Josie Noel
Episode 9

Transgender Marine

Josie Noel

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Episode Nine of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast tells the captivating story of a transgender marine, Josie Noel. Josie was assigned male at birth, but now identifies as a transgender woman. Having grown up in a religious and conservative family, Josie was unable to come out or come to terms with her identity until much later in life.

At 26, after moving to Seattle from Yakima, Josie decided to join the Marine Corps. Looking back, Josie refers to this time in her life as “passive suicide”. Feeling shame due to questions about gender, Josie felt the most shame about her body during her time in the Marines.

Josie served in Iraq. Once she returned to the States and after so many near death experiences, she started to come to terms with her body and transgender identity. Josie’s story is truly amazing and shows that transgender transitions are not linear. Eventually, Josie underwent male-to-female breast augmentation with Dr. Sajan. Tune in to hear Josie’s full story on the Plastic Surgeon Podcast.

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