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Clinic Talk 12

A Poser, A Religious Consult and The Double Stack

Sabrina Sajan

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On episode twelve of Clinic Talk, Dr. Sajan and Sabrina recount some interesting stories and experiences from their plastic surgery clinic. To start, Sabrina discusses a frightening ordeal where someone posed as an employee to perform a breast augmentation consultation at a patient’s home.

Next, Sabrina discusses yet another interesting story from job interviewees. This time an interviewee attempted to get laser hair removal by posing as a patient. Finally, Dr. Sajan discusses an interesting top surgery consultation he had where a patient asked for religious advice before surgery.

Tune in to hear the conclusions of these stories and hear more interesting, true stories from Dr. Sajan’s and Sabrina’s plastic surgery clinic.

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Sabrina Sajan  0:00  

Ever wonder what motivates people to get plastic surgery? 

Dr. Javad Sajan  0:02  

Did they regret it?

Sabrina Sajan  0:03  

What can we learn from the weird and wild stuff that happens at our plastic surgery clinics, we're gonna tell some stories, get some laughs and learn on.

Dr. Javad Sajan  0:11  

Clinic talk with Sabrina Sajan.

Sabrina Sajan  0:13  

On the plastic surgeon podcast.

Dr. Javad Sajan  0:32  

Hello, my friends. I'm Dr. Javad Sajan and of course, I'm here with my lovely wife and CEO of Allure Esthetic, Sabrina saajan.

Sabrina Sajan  0:40  

Welcome back. And thanks for listening, please rate and review us on Apple podcast and support the channel. On clinic talk. We tell real stories of fun, strange, hopeful and educational things that happen at our clinics from day to day.

Dr. Javad Sajan  0:54  

We get a lot of weird and hilarious happenings at the clinic,

Sabrina Sajan  0:58  

You can find the clinic at for more information. So janu, what clinic stories are we talking about today?

Dr. Javad Sajan  1:06  

So we had a person impersonating to be one of the doctors that works for us going door to door doing breast exams.

Sabrina Sajan  1:15  

Yes, I could not believe it. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  1:18  

So I heard the story from one of the staff just pieces of it, what's the details?

Sabrina Sajan  1:22  

So we get a phone call at the office. And it's a patient that has been at our practice before and she's you know, knows the doctor and has been here before? And she says, Oh, I wonder to follow up on the consultation that I had at the house. And I wanted to follow up on like, what next steps are and like, how do I proceed? And I wanted to know more details about it. And we're like, 

Dr. Javad Sajan  1:50  

At our house? 

Sabrina Sajan  1:51  

House. We're like, "what house?" And she's like, "yeah, the consultation that I had at the house". We're like, "whose house what house? Like we don't do consultations at the house". Like is this house a please like. And she's like, nervous now. Because she's like, Oh, I don't know what I'm What just happened? And we're like, can you tell us more details about what's going on. Like, we're a little confused and concerned,

Dr. Javad Sajan  2:19  

So what did the front desk person say when they first heard this?

Sabrina Sajan  2:23  

they're very surprised. And they were like, I don't know if this is really true, or someone just like seeing this image as a patient or system. So, you know, we thought that there was something definitely wrong here. The story wasn't adding up. So then the front desk passes the phone on to a more senior person because they weren't sure what was going on. And then one of our senior leads, she talks to the patients as so what's going on, and the patient says, so there's a person, his name is something I can't remember the name of the person, came to my house or it gave me a call. And they came to my house and said that he was working for our company. And on behalf of the surgeon, he was coming to her house to perform a consultation for a breast exam to follow up on a breast exam that she had and wanted to follow up on the consultation. And that he was doing this because of COVID. And we had hired him on behalf of the company to go to patients' houses to do consultations. Because of COVID. We wanted to limit the exposure of the patient coming in person, so we're going to their houses.

Dr. Javad Sajan  3:41  

That's insane. 

Sabrina Sajan  3:42  

Literally, this is a story that this guy was telling people in the north of this North area.

Dr. Javad Sajan  3:48  

That's why so how did he know she was one of our patients?

Sabrina Sajan  3:52  

So when we backtrack and kind of dug further into the story, so this person knew this girl from other from various other things, and she had heard, or he she had told him that a lot of consultation at this office. And I'm like looking for I'm like looking to get a breast augmentation. And so I think he used that to turn the story and said that he was hired from our company, and that he was following up on her breast augmentation consultation had to come to her house for another exam.

Dr. Javad Sajan  4:28  

That's crazy. So what do we tell her to do when she told us this?

Sabrina Sajan  4:31  

So we got the whole story and she was very, very surprised. He actually did go to her house. He did do an exam on her. And she really thought that he was there on behalf of the company.

Dr. Javad Sajan  4:47  

That's like assault and like, all that kinds of stuff.

Sabrina Sajan  4:50  

he literally did it like breast exam on her. at her house.

Dr. Javad Sajan  4:55  

I mean she's the victim but you know if somebody you know comes to your house like that, you got to ask yourself a question here. 

Sabrina Sajan  5:01  

Yeah, she should have. Well, she should have called us before.

Dr. Javad Sajan  5:04  

I know 

Sabrina Sajan  5:05  

And be like, is this really true? Like, why? Why are you guys doing this? Like, this is something that you guys are doing and but it was really weird. So then yeah, we told her to call the police department. We had to also get involved in our team had to also get involved in Union report this because our company's name was out there. And one of our surgeons name was involved in this.

Dr. Javad Sajan  5:29  

We call the police too, right?

Sabrina Sajan  5:30  

Correct. Yeah. There was no relation to this person that we had. He's not hired by our company. We do not do consultations at people's houses. But yeah, it was really crazy. I mean, I still cannot believe that this person went through with this, that actually, the patient actually believed him. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  5:51  

Oh, my God. And what did the police say? 

Sabrina Sajan  5:54  

So they didn't give us any further information. They just collected information about her and said, what happened and the whole story, and then there's so they're gonna basically go after him, because of whatever he did. But after that, we'd never heard from her him. But I know that she posted a video online about the whole thing and how it actually went down and what happened and everything. So we got we saw that too.

Dr. Javad Sajan  6:21  

So if you're, if someone comes to your door, wanting to do a breast exam, don't agree to that.

Sabrina Sajan  6:27  

No, do not agree to that. I don't know any. As far as I know, I don't know any surgeon or someone an office would come a representative from that office will come to your house to do a consultation or a breast exam. I mean, I've never heard of that.

Dr. Javad Sajan  6:46  

So I do know one doctor, he's in LA. And he does like cosmetic stuff. And he goes to people's houses for their post up. So he told me for his tummy tucks, he always goes to the person's house and does the checkup. 

Sabrina Sajan  7:02  

That's very awkward. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  7:03  

It's very awkward. I mean, I don't think that's a level of service. I would call that that sort of level of discomfort. Because you don't have your supplies. It's not-

Sabrina Sajan  7:12  

 It's not as clean. You don't know how people clean their houses. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  7:14  

Exactly. And let's say someone has a blood or fluid collection. What are you gonna do get a tool belt and take that out?

Sabrina Sajan  7:20  

No, that's very uncomfortable with for the patient.

Dr. Javad Sajan  7:23  

Yeah. So I don't think it's safe. That's wild.

Sabrina Sajan  7:27  

I very, I was very sad for the patient. I mean, she was literally like, shocked. And she, you know, I feel bad for her. I can't do she fell into that. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  7:36  

It's horrible.

Sabrina Sajan  7:37  

Yeah, horrible, bad. That's something that came with someone use that. And you know, to see some, you know, do something bad like that on someone. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  7:46  

So many patients come to us with so many insecurities. And it's really predators that prey on them. And this person is a horrible predator who I hope goes to jail for a very long time. 

Sabrina Sajan  7:56  


Dr. Javad Sajan  7:58  

So Jan, did you hear about the double stack?

Sabrina Sajan  8:00  

I heard I didn't know the details about what what it was but I heard some staff just giggling about some double stack.

Dr. Javad Sajan  8:09  

So I had a patient from Alaska. It was a virtual consultation. So this nice lady, she's in a probably six decade of life, and she has significant toeses are sagging of the breast, right? So she went to a concert in Alaska. And I get a we get a lot of patients from Alaska I do from all over but especially Alaska, because it's so close. And she wanted breast augmentation. And the doctor she went to told her you need 2000 cc implants because you have sagging and the implants will lift your breast. And he told her you need to get a double stack or tissue expander put in. So double stack is, he basically told her go to somebody who will take two sailing implants, fill them up to 1000 cc's and put them on top of each other. Right? Like a Big Mac Patty, and put him in your chest to make you look very big and bow make you look lifted and perky.

Sabrina Sajan  9:09  

How do you expect 2000 cc's to be lifted automatically?

Dr. Javad Sajan  9:13  

Exactly. That's called your patient ending up on botched. It's horrible. So basically, and then he was like, well, he two offered her. He said Well, I don't double stack implants. I never knew that was a word. He said I can put in a tissue expander which is a balloon that we use for cancer patients and just blow that up beyond the maximum fill because they're thicker. And you can walk around with the temporary balloon and call it an implant and we'll fill it to 2000. So she had this concept and she was like this looks weird. I don't I don't know what's going on here. So she there was a virtual with me to say hey, can you double stack it? I don't want a temporary cancer balloon in my chest. And I did my assessment and I was like well you know you have tosis or sagging of the breast. When you have toasts or sagging of the breast and the underlying She did an implant is not going to give you a lift. What she needed is not she didn't need anything. But if she wanted to do something, then what I would suggest is lift with an implant. And I do them in one surgery, most doctors do them in two, just the way I do it. And double stacking would’ve been in disaster.

Sabrina Sajan  10:21  

That would have caused more sagging

Dr. Javad Sajan  10:22  

Exactly they would have gone lower and lower and lower. And it literally would have been like multiple rocks in a sock. Horrible. I couldn't believe it. So anyway, double stacking implants not recommended guys. So jan, I heard there was something that happened about somebody coming for an interview, and trying to get laser hair removal at the same time.

Sabrina Sajan  10:49  

So it was a funny story. So we had scheduled some interviews. And of course, sometimes, you know, there's other appointments that are happening at the same time. And there was, you know, two people in the lobby. And one of our estheticians, you know, called out a name. I can't remember what the name was, but she called out a name and then the person just got up and she, you know, started going with the esthetician she's like, Hi, well, thanks for coming in today. You know, it looks like you're getting a Brazilian laser hair removal today. So I'll go ahead and room you and then just go ahead and change and then I'll be with you shortly. And then she takes her in the room. And then I come out. And I'm looking for my interview person. I'm like, Hi, I like you know, call out her name in a lobby.

Dr. Javad Sajan  11:41  

It's interview for a job?

Sabrina Sajan  11:42  


Dr. Javad Sajan  11:43  

Receptionist, right?

Sabrina Sajan  11:44  

Correct. Yeah. So I call out her name in the lobby. And I'm like, I can't write any, like Alyssia or something like that I can't remember. And I call out her name. And there's other girls looking at me and I'm like, Oh, is that your name? And she was like, Oh, it sounds like my name but that's not my name. Like, okay, so I'm like, okay, where did this girl go? The front desk. So maybe she went to the bathroom? Maybe she went somewhere? like, Okay, sounds like I'll just wait. And then if she shows up, we'll I'll take her back for an interview. And then, like, 10 minutes go by, and I'm like, Okay, I guess she didn't show up. So I'll just no show her. And then about 10 minutes go by. And then that person who was in the lobby who I thought was an interviewee, she comes up to the front desk, and she's like, Oh, I'm here for my Brazilian laser hair removal appointment. But no one has taken me back here. Are you guys running late? Or what's going on? Are you okay? Can I update? 

Sabrina Sajan  12:39  

So we're like, destitution just took you we thought. And she was like, No, no one took me I've been waiting out here. And she was like, Are you sure? She was like, you're here for like, laser hair removal, right? She's like, Yes, I've been waiting. That's it. She was supposed to take me were like, okay, let's look, we gotta look what's going on. So then I start investigating and looking like I started knocking on the rooms because I was like, I don't know where this person is. That I then eventually a knock on the door. And that's estheticians door and the estheticians like one second because she's doing someone's Brazilian. So she's like, one second. And then I knock on the door, and she comes out and she's like, Yeah, well, what happened? And she was like, I'm starting. I'm about to start a Brazilian HR appointment, like something happened. And I was like, are you sure that's your patient? And then she was like, Yeah, I asked her what her name was? And then I confirm with her, she's getting a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. And she said, Yes. And then we were like, Are you sure? She was like, Yes, I confirmed it. And we're like, No, your patient is sitting in the lobby. You have someone else?

Dr. Javad Sajan  13:46  

Oh, my gosh, that was the applicant. 

Sabrina Sajan  13:49  


Dr. Javad Sajan  13:51  

Oh, my God. 

Sabrina Sajan  13:52  

Literally, the applicant was about to get a Brazilian LHR treatment for free, and didn't even tell the esthetician that that's not what she was here for.

Dr. Javad Sajan  14:02  

Does she already change?

Sabrina Sajan  14:03  

Yeah, she had already changed. We hadn't started the treatment. Yeah, but she had already changed and she was ready to go. I had just knocked when they were in there.

Dr. Javad Sajan  14:12  

Oh my god. So what did she say when you asked her?

Sabrina Sajan  14:15  

So then the esthetician went back and she's like, I think there's some confusion going on over here. It looks like you're not here for our Brazilian LHR appointment. She's like, Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm here for an interview. We're like the route I needed to change. Why you laying down? Ready to go for a Brazilian LHR appointment? I don't know. Maybe she was on. I don't know. She was maybe, you know, on something like, I better know. Like, how can you not be in your senses? Yeah, you just came in for an interview, but then you're in the esthetician room ready to do an appointment.

Dr. Javad Sajan  14:53  

It's not part of our interview process,

Sabrina Sajan  14:54  

No, not at all. And she's like, Oh, I think I just got confused. Um, like where I was and what I was here for, like, oh, okay, how do you get confused? Like, was she on something? I don't know. But then we're like, oh, I'm very sorry that she was just like, No, no, I'm sorry. Like, I think I forgot where I was. And then we took her out of the room, didn't give her a treatment, of course, had her change back into her clothes. And then we finally got the patient from the lobby, and we had to tell we told patient, you know, we're sorry, the person just tried to take your appointment. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  15:31  

So is that person didn't make it to phase two of the interview?

Sabrina Sajan  15:33  


Dr. Javad Sajan  15:34  

Oh, that's wild.

Sabrina Sajan  15:37  

Yeah, it was wild, we were really surprised that someone just tried to get a treatment. And they weren't even here for that  and they just acted like the patient. So I heard you had a consultation, but it was more of a religious.

Dr. Javad Sajan  15:53  

Yeah. So this is very unusual. So I know many of you know, I do gender affirming surgery. So that's often known as transgender surgery. So I had a patient who came in in person for an out of the country for a consultation for agender surgery. Now, it's really rare for people to come in person, if they're out of the country. Usually, if they're in town for something else, I'll do it, or we'll do it virtually. So I go into a room, I'm like, Okay, well, maybe this person really wants to talk in person and get a feel for it. And it's fine with me. I go into the room, and I'm like, Hey, hello, Dr. Sajan, nice to meet you. And they're like, Oh, hi, just, you know, flew in today, because they had their suitcase in the room. From this country, I'm like, all right. How can I help you? They're like, well, I researched your background, we're the same religion. And I want my gender changed. I'm like, Okay, cool. That's great. I'm not sure what religion has to do with it, but I'm here for you. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  16:51  

And they're like, well, I want you to tell me, if I do a gender change, is it permissible in our religion, then I just looked at the nice person, and I was like, I looked in the mirror myself, like, no recommend wearing like, some kind of in a religious outfit or, you know, portraying myself to be a certain way. And I was like, Look, nice person. I don't know. I just do the surgery. You know, if you're safe and healthy, you meet the qualifications, I'm happy to help you. And I'll take great care of you. And I'll make sure you're emotionally in a good state for the surgery. But unfortunately, I can't give a religious opinion on whether or not, I can do a surgery. And this person is very kind, very sweet. I understand where they're coming from. But the challenge I had was their primary question, wasn't my surgery, their primary question was, you know, give me religious advice. It puts me in a very hard spot, because I can tell them medically, they're safe. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  17:48  

Emotionally, I felt they were in a good spot, but exactly what doctrine they follow what they believe, is something I feel if I told him an answer, I would be taking advantage of that. Right? Because I'm no one to say that this is my interpretation of whatever Holy Scripture, or you know, Revelation, or whatever you want to call it. So nicely told the person look, I cannot give you any religious advice, and they kept pushing me on him, like, not gonna do it. I said, I have no opinion on a religious perspective that I can share with you. I can share with you I know I do the surgery, I believe in it. I think it's medically necessary. I'm happy to help you in that regard. However, giving you my interpretation of whether it's allowed or not, I can't say that. And so we sort of left it at that the person ended up getting the surgery was a wild success, super happy. But it was just a different kind of experience.

Sabrina Sajan  18:40  

 To this will ask you. 

Dr. Javad Sajan  18:41  

Absolutely. Absolutely. And the funny thing is, yeah, I'll leave it at that. Thank you for listening to clinic talk on the plastic surgeon podcast. Please rate and review us on Apple podcasts and support our channel.

Sabrina Sajan  18:55  

Tune in next time for more clinic talk. We have more great stories coming your way.

Dr. Javad Sajan  19:00  

For my live surgeries on Snapchat and adventures throughout the week. catch us on all social media at real doctor Seattle.

Sabrina Sajan  19:08  

See you next time. Bye. Enjoy the weather

Dr. Javad Sajan  19:11  

Bam what.

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