sajan 14:03

Yeah, he puts his bat on the floor and I quickly grabbed the bat. So, and then security is up there and she comes while I have the bat in hand and she tells him, “You can't go anywhere.”

Sabrina Sajan 14:15

Yeah. And I'm on the phone with the police at all this is happening at the same time on the, phone with police. And I'm saying, “Hello? I got, you know, this guy is here. He's trying to steal something. We don't know who he is. He was hiding in one of our consultation rooms. We're a medical practice. Please get here right away. And he's aggressively holding a bat in his hand and there's a security lady here, but he's being starting to get aggressive and all this stuff.” And the police is, you know, asking me all these questions over the phone, “What's your location? What's the address? How does this person look?” and all of that. And then that stuff is happening on the other side.

Dr. Javad Sajan 14:50

Yeah, and so then when he's like, "I'm leaving right now" and he tries to run towards the elevator and me and the security lady follow him. And she basically tells me to stand back that she has it. And I'm worried about her safety. And I'm like, “Okay. I'm not going to do anything here to hurt anyone as long as everyone's safe.” And the guy gets in the elevator and she stands in the middle of the elevator with our hand, like this, not letting the door close. And then this guy.

Sabrina Sajan 15:14

He is pushing and hitting her.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:15

He's pushing her and throwing her against the wall.

Sabrina Sajan 15:17

Because he wants the elevator to close.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:19

Yeah. And then he's like, "I'm leaving, I'm running". And he knew the building.

Sabrina Sajan 15:23

He knew it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:23

He's like, “I'm going down the stairs.” And he knew exactly. I don't know where the stairs are in the building. And he knew where the stairs were.

Sabrina Sajan 15:29

And he exactly took that route to the stairs. He didn't have to search at all.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:33

He goes down to the stairs. She follows him

Sabrina Sajan 15:35

That I'm on the phone with 911. Actually I told 911 that, “He's running down the stairs. The security's after him. How far are you guys? How far are you guys?” He's like, “We're getting there. We're getting there, derail him. We're getting there.” I'm like, “Okay.: So then we lost sight of them.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:48

Yeah. And then after a few minutes, the police come with the lady and they're like, We got him.” And she risked her life and limb, you know, God bless her. And she was able to slow him down and often for the police to arrest him.

Sabrina Sajan 16:02


Dr. Javad Sajan 16:03

Unbelievable, unbelievable.

Sabrina Sajan 16:05

Unbelievable. And the scariest part was this person was in the consultation room the entire time.

Dr. Javad Sajan 16:14

Yeah. So what we think happened was when Lexi went to the bathroom, he came in the office and he, I think he knows the space, the building.

Sabrina Sajan 16:21


Dr. Javad Sajan 16:22

And he was doing what he did and he unlocked the back door. And then when she kicked him out, he went around through the backdoor, inside in the back into the consult room.

Sabrina Sajan 16:33

And locked himself in there.

Dr. Javad Sajan 16:35

And the police said he had, when they arrested him, they found two access cards. One was for the, I can't say the name of the building, another building in our--by us. And they believe the other building card was for our building. So it seemed like he's done this before.

Sabrina Sajan 16:51

Yeah. He had access cards in this backpack. And then do you want to tell him what we saw when we went into the consult room?

Dr. Javad Sajan 16:58

Yeah. So I go into my office and he had no pried open some of the cabinet doors and broken the locks. On the computer there was Pornhub playing. On my desk there was a white body secretion.

Sabrina Sajan 17:16

Lotion like looking.

Dr. Javad Sajan 17:18

And there was also lotion next to it. So we believe,

Sabrina Sajan 17:23

And there was an empty bottle of Gatorade.

Dr. Javad Sajan 17:24

Empty bottle of orange Gatorade. Right? And my bathroom was open. So I think he violated the bathroom. So that's a different story. So basically it sounds to us that this is unbelievable. He was breaking into the cabinets to see what he could find. He was watching porn on the office computer while he was likely touching himself or, you know, I don't know if I can say this jerking off, that'll leave a word we can say that. By doing that and he came over all over the desk. It's true. I mean, how else am I supposed to say this? Yeah. And.

Sabrina Sajan 17:59

Poor Lexi.

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:03

Yes. I'm sorry. Medical, doctor face. So he, yeah, so he was ejaculating over the desk, my desk.

Sabrina Sajan 18:15

We've sanitized.

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:16

Absolutely. We used special chemicals on wipes that he'd kill HIV and herpes. Everything there's no, it shouldn't be any bugs there.

Sabrina Sajan 18:24

Well, we disinfected and sanitized the entire area, wherever we thought this person was.

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:29

The police came. Seattle police was super nice, very caring. I have to give them a shout out . Don’t you think so, Sabrina?

Sabrina Sajan 18:36


Dr. Javad Sajan 18:36

Very nice, easy going people on Capitol Hill police department, they helped us. They took the cigarette bud as evidence, the Gatorade bottle, they're going to run DNA. Cause they're like, it's a burglary, it's a big deal. They took everybody's statements. They made us feel really safe. Very kind people. Then they left and then Sabrina and I cleaned everything with special chemicals to sanitize everything that was such a wild experience. And he was saying things that didn't make sense. You know, I think there, might've been definitely a level of mental illness for this guy. And we just kept saying to ourselves what would have happened, Sabrina, if we wouldn't have gone at night?

Sabrina Sajan 19:18

Yeah. That's exactly what we're thinking. That what if we had not gone and the, you know, the girls would have probably just locked up the office and left and then they would have seen like the next morning when they would have come the whole office have been ravaged.

Dr. Javad Sajan 19:30

And you know, our office, we’re a state, Medicare accredited surgery center. None of our cabinets were broken into, but we have drugs like narcotics that are locked up or nothing was open. All that was safe. We have hundreds of thousands of dollars of drugs, if not millions. And I just, unbelievable. So we wiped every surface time. We cleaned everything up and wiped it. We wiped up on a cigarette ash and everything else. That was something else that if we wouldn't have gone at night, I have a feeling he would have called his friends. They would have come in cause he had an access card and now he has access to the office. They would have looted the place.

Sabrina Sajan 20:10

Oh, easily at that, you know, Mac Books, i-Pads, you know, they would have gone into the drawers, found things, injectables.

Dr. Javad Sajan 20:17

I mean, all of our patient information is super safe. Even with the computer, you can't access anything because everything is encrypted and password protected. So he didn't get any patient information.

Sabrina Sajan 20:28

Yeah the computer he was on the only thing on that computer is FaceTime and Safari.

Dr. Javad Sajan 20:32

Exactly. There's no patient information on that one at all.

Sabrina Sajan 20:35

We use that computer for FaceTiming patients sometimes, but there's no information on there. So that's the only computer that basically he could get into. Use the internet.

Dr. Javad Sajan 20:46

So unbelievable. Everybody at the office was safe. We cleaned up, it was supposed to be an early day, but ended up being a late night. But thank God. You know, everybody was safe and protected, you know.

Sabrina Sajan 20:59

Hats off to Lexi.

Dr. Javad Sajan 21:01

I know, I know.

Sabrina Sajan 21:02

Her bravery.

Dr. Javad Sajan 21:04

And we asked Lexi, you know what, “When we got there, there was music playing. And did you look in the room?” And she was so sweet and so kind, what did she tell you?

Sabrina Sajan 21:13

She said that, you know, “I thought I heard the music was playing, but then I kind of told myself, maybe the staff from earlier, probably we just mistakenly left it on.” And she just disregarded it and walked away because I think she was probably in the back of her mind was like, “Oh, I'm not sure if he's really gone or he's around.” But you know if I was in her situation, but I mean, she definitely was brave enough to even tell him to leave the office, you know, so.

Dr. Javad Sajan 21:42

That we have amazing people we work with. And we're so blessed to have their company and have them give us one of their most valuable resources, which I know is their time. And we're so thankful for that.

Sabrina Sajan 21:51

Yeah. And now we're putting in more security features at our office and amending our protocols to make sure everyone's even more safe.

Dr. Javad Sajan 22:00

Yeah, one of the things we're likely going to do is have our own private security. So we're looking into that. It's just Seattle right now. I love Seattle, but it. We live in downtown. I can tell everyone it's not what it used to be.

Sabrina Sajan 22:14

Yeah. I moved here a little bit a year ago. Over. A little bit over a year ago, but even just from a year and a half or two years ago, I feel like Seattle's a totally different place.

Dr. Javad Sajan 22:27

One of our favorite restaurants is by pioneer square. We can say the name and we like it Near Malls. So it's like a fine dining Indian restaurant. And we used to love going there, but now we can't go there because just when you trying to park and get there, you get harassed by so many panhandlers, people were yelling and screaming, poor people are mentally ill. You feel bad for some of them, but since it also, you know, you don't know who's a criminal or not. Like this guy, you know, what if I wouldn't have taken the stick and he started swinging on her, so what he, what if he had a pocket knife? And if he doesn't know right from wrong and the poor guy really is mentally ill could start stabbing us or anything. So that was, last night. Now let's talk about Fucci. What's Fucci, Sabrina?

Sabrina Sajan 23:12

So Fucci the story about Fucci is, it was an individual that came in for injectable services made an new patient appointment and came in, wearing a big Gucci mask, A-K-A Fucci.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:28

Yep. Gucci doesn't make masks. So sometimes people will buy them from Etsy. And so we just joke around and say, it's a Fucci. So this lady came, she was in our lobby with the, with her nice mask. And what was, what happened? I heard she got yelled at, by another patient.

Sabrina Sajan 23:45

So she checks in at the front desk, first-time patient. And she's, you know, a little bit of a loud person and you know, just her demeanor and the way her tone was. And then she checks in and then she has, she goes and have, you know, sits down in the lobby. And then she's on her phone and she takes her mask off while she's talking to someone on the phone.

Dr. Javad Sajan 24:07

And we have signs everywhere in the lobby on the door, please keep your mask on. We didn't make the rule. It's the governor's orders. We're following the rules. We believe in the rules. And we're trying to keep everybody safe as much as we can.

Sabrina Sajan 24:19

Yeah. So she takes her mask off and she's loudly on her cell phone, in the lobby. And you know, the front desk is just about to go and talk to her. They're getting out of the front desk and going into the lobby to talk to her. And right before the one of our front desk staff was about to get to her, another patient that was sitting in the lobby, yelled at this Fucci person and says, Do you not see the signs around here? Put your mask back on.” And she just looks at her like, “Did she just tell me that?” And she doesn't listen to her.

Dr. Javad Sajan 24:53

She keeps her mask off.

Sabrina Sajan 24:53

Yeah. She keeps her mask off. She just looks at her and then she just keeps doing her own thing. And the patient, again, this other patient, again says, “You have to put your mask back on. It's the law.” And then she puts her mask on and then she comes to the front desk and starts yelling at the front desk girls.

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:10

What is she telling them?

Sabrina Sajan 25:11

She's saying, “Who is that person to tell me to wear a mask? I'm not going to wear a mask. Who is this person?” And then the front desk lets her know, “Unfortunately that's our policy that you must be wearing a mask at all times while you're in this facility. Unfortunately, that we cannot, you know, amend that policy.”

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:28

She can nicely not get services and leave if you don't want to wear your mask.

Sabrina Sajan 25:32

Yeah. They said, “We’re happy to cancel your appointment. There won't be any charge or any fees for canceling the appointment. If you don't want to get services here.” And she says, “No, no, I have this coupon and I have this coupon.” And she pulls up her phone and she's like, “Yeah, I have this coupon. Can you check my coupon? Can you check my coupon?” Loudly! And I'm like a whole lobby's listening to her. She's yelling this coupon that she has really loudly in the office.

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:55

So, was she all branded out otherwise?

Sabrina Sajan 25:57


Dr. Javad Sajan 25:58


Sabrina Sajan 25:58

Fucci mask, LV bag. Gucci shoes. Yeah. And she wanted to use her coupon.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:05

Got to use the coupon guys. Since you got to pay for that stuff somehow.

Sabrina Sajan 26:10

And then, yeah, she sees one of our providers and you know, she's a rough patient.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:14

So what was the coupon for? I don't think we take coupons, do we take coupons?

Sabrina Sajan 26:18

We don't take coupons, but this, it was a promotional coupon that was through the filler company.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:25

Brilliant Distinctions?

Sabrina Sajan 26:25


Dr. Javad Sajan 26:25

Okay. So that's a BOTOX rewards program.

Sabrina Sajan 26:28

It's a rewards program through a filler company and she wanted to use that. And the front desk advise her that is a certain type of filler that you have to get in order to use a coupon. And she's like, “I only want to use that so I can use my coupon.” So then the front desk, let her know that the provider will go over with all the details with her and then she can decide if she wants to get the service and use her coupon.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:49

She's seeing our, one of our best injectors, right? Our physician assistant.

Sabrina Sajan 26:54

Right. Yeah.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:55

Nataliya. And then, so what happens with that encounter? I heard it was really rough.

Sabrina Sajan 27:00

She goes. Natalyia takes the patient back and you know, is talking to her about all the risks going through all her medical history. Cause she's a first time patient. It's usually an hour long appointment. So that way they can kind of make sure they're going over everything. And there's something that the patient has, I think it's a medical condition that-- 

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:20

She had cold sores. 

Sabrina Sajan 27:22


Dr. Javad Sajan 27:23

She had cold sores and the patient wants lip filler and she's demanding lip fillers. And you know, as everyone knows, cold sores are due to a virus. It's herpes in the lip. It happens, you know, that it doesn't have to be, it can be transmitted many ways sharing your coffee cup, doesn't have to be sexual. And so this patient’s demanding to use a coupon because it's expiring. And she's saying, “You must,” she tells our PA, “You must give me a lip filler because I have this coupon.” Right? And Nataliya is like, and Natalyia is very nice. She's a, you know, just to give you a picture of her, she's a stern, smart, focused person, Ukrainian, she's very direct, straightforward. She moved here from Manhattan to work for us. And Nataliya tells her "Ma’am, you have cold sores. I can't give you a lip filler because you haven't been properly treated for the cold sores" Because this patient is talking to Nataliya with an active cold sore in her mouth.

Sabrina Sajan 28:16

Yes, and Nataliya said, “Unfortunately, I won't be able to treat you today. Because you're not on a treatment for this cold sore.” And the patient's really upset cause she wants to use her coupon.

Dr. Javad Sajan 28:27

And so just so everybody knows. When you have cold sores or a herpes virus and we inject you and you're not on proper medicine, it can flare up and it can take over your face. So what you do is one, you can't have an active, cold sore. And if you have a history of cold sores and we're giving you lip filler, which is injections in your lip, it can reactivate the virus. What we do is we put you on prophylactic, anti viral medicine. It's very inexpensive. There's two medicines, acyclovir or valacyclovir. You've seen commercials for Val tracks is that woman boxing. So basically we tell people that we're going to give it, give you this medicine. You started a day before, and then you can go ahead and do it. Right?

Sabrina Sajan 29:08

Yes and she's demanding this and she's saying, "Well, there's other injectors that I've been to in this area. And they've always treated me."

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:15

And she's naming another practice in Bellevue. Right? And she's like, this practice will leave them a name is the best. And they don't care about my cold sores and they'll inject my cold. Basically. She's saying they'll inject my cold sore, which we know is a lie. No one's gonna inject her cold sore come on, wake up.

Sabrina Sajan 29:29

Like saying that yeah, they do it. “How come you can't do it? You just, you're just not trained.”

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:33

Yup. You're not good enough. She's telling our, one of our best injectors who was one of the top ones you're not good enough to inject.

Sabrina Sajan 29:39

Yeah, and she says you haven't been trained correctly.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:41

What did Nataliya do next? She came out to talk to you, right?

Sabrina Sajan 29:43

Yeah. So Nataliya came out and talked to me. She told me the whole story. And then she says, “Is Dr. Sajan available to talk to this patient for a few minutes or what do you think I should do?” And then she came to you and told you the whole situation.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:54

And when did she start threatening with negative reviews was this now, or earlier, or later?

Sabrina Sajan 29:59


Dr. Javad Sajan 29:59

Later. And then, Nataliya is like, “She has a $50 coupon.” And I remember she comes to me and she's like, “This patient's demanding injectable treatment today. And I'm telling her no and she's not agreeing. And she's getting very aggressive.” So I told Nataliya, and I hate to admit that I know we have to say this, but I was like, “Nataliya, we don't want a difficulty with this patient. So why don't you offer her the value of the coupon, which was 50 bucks?” I said, “Just give her, tell her, You know what, you're a nice person. You came here, we'll give you $50 of free Botox, just on us. Pick any area. We'll give you that much. And then you can kindly leave and then we will follow up with you.’” And I told Nataliya, just do that. And then if you're comfortable, if you're not comfortable, don't do it. And if the patient doesn't agree, don't do it. And then we're going to terminate her from our practice. She was making a scene and becoming very rowdy and, you know, it was just too, too much.

Sabrina Sajan 30:57

And, then she you know, Nataliya went in there, she explained to her, she said, "I understand you have this coupon, but we cannot do the filler. But instead of that, I'm, I'm happy to give you 50 units of $50 worth of Botox"

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:09

Totally for free guys. Totally for free. Cause she's complaining about driving here and all this stuff.

Sabrina Sajan 31:14

We told her, “We’ll, you know, give you know, as much value as a coupon for Botox, and we're happy to treat you today, if that's what you like.” And she said, “Yeah, yeah, sure. I'll do that.”

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:24

And we can't even redeem the coupon because it's not the filler. So we're like, we're just going to eat the loss. It is what it is.

Sabrina Sajan 31:30

We just, you know, make sure she's happy. Cause she came for her appointment that she gets something out of it. So she got her Botox and then she still goes to the front.

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:40

Did she get any extra units or did she just stick to the free?

Sabrina Sajan 31:42

She stuck with the free.

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:43


Sabrina Sajan 31:44

And then guess what? She goes to the front and asks the girls in the front, “Can I use the coupon?”

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:52

So she wanted to make how, for what? 

Sabrina Sajan 31:55

Was she expecting us to give her 50 back?

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:04

We're running a center where we're giving away free Botox and we're going to pay you to get it.

Sabrina Sajan 32:10

And then the girl, and then, you know, right, like within like 30 seconds, Nataliya comes to the front desk and she's like, “Oh no, you already got your $50 worth today.”

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:23

That's so Nataliya.

Sabrina Sajan 32:25

And then she kindly just lets her know that she got her 50 units today. $50 worth of Botox and, you know, feel free to call us back if this issues. But we'll touch base with her about the filler. And then she leaves and then--

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:42

She calls the next day. Right? Demand or same day?

Sabrina Sajan 32:45

Yeah, no, she leaves and calls the same day and she speak to our manager and you know, one of our leads here talks to her and she's complaining about how bad the service was. She's complaining about--

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:57

You were here. We were seeing the whole thing. So, we know exactly what service she got.

Sabrina Sajan 33:00

Yeah. How bad the service was, how Nataliya treated her. She said she didn't get to use her coupon, which was expiring that she's very unhappy and was going on and on and on. And you know, our lead apologized to her she said, you know, “I apologize for your time, but we did already comp you $50 worth of BOTOX because you wanted to use your coupon. You couldn't get the filler the same day, but our providers here will not put patients at risk for anything that's filler, BOTOX, whatever it is. If it's something you need and you're, you have a condition we cannot treat you.

Dr. Javad Sajan 33:36

And then this lady was demanding to come see us again. And then what did you tell them?

Sabrina Sajan 33:41

We said, unfortunately we just are not a good fit for each other.

Dr. Javad Sajan 33:45

Exactly, we told her we’re terminating--nicely, you said it nicer than me--you told the lead to say nicer than me, that nice patient, you know, “We're terminating you from our practice. You know, please don't come here and go back to the other practice you were saying, and we wish you the best. And thank you.”

Sabrina Sajan 34:02

Yes, and then you know, we hang up the phone and then she calls again.

Dr. Javad Sajan 34:07

What? What did she say?

Sabrina Sajan 34:08

And this time she's using curse words, curse words, the B word and the F word, towards, Nataliya. And the lead that spoke.

Dr. Javad Sajan 34:19

Who's talking to her now?

Sabrina Sajan 34:21

Another lead person that works here. And she's literally going off and saying, you know, “What kind of practice this is? What kind of people work here? They are all so-and-so.” And she is just cursing and cursing all over the phone, like treating us, like we did something to her.

Dr. Javad Sajan 34:43

And then that conversation ends and Sabrina and I are in a meeting and Sabrina's phone starts going off like crazy, nonstop and Sabrina picks it up. And who was it?

Sabrina Sajan 34:54

The patient.

Dr. Javad Sajan 34:55

The same lady.

Sabrina Sajan 34:57

So, it's weird number. And of course I didn't have this number in my phone and I'm like, “Okay, it's a Washington state number and it's ringing.” And I was like, “I guess I'll answer it.” And I'm, I look at you, I showed it to you as well. And you're like, “Okay, just answer it.” And I go, “Hello, this is Sabrina.” And then she was like, “I’m trying to reach The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery.” The Lynnwood office. And I'm like, “Yes, how can I help you?” And she's like “This person and this--” She's like naming all these people that work here. And then she's going off and cursing again. And she's saying how bad of a practice we are without letting her back. And she didn't do anything. And she just wants the filler and going on and off, I told her, you know, “Ma’am, this is not the right number.” I asked her, I said, “Where did you find this number?”

Sabrina Sajan 35:38

And she said, “Oh, I found it online. I Googled it and I found it.” And I said, “Do you know who this is?” And she's like, “No, I just, I just looked it up. I was looking for phone numbers that were related to this practice. And I found this one.”

Dr. Javad Sajan 35:51

And Sabrina's number is not listed anywhere online.

Sabrina Sajan 35:54

I don't know where she found it from.

Dr. Javad Sajan 35:57

So she's probably listening to this episode. She probably follows us and she somehow dug it up.

Sabrina Sajan 36:01


Dr. Javad Sajan 36:02

Yes. Well, if we upset you, sorry, but kindly don't call us or ever see us again.

Sabrina Sajan 36:07

Yes, please. Don't curse to our employees or about our employees.

Dr. Javad Sajan 36:14

We love all of our patients and we value them and we cherish them. And we're so thankful that we have them. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and we ask our patients to do the same. We're honest. We're kind. We're giving. We try to be as nice as we can. And for us maintaining our integrity is more important than doing as much as we can. Our goal is not to do as much as we can. But we're going to do the best we can. Well, that was a wild week Sabrina. Wasn't it?

Sabrina Sajan 36:42


Dr. Javad Sajan 36:44

Thanks for listening to Clinic Talk on the Plastic Surgeon Podcast. It's been fun. Please rate and review us on Apple Podcast and support the channel and hear more great content.

Sabrina Sajan 36:53

Tune in next week for more Clinic Talk. We have more great stories coming your way.

Dr. Javad Sajan 36:57

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Sabrina Sajan 37:04

See you next time. Bye.

Dr. Javad Sajan 37:06

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