Episode 29

Breast Implants Before Babies


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On this episode of The Plastic Surgeon Podcast, Dr. Sajan’s patient, Andrea, shares the process of undergoing a breast augmentation, what led her to Dr. Sajan, and how her life shaped her current outlook. Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Andrea came to the United States when she was eight years old after her mother and stepfather married. Her family settled in Arizona, where she grew close with her friends and met her future husband. They fell in love after high school and were married seven years later.

After Covid, her husband struggled to find appreciation in his occupation as an emergency room nurse. They moved to Seattle for a better opportunity, and Andrea began researching her dream of undergoing breast augmentation. Through a comical TikTok video, Andrea found Dr. Sajan and booked a consultation. She loved his ability to personalize and adapt every breast augmentation to fit his patient’s needs.

Andrea’s advice, outlook, and experience are bright, as well as her love of authenticity. Listen to Andrea share her beautiful family, support, and incredible breast augmentation journey.

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