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Clinic Talk 13

Baby Showers, Cheaters and Free Touch-Ups

Sabrina Sajan

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Episode Thirteen of Clinic Talk starts off with Dr. Sajan and Sabrina talking about the baby shower they threw for three of their employees and how they kept it COVID safe. Somehow babies always come in threes at Allure Esthetic!

Next, Dr. Sajan and Sabrina discuss their policy about touching up filler and injectable treatments. Many patients attempt to take advantage of this policy to get free or extra filler or to get in sooner for their filler treatments. Finally, many would be surprised by the real life drama that can spill over into the plastic surgery clinic, including a newly ex-husband who tried to cancel a patient’s surgery!

Tune in to hear the conclusions of these stories and hear more interesting, true stories from Dr. Sajan’s and Sabrina’s plastic surgery clinic.

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Sabrina Sajan  0:00

Ever wonder what motivates people to get plastic surgery?

Dr. Javad Sajan  0:02  

Did they regret it?

Sabrina Sajan  0:03  

What can we learn from the weird and wild stuff that happens at our plastic surgery clinic? We're gonna tell some stories get some laughs and learn on.

Dr. Javad Sajan  0:10  

Clinic talk with Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan  0:12  

On the plastic surgeon podcast.

Dr. Javad Sajan  0:32  

Hello my friends. I'm Dr. Javad Sajan and I'm here with my lovely wife and CEO of Allure Esthetic Sabrina Sajan

Sabrina Sajan  0:39  

Welcome back and thanks for listening. Please rate and review us on Apple podcast to support the channel. On clinic talk, we tell real stories of fun, strange, hopeful and educational things that happen at our clinics from day to day.

Dr. Javad Sajan  0:53  

We get a lot of weird and hilarious happenings at the clinic.

Sabrina Sajan  0:56  

You can find that clinic at a for more information. So Janu, what clinic stories are we going to talk about today?

Dr. Javad Sajan  1:05  

We had so many people who are expecting I heard you through a baby shower.

Sabrina Sajan  1:09  

Yes. We had a baby shower last week. It wasn't for me.

Dr. Javad Sajan  1:13  

How many people? 

Sabrina Sajan  1:14  

It was three. So three of our staff members.

Dr. Javad Sajan  1:17  

Why do we always have things happen in three? 

Sabrina Sajan  1:19  

Yeah, I don't know. It's really weird. We hired in sets of three, people get pregnant in sets of threes.

Dr. Javad Sajan  1:25  

People quit in sets of three. 

Sabrina Sajan  1:28  

Yeah. I don't know what's up with the threes. Three Musketeers all the time. But yeah, we had a baby shower last week for three of our staff members. And they're all expecting back to back.

Dr. Javad Sajan  1:39  

Who is it?

Sabrina Sajan  1:41  

We have Natalia, our PA, then we have Kyla I think many of you know a lot of the surgery patients I probably met her because she does a lot of ultrasound massages. She's a master as a Titian and medical assistant. And then we have Gina one of our nurses. And yeah, the all three are expecting, two of them are having boys. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  2:02  

Oh, cool. 

Sabrina Sajan  2:02  

And one of them are having girl and yeah, they're super excited and Rina really enjoyed the baby shower. And it was a lot of fun.

Dr. Javad Sajan  2:11  

And I saw the IG that there were some like cake like things somebody made.

Sabrina Sajan  2:16  

Oh, yes, yeah, Belinda is really creative. And she any anytime we have, you know someone expecting in the office, she'll make them diaper cakes. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  2:28  

What's the diaper cake? 

Sabrina Sajan  2:29  

So basically what it is a cake but it's made out of baby onesies and diapers. And basically the you can use it as a decor in the baby's room and then eventually end up using it usually has like a good 30, 40 diapers in there. And it's like a three layered cake that's made out of diapers. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  2:49  

Oh, it's cool. 

Sabrina Sajan  2:50  

Yeah, it was really cute.

Dr. Javad Sajan  2:51  

Did people like it?

Sabrina Sajan  2:52  

Yeah, everyone really enjoyed. And it was a lot of fun.

Dr. Javad Sajan  2:54  

So how do you keep it COVID friendly?

Sabrina Sajan  2:56  

Yeah, so we had 10 people on the dot. And that's the restrictions right now here so you can have 10 people in door together. So yeah, 10 people. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  3:06  

That's cool. 

Sabrina Sajan  3:07  

And we also kept it a drive thru baby shower. So people could just stop by then kind of, you know, wish them good luck, and then kind of head out. So we had it for a few hours, or people could just stop by. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  3:19  

So they drove by throw the gift and kept driving, right?

Sabrina Sajan  3:22  

No. It's like a stop by baby shower. Right? So it's like, basically an open house. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  3:27  

Oh, okay. 

Sabrina Sajan  3:28  

So it's like, open for a few hours. And you can come anytime you want. There's no specific time for you to arrive. So it's like an open house.

Dr. Javad Sajan  3:34  

That's cool. Yeah, I really hope once COVID hopefully slows down more we can get back to doing all the events, you know, I think it really builds culture and helps people connect. 

Sabrina Sajan  3:45  

Yeah, definitely. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  3:46  

You see such a higher level of disconnect. In this COVID world you notice that? 

Sabrina Sajan  3:53  

I do. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  3:53  

I see people a lot more to themselves and much more private and quiet than what I just remember a year and a half ago.

Sabrina Sajan  4:02  

Yeah, I felt like the office was such a more friendly environment and people really connected with each other. We used to do these monthly team meetings. A lot of the staff and the doctors really miss that. And you know, it's unfortunate, but yeah, this time, we can't have them but they were you know, full company team meeting once a month, we still have breakfast together and have an inspirational talk from one of the surgeons and introduce all the new staff and it was really a way for everyone to connect with each other and it's really sad not to be able to do such things because it really helps the team morale and the different values and to instill that into all the staff.

Dr. Javad Sajan  4:43  

Yeah, and we certainly do a lot of things virtually now but human beings I think and you know our social creatures in no matter how much you do is zoom in electronically. That human connection is so important that you know I think it gets to people's inner soul and helps drive them, motivate them.

Sabrina Sajan  5:00  

I know. And I was just looking at the, to see if we should do something maybe 4th of July or something like that. But I think I heard that they're going to re shut things down and move things back to phase two or something.

Dr. Javad Sajan  5:12  

Yeah, I hope that doesn't happen.

Sabrina Sajan  5:13  

I know, I was hoping to go to phase four. So we can do such events.

Dr. Javad Sajan  5:18  

Everybody, please get your vaccine. 

Sabrina Sajan  5:19  

Yes. Get your vaccine stay safe. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  5:22  

Jan, I have one thing Touch-Ups, Touch-Ups and Touch-Ups.

Sabrina Sajan  5:30  

I think some of our injector providers would say that too.

Dr. Javad Sajan  5:34  

So we love doing injections. We love it, Botox, fillers, we do a lot of it. So we have a policy at the office, right? But if somebody gets an injection, and they're not happy, or it doesn't work out well, and they need a touch up, we will do it for free.

Sabrina Sajan  5:49  

Yeah. Or do whatever it takes to make it right,

Dr. Javad Sajan  5:52  

Exactly. But guys, that doesn't mean if you want more use, it's called the Touch-Up. Right? So when you get a filler of syringe, let's say put in your lips, right? You're getting one cc you get that it's done. But you can't come back and say I want to Touch-Up because my lips aren't big enough.

Sabrina Sajan  6:09  

Yeah, because I had a lot of times,

Dr. Javad Sajan  6:11  

That's called a redo and you got to pay for more filler.

Sabrina Sajan  6:14  

That's called your lips need three syringes.

Dr. Javad Sajan  6:17  

Exactly. You know, you're not going to go from, who is really thin lips? 

Sabrina Sajan  6:23  

I don't know. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  6:24  

I guess you're not going to go from Kris Jenner lips to Kylie Jenner lips with one syringe? Is that a good analogy? 

Sabrina Sajan  6:31  

That's a fact. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  6:32  

Okay, sorry, it takes multiple. So I can what is a Touch-Up, I'm gonna go through this. A Touch-Up is considered a treatment to correct a asymmetry or miss injection that happened. So for example, let's say one eyebrow went a little higher than the other. Touch it up. Let's say you got a little lump in your lip. Will touch that up. Let's say your filler looks crooked and one cheeks look really high. We'll touch it up. But wait, hold the boat here. Okay. All right. When we put filler on the cheeks, I put the filler on the bone guys, on the bone. Nobody's cheeks are symmetric, look it me my right is bigger than my left eye. I don't like it. I want to push it in, I push it in everyday doesn't go in. However, the filler goes on the bone. And if your bone is crooked, everyone's faces a little crooked. Your filler is gonna be a little crooked. And you have to learn to be happy with it. 

Sabrina Sajan  7:21  

Yes, exactly. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  7:22  

Exactly. I'm not passionate about this. Not even bother me. But Touch-Ups is a correction because something may have not been done properly or didn't heal well. You know, the one thing with these little procedures, right? You've seen this, you can do the same thing a million times the exact same way on a million identical twins and everybody heals differently. 

Sabrina Sajan  7:44  


Dr. Javad Sajan  7:44  

People are people, right? If I go into a restaurant, you get the same dish. Someday is great. Some day it might not be as great. It's a variety.

Sabrina Sajan  7:51  

Yeah, or  sometimes we'll like get a call from like patients like they got their Botox treatment or, I think you have one coming up on Monday.

Dr. Javad Sajan  8:02  

Sorry, sorry.

Sabrina Sajan  8:04  

And the patient came in to get her normal, you know, 30 units of Botox, you know, got her treatment. And she calls three months later and says, "Oh, the doctor said that it was gonna last six months to nine months". Like No, we never said that. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  8:22  

Never, guys last three months if you're not okay, on average, it could be less could be more. No one said six months. I didn't say six months you know. Oh, come on.

Sabrina Sajan  8:31  

They said you said

Dr. Javad Sajan  8:32  

Yeah. I love my patients are amazing. They're sweet. I'm so thankful, grateful God to have my patients. But sometimes, you know, people here. 

Sabrina Sajan  8:40  

That's called China's sneak in and Touch-Up. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  8:42  

Exactly, exactly all you know. You know, the Touch-Ups they get me or the people some who legitimately want to get more filler, whether call it a Touch-Up just to get faster come the schedule.

Sabrina Sajan  8:50  

Yes, exactly. We know those tricks in turns, guys. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  8:54  

I know. And if we don't mind, well, obviously, we'll take care of you. But you're going to get on the DNS list. 

Sabrina Sajan  8:59  

Yeah, now we have a new astragalus.

Dr. Javad Sajan  9:02  

I know. What's the DNS list? 

Sabrina Sajan  9:04  

Do not schedule 

Dr. Javad Sajan  9:06  

Don't be on the list, you know.

Sabrina Sajan  9:08  

Now we have three levels, the regular patients, we have a asterik. And then after that, you go through the DNS.

Dr. Javad Sajan  9:13  

The asterik list does not get Touch-Ups, right. Oh, goodness. We love all of you. You guys are amazing. 99% are amazing, super people. We couldn't do this without you. We know we are who we are because of our patients on a serious note. And we're so thankful for them. Sometimes, like all of us, right? You know, some people get a little bit more or require a little bit more TLC than others and we're gonna give TLC I love TLC where you lots of TLC. But there's a fine line between TLC and taking advantage. 

Sabrina Sajan  9:42  


Dr. Javad Sajan  9:42  

Can walk that line, right? Or you're on the DNS list, please. We will get mad.

Sabrina Sajan  9:47  

Be aware.

Dr. Javad Sajan  9:48  

Be aware or then you get blocked on IG and then you call the office and get back on IG. 

Sabrina Sajan  9:52  

Oh yeah you gotta tell me story about that. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  9:54  

Okay, so I'm walking around the office Say hi to all my staff, right we got a bigger team now. Hey, how's it going? I said, I try to say good morning to everybody cuz I really care about my people or not they're doing. So I am running out of the office and here and the new person. Isabella comes to me running. She's a new staff. She's one of our PCCs. She's amazing. Michelle was looks nervous and scared. She’s starting to work on that...

Sabrina Sajan  10:18  

She's new. It's like her second week.

Dr. Javad Sajan  10:20  

I know. But I know. She was scared. I'm like, What happened? Somebody scare her? I scare her. But yeah, yeah, she just knew it's just jitters. So

Sabrina Sajan  10:30  

It's her first real job.

Dr. Javad Sajan  10:31  

She's an amazing person. So she comes running to me. No, she's I'm walking by. She's running me actually. And she's talking to Belinda. And she's like, "Oh, this person saying is they're blocked on Instagram, but they have a concept coming up".

Sabrina Sajan  10:45  

So can we unblock them? 

Dr. Javad Sajan  10:46  

Yes, yes, we unblock people. But the only people that get blocked, are haters.

Sabrina Sajan  10:51  

Yeah, we have a social media team. And you know, if you say unappropriate things, and you are not nice about the pictures that are posted online, I mean, you have to understand those are patient pictures, those patients are watching the comments that are coming through. And if you're not nice, you got to go on the DNS list.

Dr. Javad Sajan  11:07  

Exactly. And, you know, if you have a question you can always send a DM, if you don't like the way something's done, and you want your surgery or procedure done differently, you can talk to us in a DM, or like posting a lot of negativity on people's body images isn't a nice thing. You know, I know when you put before and afters you put yourself out there, I'm happy to do that. I don't mind I take their criticism. You can't like insult people and make fun of them and be mean or, you know, like swear. So if you do stuff like that, and you get blocked, sorry about that, but it's just what it is, we got to moderate the group, you know. 

Sabrina Sajan  11:37  

Mm hmm. I agree. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  11:39  

And what happens is, if we don't take that stuff down, the one of the real reasons we really have to pay attention to it is if you know IG moderates everything. If you have a lot of hateful talk, and we don't delete it, our account can get banned. So I don't mind the criticism, but we have to protect the patient's right number one and number two, we don't want our ID to get blocked. As all of you know, I'm the only verified plastic surgeon in this entire state.

Sabrina Sajan  12:01  

Yeah, and the patients really enjoy looking at Instagram, watching the stories and I want to give the opportunity to those patients that want to watch.

Dr. Javad Sajan  12:10  

Exactly, exactly. So Jan, I heard that someone's ex-husband call to cancel a surgery.

Sabrina Sajan  12:17  

Yes. So how it actually started was a couple came to a consult, it was a full mommy makeover, consultation. And they scheduled surgery on the same day, and they paid their deposit and they pick their date and everything. The patient then had their pre op and everything is like maybe four or five weeks, the surgery was going to happen. And we get a call from the husband. And you know, we have a special form and special process if a different person's paying for your procedure, and a different person is allowed to have access to your information. So he was on all her staff and she gave him access to be able to pay for her procedure, and he had access to all of our patient staff. And she you know, signed off on it and agreed to it. So we could discuss things with him, which we confirm with her. And all of a sudden, like a few weeks before surgery, we get a call from her husband. And he was like, "Oh, I just need to cancel so and so's surgery". And we're like, "Okay, her surgeries in a few weeks, and everything's already paid for. Everything's already done". He was like, "Yeah, she doesn't need it. She doesn't need it". And we're like, "Okay, you know, is there something we can help you with? Like, what's going on? Like, we haven't heard from her or anything"? And she was like, "Yeah, you don't need to hear from her. I'm telling you, I paid for it. So she doesn't need the surgery anymore". And just the way he was being aggressive and being very rude. It seemed a little fishy.

Dr. Javad Sajan  13:51  


Sabrina Sajan  13:52  

So, you know, we talked to him, and we hung up the phone. And then we called her. And we're like, "Hey, just wanted to check in, you know, your surgeries on this day. And everything's scheduled". And she's like, "Yeah, everything's scheduled and I'm ready to have surgery". And she's like, "Why are you calling me to ask me this"? And we're like, "Oh, we just wanted to know if everything's okay". And she was like, "Are you talking about Blank"? And then she said his name and we're like, "Yeah, how did you know"? And she was like, "Yeah, he's he's trying to call everywhere I had appointments and things scheduled and he's canceling all my cards. And I'm guessing he tried to cancel my surgery too".

Dr. Javad Sajan  14:37  

They were married when they came in.

Sabrina Sajan  14:39  

Correct. So they were married when they came in, but she then she went into detail and she was like crying and stuff. And she was like, she told us that they're basically separated and they're going through a really bad divorce.

Dr. Javad Sajan  14:53  

And this is  my patient. 

Sabrina Sajan  14:54  

Yeah. And even though the surgery was fully paid, he's still trying to cancel surgery even though you may or may not get the money back. But he just does not want to have let her have the surgery.

Dr. Javad Sajan  15:07  

Oh, yeah. Cuz it's non refundable within three weeks. 

Sabrina Sajan  15:09  

Yeah. And he even said it himself. He's like, "I don't want the money. I just don't want her to have surgery anymore".

Dr. Javad Sajan  15:15  

That's rough.

Sabrina Sajan  15:16  

Yeah. And she was like crying and stuff. And we're like, "Well, it's already paid for. You can show up on the day of surgery, you will have the surgery and everything's already a done deal at this point". 

Dr. Javad Sajan  15:24  


Sabrina Sajan  15:25  

And you're the patient. I mean, you have, you know, it's your right and you have access to, you know, have the surgery and everything. So then she sent us an letter and an email saying that she's requesting to not discuss anything else ever with him and take him off her chart and take him off of the emergency contact and everything was like a back and forth because he kept calling the office because he wanted to make sure that she wasn't gonna have surgery.

Dr. Javad Sajan  15:54  

That's out there. You know, and that and that whole thing. I had a very different situation. So this one's wild. So I had a patient who comes in with her husband, they have four kids, they came from Eastern Washington. Really nice, normal people, as far as I know. And when we're in the room, the husband is always very flirty with the staff. Like and she doesn't say anything like it's normal. He's always commenting on the steak on the assistant, or you look good or a member one time you said Oh, is she going to look like her. I just wanted to fall on the ground and disappear. You know, you has not feeling? 

Sabrina Sajan  16:36  

Hide under the desk.

Dr. Javad Sajan  16:37  

Yes, yes. And his wife was like, whatever she knew in the cares, like, just did that type of thing. I'm like, Okay, fine. So she gets a big mommy makeover. We're doing everything right breast augmentation. We're doing tummy tuck and BBL all three together. When she signs up for surgery. And everything's great. It happens. Surgery goes great. She looks she feels amazing. She's really happy with the result. And then she comes to her first post op. And she's there with her sister. So I'm like, "Okay, cool". Then I asked her. "Oh, how's your husband"? She's like, "Oh, I left him". What do you mean, I left him? And she's like, Oh,

Sabrina Sajan  17:14  

In that accent?

Dr. Javad Sajan  17:15  

Yeah, she was like that cheating my bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep. I haven't paid for all my stuff. And I let him go right away after. 

Sabrina Sajan  17:25  

He didn't get to see her. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  17:26  

No, no. Then she said, 'Yeah, he was a big cheater. But she doesn't".

Sabrina Sajan  17:30  

So, she knew that before. So smart. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  17:34  

She didn't want to say anything. She right away. But she confronted him about it before the whole surgery and his way of making up for the cheating was to pay for the surgery. And then he thought everything was going to be all good. After the surgery, but she got the surgery and she left him.

Sabrina Sajan  17:50  

And she pieced out.

Dr. Javad Sajan  17:51  

Yeah, yeah, but she kept fighting for the kids and all that kind of stuff. 

Sabrina Sajan  17:56  

Oh, man. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  17:57  

Well, that was something. 

Sabrina Sajan  17:59  

She got the surgery, at least. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  18:00  

She got it done. Yeah, she's really happy with it. Very Nice Person. But, you know, that's the opposite. 

Sabrina Sajan  18:06  

Yeah, it's funny.

Dr. Javad Sajan  18:08  

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Sabrina Sajan  18:15  

Tune in next time for more clinic talk. We have more great stories coming your way.

Dr. Javad Sajan  18:20  

For my live surgeries on Snapchat and adventures throughout the week. Catch us on all social media @realdoctorSeattle. 

Sabrina Sajan  18:27  

See you next time. Bye. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  18:29  

Bam what.

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