Dr. Alexandra Kohles
Episode 3

Rejected Breast Implants

Dr. Alexandra Kohles

On Episode Three of the Plastic Surgeon Podcast, Dr. Sajan sits down with a fellow physician, Dr. Alexandra Kohles to discuss her experiences with plastic surgery. Nearly twenty years ago, Dr. Kohles underwent a breast augmentation in Chile where she got textured silicone implants. At the time, these breast implants were the most modern implant. These implants are no longer on the market.

After experiencing hardness in her breast, Dr. Kohles realized she needed breast revision surgery. She came to Dr. Sajan where he removed her implants and corrected capsular contracture. He then placed new implants under the muscle. 

Along with the story of her breast augmentation and revision surgeries, Dr. Kohles discusses taking control of femininity with plastic surgery, capsular contracture, and finding confidence with breast implants. Dr. Kohles offers a unique perspective on breast augmentation and plastic surgery as a doctor. 

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