Episode 30

Transgender Facial Feminization and Breast Augmentation


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This episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast features Dr. Sajan’s patient, Ember. She tells her story of undergoing facial feminization and breast augmentation with Dr. Sajan. Ember grew up in Northern Idaho and discusses her experience with gender dysphoria in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Ember presented as male throughout high school, college, and her early adulthood. Working as an IT professional, Ember went on to get married and continue to present in traditionally male ways. In 2020, she began experiencing declining mental health which forced her to reckon with her gender identity. After confiding in her partner, Ember was met with unending support and began transitioning chemically and physically.

Six months after coming out socially, Ember moved to Portland and started undergoing gender affirming surgeries. After her first surgery, she sought out facial feminization and reached out to Dr. Sajan. Ember underwent facial feminization surgery that included forehead skin reduction, frontal bone reduction, orbital bone reduction, forehead bone reduction with frontal sinus setback, hair transplant, brow lift, midface lift, rhinoplasty, lip lift, chin bone reduction, and jaw bone reduction.

After healing from FFS, Ember then underwent a transgender breast augmentation with 370cc Smooth Round Moderate Plus Xtra silicone breast implants. Listen to Ember’s story of coming to accept her gender identity and transitioning on the newest episode of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast with Dr. Javad Sajan.

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