Evy Hauntings
Episode 17

Breast Augmentation on OnlyFans Model | 440cc Gummy Bear Implants

Evy Hauntings

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The Plastic Surgeon Podcast and Dr. Sajan welcome his patient, Evy Hauntings. Evy is an OnlyFans model who underwent breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Sajan in September 2020. She discusses her struggle to gain weight, which led to having smaller breasts and making her look extremely thin. Knowing for a while that she wanted breast implants, Evy found Dr. Sajan through a recommendation from another online creator.

Evy grew up in the Bay Area. Having grown up with little food and in abusive situations led to Evy’s natural skinniness. As she grew older, she tried to gain weight because she wanted a modeling career but believed she was too skinny to be successful. Trying to gain weight, Evy visited doctors and dieticians who found no physical or mental reason why she could not gain weight. Therefore, Evy began considering plastic surgery to get a fuller chest.

To raise money for her breast augmentation, Evy created an OnlyFans account. She already had a following online and many of her follows were willing to pay for her content and additional content. Charging $50 per month (among the highest monthly charges on all of OnlyFans), it took her a few months to save enough money to come to Dr. Sajan.

Evy was already set on surgery with Dr. Sajan. Due to her small chest, she believed she would need larger implants such as 600cc or higher. However, Dr. Sajan recommended 440cc breast implants to better fit her frame. Evy loves her results and feels more confident after surgery.

You can find Evy across the internet at:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/licktheblade/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/evyhauntings?lang=en
Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeUVpEgJ/
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/evignehauntings/photos
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/licktheblade

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Dr. Javad Sajan 00:00

Ever wonder what motivates people to get plastic surgery? Did they regret it? What can we learn from the stories of plastic surgery patients? We're here to explore those questions and get some answers today from our guest, Evy Hauntings on the plastic surgeon podcast.

Dr. Javad Sajan 00:31

Hello, my friends, welcome back and thanks to our listeners. For the amazing feedback we have had so much fun and look forward to more of your insights and suggestions. Please rate and review us on Apple podcast to help us get you more great content. On the plastic surgeon podcast. We listen to real plastic surgery, stories of triumph and pain from real patients and providers to further understand the motivations of why they would risk their life under the knife. I'm Dr. Javad Sajan and today my guest is the amazing, wonderful, and fabulous Evy Hauntings. Evy, we're here to talk to you about your journey, how we came to know each other, the procedure you underwent and how it affected you. Hi Evy, how are you?

Evy Hauntings 01:10

Hi, I'm doing great.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:13

I know you came in from Portland, right?

Evy Hauntings 01:14


Dr. Javad Sajan 01:15

How was the drive?

Evy Hauntings 01:16

That drive was pretty fun and there was no traffic. So that was great.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:20

How long was it?

Evy Hauntings 01:21

About an hour

Dr. Javad Sajan01:22

And you're here today to talk about your surgery and what did you undergo?

Evy Hauntings01:26

I went under I wonder when breast augmentation.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:31

How long ago did we do it?

Evy Hauntings 01:32

September, 2020.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:35

Do you remember the type of implants that we used inside?

Evy Hauntings 01:38

Correct. They were 440cc. So gel implants.

Dr. Javad Sajan 01:46

Exactly. So we did a gummy bear breast augmentation. We did a submuscular placement through the inframammary fold or the breast fold. And we did the gummy bear implants, which were the teardrop shaped implants.

Evy Hauntings 02:00

That's my favorite.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:01

That's awesome. So tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from?

Evy Hauntings 02:06

So my name is Levine. I've changed my name to Evy Hauntings legally. I am 25 years old. I was born in Oakland, California, and I've moved to a lot of cities, but Oregon, Portland has been one of my favorites and I feel like Washington is going to be another one of my new favorites, just because there's a lot more to see here. I've always had a passion for modeling, very deep passion because when it comes to modeling, you really get to take that passion you have in art and you get to display that in modeling a lot of other girls, they model, and it's a lot more of a job for them, or they just don't really have that passion in our art for them. But for me, it's more like art in individuality and expressing that through creativity.

Dr. Javad Sajan 02:53

That's awesome. Where were you born?

Evy Hauntings 02:56

Oakland, California. So pretty much what people call the hood.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:01

Really. And are your parents are from there too?

Evy Hauntings 03:04

Because my parents they are actually Mexican.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:08

Okay, cool.

Evy Hauntings 03:09

My dad's family, they baked bread and my mother's family, they were farmers. So my mother's side, they raised that money farming and my dad's side raised that money making bread and they traveled here legally. They are legal citizens and they had me.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:30

So they traveled from Mexico to Oakland?

Evy Hauntings 03:33

California. Yeah, pretty much Bay area Berkeley.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:37

And what did they do when they got in the Bay area for work?

Evy Hauntings 03:42

Well, my mother had kids with my dad and I took me a while to figure out what my dad does, but I think he cuts metal or something. Yeah. I don't really know him.

Dr. Javad Sajan 03:54

Did you grow mainly with your mom?

Evy Hauntings 03:55

Mostly with my mother. They divorced a while ago. I want to say when I was about 19 or 20, I helped her with that one. My dad is just pretty much an a-hole, so I was like, be free to do what you want and now we're living our best lives.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:13

That's awesome.

Evy Hauntings 04:13

She knows, I do modeling and she's completely happy with it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 04:17

And when you say he's an a-hole, can you tell us what is it? What do you mean by that?

Evy Hauntings 04:23

Well not that I'm about 25. I make a lot of money and I work really hard and I've worked two jobs for, cause I used to work at a knife shop. I've worked fast food McDonald's was really, really fun. I never got sick of McDonald's. It's really fun to work there, especially when you're like, Hey, this is burger King, what's up. You know, I love McDonald's so much. It was a lot of fun. I was a manager, it was amazing. But with all that work, I was like, you know what? I worked so much and I still find a way to spend time with my family. So I don't understand why she can't do the same, you know? So in a lot of ways, but I don't want to make the podcast sad.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:08

No, it's okay. People want to hear about your story in your life. So it's not making the sad at all. So he wasn't spending time with his family, you and your mom while you were growing up. Is that right?

Evy Hauntings 05:20

Pretty much. She divorced him. Cause he had a starved for a long time. So I grew up very malnourished and that's why I looked very thin. But I worked my job. I left home at 18, 19. I worked jobs at a knife shop. Mcdonald's multiple jobs, saved that money and gave it to her. And when she finally left him they had, she found out that he had secret bank accounts with a lot of money and he chose to starve us.

Dr. Javad Sajan 05:45

What do you mean starve?

Evy Hauntings 05:48

Like he made us believe we were poor and had no money and he would bring the cans from his work and make her recycle them for money. And he had us living like this as if we were always poor couldn't drive anywhere, no gas for the car. And then when she finally divorced him and she took her thing, so she had to go through things, you know, to pack. She found a receipts to bank accounts and apparently he had secret bank account with someone and he had all this money and he was just hiding it from her.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:20

Did he ever hit your Mom?

Evy Hauntings 06:21

Oh yeah, he was very he was excessive. Luckily I didn't experience any of that. But for my brother was, it was the worst. Like he actually beat my brother with the broomstick until it broke. And then my brother ran away at like 15. We couldn't find him at all. I think he joined a gang. We don't know. So I don't forgive him for hurting my brother with the broomstick so bad. And he was only 15.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:47

Your brother ran away after that?

Evy Hauntings 06:50

Oh Yeah.

Dr. Javad Sajan 06:50

Right after? Did he hit your mom in a similar way or not?

Evy Hauntings 06:56


Dr. Javad Sajan 06:56

You saw that?

Evy Hauntings 06:58

If I have I forgotten it, but as I grew older I'm a bit different because if I see something, I don't care if I'm going to get my butt kicked, like I'm going to say something. So my dad grew up hating me because I was like, not okay with that. I was like, no, you cannot go beat people, they won't want to be with you if you do that. And I was not a submissive person. My mother was very scared. Cause that's what abuse does. But I was like No, and I always thought in the back of my head for all the things he had done to my other siblings and you know, I always thought, you know, I'm going to make sure, like you, you don't like me right now, but I'm going to work hard. I'm going to be the reason why she leaves you. I'm gonna make it happen.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:42

That's amazing.

Evy Hauntings 07:43

Thank you.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:44

Other than beating, did he sexually abused any of your siblings?

Evy Hauntings 07:48

That's the thing if they did. I don't know, but I personally would not be surprised, but I don't know. That's it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 07:56

How many siblings do you have?

Evy Hauntings 07:58

There's about five and I'm the fourth one. So two brothers and three sisters.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:05

Was he cheating on your mom too?

Evy Hauntings 08:07

Oh yeah. We found pictures. We were like, Oh hell no, she was not pretty. So she's happier though. And she said, my mother is like 63, but now she's happy. She is, she works a job. She likes and she's always getting asked out on dates.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:27

That's awesome.

Evy Hauntings 08:28

They spoil her with stuff. I mean, she's got you know, she's able to date and they spoil her and they call her beautiful and they make time for her and they work harder than my dad did. And they still make time for her. So I'm like, there we go. That's it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:45

She's in Portland?

Evy Hauntings08:45

She's in California, but I'm going to bring her with me.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:48

Yeah. You seem very close to her. Were you close to her when you were growing up?

Evy Hauntings 08:53

Oh absolutely, Yeah, but so being well, nourished is one key thing. Like.

Dr. Javad Sajan 08:59

So he literally wouldn't have enough food in the house.

Evy Hauntings 09:03

Pretty much. And we only really, because we're Mexican family, even though I'm really pale, I used to be tan and I'm really pale now, but we just, all we had was beans and all we had was rice. All we had was tortilla and that was it. Like, that's all we ate. And sometimes he would tell me to like, there was no allowance. I had to work for it, which is fine. But I ended up spending, you know, my $20 washing his cars and doing the chores. I ended up spending it on dinner, on groceries all the time. So it was like, I never really had money.

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:34

Was he a heavy guy? Or he was then too. He was leaner too.

Evy Hauntings 09:38

Same as me, fast metabolism. And I inherited all of his pretty bad genetics. The only thing I have for my mother is her nose. So a lot of people don't like my nose and they're like, "it is so big and this and that". And I'm like, "okay, but this is the only feature I have from my mom. So I'm going to keep it".

Dr. Javad Sajan 09:56

Yeah, you should. Who randomly, who tells you your nose is too big?

Evy Hauntings 10:01

It happens when you are a person online, you get a lot of criticism and it's okay. Because some of that criticism comes from people who are underage and they're not open-minded or kind, that's ok.

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:13

Yeah. What kind of things did you do with your mom? Like activities growing up?

Evy Hauntings 10:18

Good question. I would say we mostly survived together and just like, we're making a podcast, we actually listened to podcasts and documentaries together on YouTube. So that's what we did. We would listen to documentaries educational ones and we just cleaned and listened to it together. And that's what we do.

Dr. Javad Sajan 10:38

And when you were going through all that, were you just keeping your eye on the goal of getting out of that situation?

Evy Hauntings 10:43

Absolutely. You know, and here is this thing, you can care about someone and sometimes those people don't want to change. And probably cause my dad went through a lot of stuff himself growing up, but you know, if people don't want to change, you know, you can't heal or change someone or make them better if they're not willing to give up the things that make them sick, you know.

Dr. Javad Sajan 11:06

Makes sense. What kind of modeling did you first start with?

Evy Hauntings 11:09

So when I was 18, I wanted to go into modeling because I had a passion for it. But because I was so sin, I was like, I can't model. Cause if I model this thin, it's going to look really, really bad. And I was about 72 pounds at 18. So I thought, okay, I need to gain weight. So I did. And as I got older-

Dr. Javad Sajan 11:30

You were 72 pounds.

Evy Hauntings 11:31


Dr. Javad Sajan 11:33

And was that because you didn't have food or your metabolism was fast?

Evy Hauntings 11:37

Metabolism was and was fast and we just didn't have food. And so yeah, I wanted to model and that's the one thing I wanted to do. And again, a lot of this has to do with fast metabolism, but now that I'm a bit older, cause that's when I 18 now I'm like 24, 25. Could it be, I forget, I'm going to be 26 this year. There we go. I actually went through a year and I believe it was 2019 and I told myself, Hey, I want plastic surgery, but like, I need to give myself one more shot at this. Like I need to really see if I can gain weight. So I got blood tests done. I stuck to a protein only diet. I cut back on caffeine. I cut back on sugar. I stuck to eating. Like I tried to eat meat, get that protein in eggs, protein shakes, so bad, protein shakes..

Dr. Javad Sajan 12:34

So what kind did you like?

Dr. Javad Sajan 12:38

They all tasted bad, they taste so dry. I was like, Oh my God. It came to know where I was like, I don't want to. I'm going to vomit. No, it was so I hated it. So then I was like, okay, now blood test time. So we go into, you know, I go in and get blood tests, which is horrible because people have to-

Dr. Javad Sajan 12:56

Yeah. You have a doctor helping you or are you doing this on your own?

Dr. Javad Sajan 12:59

I had a doctor.

Evy Hauntings 13:00

Yeah. I had a doctor.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:03

How did you have health insurance? At this point?

Evy Hauntings 13:05

It was from my job that I work in Portland. So they were like, here's your insurance. And I was like, okay, well I pay a lot of money for this. I'm going to use it. So I did the blood tests and I'm, you know, needles. Oh my God. People have to hold me down because if I see needles, I freaked out.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:24

Why do you think that is?

Evy Hauntings 13:26

I don't know but I'm weird.

Dr. Javad Sajan 13:27

You piercings that freak in you out.

Evy Hauntings 13:30

People say that! I don’t get it either! I'm like, it's like, I don't know. Maybe cause it's coded or something, but it's when it's like, I imagine a big mosquito going into my arms. So I freak out. And so I, you know, I had to get two blood tests, I think almost three. So after that, you know, the doctor was like, you don't have thyroid problems. You don't seem to have any other problems. I think you just are like having like an ed. If you know what that is like you just don't want to eat. And I was like, no, I do want to eat. So they took me to nutritionist and nutritionist is like, okay, tell me how you eat. And I was like, okay. So I went with my whole nutrition that already did, you know, my whole eating thing. And she was like, the nutritionist was like, okay girl, you know a lot about nutrition and you look like, you already know what you're doing.

Evy Hauntings 14:24

You already have all the calories and stuff counted out. You'd have protein. How many protein taken the day in the night? You have all this figured out and you're not gaining weight. And I'm like, right. So he's like, well you don't have like, you know, you're not anorexic. So, you know, he's like, you don't have a disorder where you like, don't eat. You obviously eat. So I'm like, I know. So he's like, okay, let me do one more blood test. And this one was like on like vitamin deficiency or whatever. But he was able to just tell me like, look, I can't help you because maybe you're just naturally skinny. And I was like, okay, there's nothing I can do. This is how I probably permanently am like, this is it. There's no gaining weight. I am forever going to look like this. I tried for a whole year. I tried even working out exercise. Nutritionist actually told me, Hey, don't exercise because like you need to like, not lose any more weight.  currently I think I'm about 102 pounds currently. So after that I was like, okay.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:30

Evy, that don't tell high protein diets make you lose weight that you want to eat a lot of carbs to gain weight.

Evy Hauntings 15:34

It was something about like it was a certain kind of protein shake or we, it would build muscle and add more muscle to your bones. There was also like a lot of fats that I had to eat, like a whipping milk or something. It was a lot of like a lot of butter, cream cheese. So there's also a lot of fats in my diet as well.

Dr. Javad Sajan 15:55

That makes sense.

Evy Hauntings 15:56

Like, I think nutritionists, he was like, you can pretty much eat. Like the fatty is kind of milk. Like just drink it. Like, just drink it out the jug, like, just do that. It's like, okay, still didn't work. And he's like, what's wrong with you? I'm like, I don't know. So I was like, all right, okay. I'm stuck like this. And now what? So through all that, you know, gorging on the healthy food, I was able to make it to a least, a little bit of a healthy weight. It would drop down fast, but I was like, okay, this is my chance. So I decided that what I was going to do was get plastic surgery. And I was like, okay, how am I going to get the money for this, right?

Dr. Javad Sajan 16:38

Before you thought about that, what sparked your interest in modeling? It doesn't sound like you grew up with that.

Evy Hauntings 16:44

So I that's a good point. Right. But I suppose it's like, I grew up very sheltered. So I had to, I watched a lot of TV movies and I thought like, these people are beautiful, but like, besides that, there's also originality. Like you see Nikki Minaj and you see Lady Gaga and you see, wow, it's not so much about being hot, especially for Lady Gaga. Right. It's not so much about being hot. It's about like being an individual and just look a weird and like it, I was like, hell yeah. So that's what sparked to be a model and to also be a person when you model. So when you model, they don't just see what you're modeling. They see you as a person and you're like this new creature. So that's what I started to do. And I started to build my character and persona through modeling.

Dr. Javad Sajan 17:38

How did you start that?

Evy Hauntings 17:39

Uh so low-key was always doing it. And then Facebook hated it. They were like, Facebook was like, this is too hot. You can't post this. You know? So I always liked to post photos of the stuff I would wear, you know, whether it was costumes. I have lots of costumes, so many and my favorite is clown costumes and stuff. But I did-

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:03

Do Facebook ban it because they were too revealing?

Evy Hauntings 18:06

They just didn't like it. I don't know. Maybe it's because I have a very baby face, but I don't know why it was just targeted at me, but it's not like I was posting things that you could not post, but they didn't like a skin, like even on Tik TOK. I remember I got flagged on Tik talk for literally holding scissors. And I was like, why? Why? So I was always posting modeling photos, even though they would get flagged. And I couldn't really show much. I didn't have a chest. I didn't have cleavage. I didn't have a lot of me. I didn't have a butt, so I don't know what they were flagging it for.

Dr. Javad Sajan 18:41

Maybe it was his haters flagging it.

Evy Hauntings 18:47

Maybe. But I was so like spiritually blonde to haters. Cause I'm like, I pay attention of people who are going to feel that way. It's okay. So yeah, there was a passion for modeling and then I thought, okay, I want to put my modeling a step further.

Dr. Javad Sajan 19:06

So, you were just doing it on social media for free. Okay. For fun.

Evy Hauntings 19:10

Just for fun. And it was never a point to me. Like I don't like to create content that comes off as quote unquote pornography. I don't want to do that because it takes away a lot of my identity away and I want it to put my identity and persona into that. That was the most important part.

Dr. Javad Sajan 19:30

Why do you think pornography, nudity that space takes away your identity?

Evy Hauntings 19:36

I think it's perfectly fine, but I can't post it on Facebook or Instagram and there are a lot of people and there's no hate towards this. But there's a big market and audience for women who will dress up as cost players, you know, like, I'm sorry, like anime characters.

Dr. Javad Sajan 19:54

I have a lot of patients like that.

Evy Hauntings 19:55

And they look amazing. They do.

Dr. Javad Sajan 19:58

I've created a lot of exaggerated features just for that.

Evy Hauntings 20:02

And they look great, especially Tracy because she looks so happy and I saw her podcasts with you and she looks gorgeous. I don't know if she cost plays, but she's, she's beautiful. But with cost players, when I cosplay and anime character, you're cost playing a character that someone else has already done, you know, for sure you're doing the character and there's an audience who loves that character. So the entire time, you know, you're going to that market that wants to, that audience. Oh, I'm so sorry. You're going to that audience that specifically wants to see animated characters. So in that sense in my brain, I thought I'm replaceable. I'd want to be myself. And I want have an audience that just is there for that.

Dr. Javad Sajan 20:50

So it sounds like that kind of modeling is more being something for someone or not being you for being you.

Evy Hauntings 20:59

Right. So I wanted to very much so being an individual and then take that individuality. And when it came to only fans, yeah, you can make pornography, but I wanted to really put that with what I was doing. So when people see my content, it's not so detached, but rather they know who I am as a person. They've talked to me, they've gotten to know me. They see my tattoos, the personality, the imageality, or the creativity or originality. And that creates a more bond with my content to a lot of people who are either my fans or friends, they are able to connect more to that and therefore enjoy my content. And however way they wish to me, it's pure way that they do it. It's fun.

Dr. Javad Sajan 21:47

And so you decided to go on only fans for this?

Evy Hauntings 21:50

Hm, because I was like, okay, I can't post it on Facebook because I get mad. I can't post on Instagram. I didn't think about Twitter, but I was like, do I want to do Twitter? No, they might get mad too. Okay. Do you have anything on Tik Tok now? That's a kids app. I can't do that. So I was like, okay, all right. I guess people want to report my stuff. I'm going to do only fans and people are going to have to just pay for it. Like, cause I don't know what else. Like I tried posting it for free that people got mad. So this is all I'm able to do now. So I did.

Dr. Javad Sajan 22:24

So what is only fans tell people who don't know what that is.

Evy Hauntings 22:28

It is a site where people can pay for your content. And a lot of people do like rated R extreme content. And some people, they actually just post like cooking recipes or other pets, which is so funny, but they do so some people do it for just pure stuff. Some people they read books or something or some people they draw and they post it on only fans. But a lot of them do use it for modeling because you can post your drawings. Are you reading a book on the internet? No one gets mad, but you post a photo of you modeling and their skins show and people get mad.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:04

And what's the website for that?

Evy Hauntings 23:08

It's I believe it's just onlyfans.com.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:11

Okay. And how much do they charge for subscriptions or how does it work?

Evy Hauntings 23:15

So you have to submit your ID and they got to know you're of age. So I had to submit my ID to only fans. I think my social, I can't remember, but after they verified that I was an adult then I was able to start uploading content and set a subscription price and people, I believe when other people sign up to buy, they also have to verify their ID as well. Cause this is only for adults since, so they like to make sure that the audience is only adults and no children are involved in this.

Dr. Javad Sajan 23:48

And how much do people typically charge for a subscription?

Evy Hauntings 23:52

Oh, there we go. So for mine is actually a very strange case because most girls charge and it's fine, it's understandable. A lot of girls charged $9, some charged, $3

Dr. Javad Sajan 24:08

Is that monthly?

Evy Hauntings 24:09

Yeah, monthly. Some girls charged like $20. But I had a lot of my fan base on Snapchat and that's how I communicated with my fans. I said, you know what, guys, I'm going to get plastic surgery and you know, I'm going to raise money for this. And if you guys want to support me, you can. And basically I set my price at $50

Dr. Javad Sajan 24:33

Per month?

Evy Hauntings 24:34

Per month.

Dr. Javad Sajan 24:35


Evy Hauntings 24:36

And this is, I don't know anyone else who has it, this expensive. So part of me felt like, okay, you know, there's no way the wrong people are going to get access to this. Right. Cause a lot of girls who put the price too low, their content gets leaked because anyone can just throw away dollars and start stealing the content and real uploaded somewhere else. So I set mine at $50 and I never believed that I would go far with this at all because I saw a lot of my fan base as my friends. As people who just were genuine and kind to people I never in my head sought as fans. I don't.

Dr. Javad Sajan 25:14

What percentage did only fans take?

Evy Hauntings 25:17

You take 20%. Okay. So when, so at a $50, I only make 40. Okay. And I still have to pay taxes at the very end. I just pay taxes. But anyways, so my case is so extreme. Like I was like $50 is the price, but I told people, Hey, you're not pressured, but this is what the money is going to go towards. Cause I'm being honest. I was very honest with my friends, fans fan base audience. I was very honest. I said, this is what the money's going towards. And I'll keep you guys updated how much I raised to the appointment and all that. And I made it very clear. They saw that, especially my audience. They saw that I was trying to get healthy. They saw the whole journey on my Snapchat. It's like a reality TV show on my Snapchat. So they saw it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:07

Were you putting more content on only fans that you weren't putting on snap or was it the same stuff?

Evy Hauntings 26:13

It was more in a sense were Snapchat does have rules, terms and conditions and you can't post certain things. So I would keep it still pretty clean on Snapchat, you know like head and shoulders. Okay. But if I'm going to post any other part of me, it's going to go on only fan. So I don't disrespect or break the terms of conditions and get my Snapchat reported or something which has happened before.

Dr. Javad Sajan26:40

Your Snapchat's been reported?

Evy Hauntings 26:41

Yeah old one got deleted just for advertising. The only fans. I had, I used to get like, I think 9,000 views proposed, which was crazy. I was like, what the hell? I was like, who are you? I don't know you guys are?

Dr. Javad Sajan 26:57

How many subscribers did you get on only fans?

Evy Hauntings 27:01

I got a lot enough to be I'm currently top 5%.

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:10

Of only fans?

Evy Hauntings 27:10

Yeah. And a lot of girls do lie when they make it to top 0.0 0.4. That's a lie. That is a big lie. Like, no, it doesn't work like that. Okay. I'm top 5%. And that's shocking because my subscription is expensive.

Dr. Javad Sajan27:26

Oh, so you have thousands of subscribers. It sounds like.

Evy Hauntings 27:28

A lot. And I was really surprised. And the thing is, is that when you set a price very high, you have to make it worth it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 27:38

Or people are going to just bounce.

Evy Hauntings 27:41

Right. Exactly. So with mine specifically, I actually have over a thousand pieces of content. So I have 900 photos on there and 200 videos. So if you think about it, $50 for 900 photos and 200 videos, I mean, you're getting a lot worth for $50. So that's what I did. So there's so much on there. And so now it's actually worth it, like really, really worth it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 28:10

How did you grow your fan base on like any of these platforms? Like you said, you had 9,000 views on Snapchat.

Evy Hauntings 28:19

That's yo see you don't, someone could talk crap about you on another platform and that somehow brings you fans out of nowhere. So it started out on Facebook where I believe it was 2018, the beginning of 2018. And for some reason on Facebook, I got over like 2000 friend requests. I was like, where the hell did these people come from? Okay. That was cool. Then I ended up quitting Facebook cause I just don't like the platform very much. I think I'm a little too PG 13 for it, but I moved to Tik Tok and I never joined these platforms with the idea, Hey, I'm going to get famous. I'm going to get popular. Hello. I just am myself because I can't lie. And I am not a liar at all and any way you asked me question, I'll answer it honestly. So I was just myself, really weird cell phone tech talk. And somehow I ended up with 54,000 followers.

Dr. Javad Sajan 29:24

That's awesome.

Evy Hauntings29:25

And I was like, Whoa, like, all I did was just be weird, but that's where a whole lot of them started coming from. And I was pretty shocked. I was like, okay, like I didn't expect that. And then I ended up with a lot of followers on Snapchat. I was like, okay. And it does get scary because you have a lot of eyes watching you and you don't know who they are, but I've gotten to know a lot of people. And the whole time it's like I say, be a genuine person, be an honest person and be yourself being individual. Because when you're an individual, your fan base is going to, or your audience is going to gravitate towards you because they're not going to see you anywhere else. They're going to see you here where you are. But if I was out pretending to be something I'm not, I don't know if I was dressing up, like, I don't know, Barney or something, or if I was dressing up as people and you know, they could always go somewhere else and see that too. So I was like, I'm going to be myself where no one can replicate it and no one can copy it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 30:30

That's awesome. So you were modeling without having any surgery, just you and then what made you flip the switch to get surgery?

Evy Hauntings 30:40

I wanted to get surgery before only. And I thought to myself, there's no way I'm going to make the money that fast because you know, I don't have a nice body. I don't have curves. I don't have a chest. I barely have a butt. Like I'm not going to get, I'm not going to get it. You know, like, man, you know, I'm not hot, but I'm weird. And I like to model anyways. But having that audience that just wanted to see me, they showed so much support and I even had a wishlist and Amazon wishlists way before then, like way before only fans. I had a wishlist, which I never pressured anyone, but I was just a wishlist with like, I don't know, like stuffed animals and stuff. And over, I want to say over 600 items off, my wishlist have been purchased and I could not believe it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 31:31

That's awesome.

Evy Hauntings 31:32

So all this attention, I don't know where it comes from, but I'm always so appreciative and I understand it with an audience comes with, okay, now that you have people watching you, what message do you want to send? Are you just there to like, you know, make money off people or do you also want to like give out a message? Right. And so my message was art and also talking about kindness and how important that is, so fast forwarding. Yeah. So I was uploading photos with how I looked before surgery and people were always nice. I said, you look good, you're pretty or this or that. And some of them even try to talk me out of surgery. And I said, listen, I got to do this for me. Just, just me. And when I finally raised the money.

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:24

How long did it take?

Evy Hauntings 32:27

This is surprising, but I want to say it took about five to six months probably.

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:31

Wow. And what was your mom thinking about you having surgery?

Evy Hauntings 32:35

She understood. She was like, okay. She's like, you know, you always care about everyone else. You can do something for yourself now. So I was like, okay.

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:44

Did you tell your siblings or your dad?

Evy Hauntings 32:46

Uh no, because I'm not in contact or close with them.

Dr. Javad Sajan 32:50


Evy Hauntings 32:52

So they saw the process of me, you know, going there, you know, me getting my appointment and my audience saw that. And I really would not be as happy as I am without my supporters. And I want them to truly know that I appreciate it every day. I never expected it. I never see myself or ever. Did I ever see myself as a celebrity or someone like that? No, no, no, never. But a lot of people questioned. Like why would you get surgery? Why would you do that? Why, why?

Evy Hauntings 33:24

And there is, I can now answer that for those who are puzzled. So it's very depressing when you don't, when you're not happy with how you look. And it's a lot of times, it's not your fault because like I said, I grew up malnourished and I think had I not grew up malnourished, I probably would have had the weight around my body. You know, a lot of times we grow up and we didn't ask for, you know, the arthritis or the pains or this or that. Like for instance I have crooked teeth and a lot of people have crooked teeth and a lot of people with crooked teeth can eat fine. So without surgery, before surgery, I could wear shirts. I mean, I wasn't like hurt or anything, but when people have crooked teeth and they tell their family, Hey, I'm going to get braces.

Evy Hauntings 34:21

I'm going to get some teeth pulled and make them all fit. And it's going to, and of course it's expensive. You know, family members are like, Oh wow, good for you. You know, you're going to get your teeth fixed. But yeah, there's a different energy when you want to get plastic surgery and actually look normal because you know, like, Oh my God, my chest is so flat. You can see my ribs and all this people are like, are you eating? Are you sick? But you're not. You know, so there's a different kind of energy. And I know if I told people, Hey, I'm getting my teeth fixed. They'd be like, I could feel. But when you say it's surgery, it's like, why would you do that? Well, it's because I want to actually be able to wear clothes. When you get your teeth fixed, you're comfortable, smiling. You're comfortable laughing and you can still eat, but you're more comfortable in public. And when you get plastic surgery, you're more comfortable wearing clones. There's no more wearing a big jacket or covering up or trying to avoid seeing your ribs in the mirror and feeling bad. Like, Oh my God, am I really like my ribs and you start to feel, you know, just horrible. So-

Dr. Javad Sajan 35:34

That's an amazing analogy.

Evy Hauntings 35:35

Thank you.

Dr. Javad Sajan 35:36

That you're not going to tell somebody who's teeth aren't aligned, go brush them more. In the same way you're not going to tell someone if you don't have your body this way, go eat more at this point in life. It's over. Right? You have or you have.

Evy Hauntings35:47

It's also a big risk to get your teeth fixed because that's one thing I get told on a lot on Tik Tok, any were when people think they can get under my skin, they say, Oh, go fix your teeth. This and that. You know, teeth are by far a very big expense. And here's the thing about teeth. When I pull out teeth, you got to always be on antibiotics. You're sometimes a link for this teeth work is also surgical because if they're overcrowded, they got to remove teeth. You gotta be on all this medicine. It's all these x-rays, it's all these checkups and then braces and so forth. Especially if your teeth are so out of your mouth, that your gums are receding and sending, you know, there's a lot of more work that has to go into dental and then fixing your gums and so forth this one.

Dr. Javad Sajan 36:38

Yeah. When I was a kid ate a lot of sugar, so I've had a lot of stuff done. I really relate.

Evy Hauntings 36:44

I love sugar too. And so when I explain it to people, that way they understand surgery, they're like, okay, you just want to feel confident thoughts. I'm like, absolutely. Because a lot of other people, you know, they want to lose weight for me. I've always wanted gain. A lot of people, they want to lose weight and they're like, you don't want. You're going to hate, you're going to have back pains. You're gonna hurt and this. And I'm like, okay, but like, I'm ready for that. Like, I'm a fit person. You know? I'm prepared to accept the consequences of my decisions. I need since I make, I'm prepared. And to be honest after surgery, I don't have back pains. I don't have any pains. I don't have any problem lifting myself around.

Dr. Javad Sajan 37:32

I don't think any of my patients have that after implants. It's rare.

Evy Hauntings 37:36

Right. So, you know, it really just comes with strengthening your back muscles and take, it's a lot of exercise. I'm not telling people to exercise. You don't want to don't, but my job requires a lot of exercise. So I have a lot of toned muscle. So I'm able to lift myself on what lot.

Dr. Javad Sajan 37:52

So Evy living in Portland. How did you hear about me in Seattle?

Evy Hauntings 37:56

So I started from Tik Tok because I love to watch Tik Tok videos. And there was this person on there who made a video and they would show off like their healing process. They also got their nose done, facial stuff done, and they would always show. And I was like, wow, your chest looks really good. And so I messaged this person. Like hy where you get your chest done, I'm just curious and they'd be like, well, I already got mine, a little done too late, but my friend got it done by Dr. Seattle and he's in Washington and he does it. So this person told me that, you know, had they known sooner, they would have gone here, but.

Dr. Javad Sajan 38:48

That's awesome.

Evy Hauntings 38:49

So I looked at it. I was like, okay. Cause like I'm kind of picky you, right?

Dr. Javad Sajan38:53

Yeah you are very picky.

Evy Hauntings 38:55

I had an idea of what I want and a lot of people, when they want, you know, thick boobs, they're like, I just want to look hot. I want to look like, you know like hot and that's fine. But there's a lot that goes into it because there's a material of implants. There's the shape of implants and understanding. You can do that a real place after 10 years, which is actually the same as teeth implants. Teeth implants have to be replaced after 10 years. So do breasts. So I looked into it and I was able to find your Instagram page. I was like, this is it. This is exactly how I want to look. This is it. This is perfect. Cause I saw other plastic surgeons, Instagram pages and stuff. And they just looked so I don't know, they look rushed. They don't look done. Well. They just look rushed as if someone stuffed the nearest stuffed animal and stuffed it under their skin. And I'm just like, well, I don't want to look like that. I want to look natural. I want to look like I have weight. You know.

Dr. Javad Sajan 40:04

That's so true. So many doctors that I know, and especially the people who I worked with, they used to brag about how quick the they did breast augmentation, or I can do it in 19 minutes, 23 minutes. And when people said that, I always thought, why are you proud of that? Don't be proud of your time. Be proud of your results.

Evy Hauntings 40:22

Right. I believe there is art in just about everything. And I believe that when it comes to something like changing someone's body, that's an art skill in itself. I mean, you're careful with it. You know, you're making sure you make it look right. That it looks beautiful. It's in a way it's an art. And what I love the most is that when it came to the anatomical implants is how beautifully they dropped because the anatomical is a sheer drop. So it drops like this and they looked so beautiful. So perfect. I was like, Oh my God, if this is it, like, if I'm going to choose this is it, like, I don't care if I don't care what I got to sell. Like, this is it. This is what I want. I don't want that over there because some people, you know, they're like, Oh, well, you know what, for like $2,000, I'll just like, give you boobs.

Evy Hauntings 41:24

I'm like, no, I want the nicest, the nicest of the nicest. I want people to be like, wow, I want like the best of the best. And I want one. I for it. Yeah. I made sure that I had the money before I scheduled the appointment. Cause I did not want to get my hopes up and I have crap credit. Cause I never built it. So I was like, okay, my credit bad. So there's, I'm going to have this money. I'm going to not tap this table too much, there we go. What I went in, I already knew, I already knew. I'm like, I'm going to get from this place. I already know it. I already know it.

Dr. Javad Sajan42:07

Did you have other consults?

Evy Hauntings 42:09

No, I didn't want them. I already, I just knew because you know, they did have and, I did so much crazy amount of research into other plastic surgeons and you have to look about how they do things, how they talk, how they explain things, how they talk about themselves, how they talk about their patients, how they clean and sterilize and stuff. Because a lot of them do it differently a lot. And I see a lot of them don't do it the way you do it.

Dr. Javad Sajan 42:40

Hm. where do you see that?

Evy Hauntings 42:43

Youtube is usually where they will show it and you know, there's a lot of you, you know, about not touching the implant and how it's cause it's packaged in a package and so forth. And so I already knew that I wanted to get plastic surgery here, you know? So I'm like, okay, well this is appointment, but I already made up my mind. Now when a lot of people choose to get plastic surgery, I do want to note this for those who are thinking about it, that a lot of times our insecurities can fog our mind. So where at that time, because of my weight, would just go up and down? I never knew what my weight was. This also affected my breast size before. So sometimes I'm like, okay, I fit into a 34 C bra, but sometimes I fit into a 36 B. But then when I look into the mirror, my brain is like, no, you're in a, there is nothing there. So this Fox up our mind. And a lot of the times we go in thinking what size we want, because we think it'll look good on what we currently have, but we need an unbiased, honest opinion from someone who knows what size we currently are and what will look good.

Evy Hauntings 43:59
So that was amazing because when it came to my consultation, which, I'm going to be honest to anyone watching this, if you're going to get something so serious done to yourself. So serious, it's just like, if you're getting done work done, there's a lot of dentists who, they're not careful when they pull your teeth out. You know, you want to make sure that you're getting exactly what you want. Because if you go into a dentist place, they might pull out the wrong teeth, you know, you might not be getting the right thing done. So don't just go in anywhere saying, Oh, I'm just going to get that because it's the cheapest. If you're going to get something serious done to yourself, make sure it's just done once that one time, that the perfect thing, that's it. Don't walk out thinking. Okay.

Evy Hauntings 45:00

Next time. This is for people who go to Mexico and they pay for breast implants and I'm Mexican. So I can say this. There are people who go to Mexico and they pay $2,000. They pay $60 for teeth care and they walk out and saying, Oh, this will do for now. But when I have more money, I'll get something better. No, save money and get that better. So this is what I mean when people are going in for plastic surgery, make sure you understand that this is the better. Like this is it. Like, this is your Tesla. Like, this is it. This is your dream. This is it for you because you do not want to. And I'm not saying about this. I'm telling other people don't go to cheap places and get botched, go to a serious actual plastic surgeon. Who's going to do it the first time and do it right.

Evy Hauntings 45:49

And not mess you up. And this is a place and I knew this was the place. So excite. Yeah. I'd seen everyone. Else's how they came out. And I knew that I was like, man, if I looked like that, I would wake up and I would never be sad again. And some people are like, Oh, but you know the price. Okay. Yeah. The price. But you know what else is expensive? So his teeth, so his hair. So it was a lot of other things. You break your leg for anything going to emergency. There's always everything costs. But actually this is your body. You don't, don't just pay some person in Mexico, $2,000 to get it done. And you don't even know if it's clean, don't just pay for something cheap because you're so desperate. And I was desperate to, it was, but I was patient, have patience.

Dr. Javad Sajan 46:39

That's really insightful. It's very insightful. The hard part is, you know, when you do a revision surgery, Evy, it's always harder. It's never the same, is less predictable. So wherever you get it done, you got to try your best to get it done the way you want it the first time, even when like Donald, my brother's a dentist. So even with that, you know, when he's going back and redoing work, it's you said it's very hard and it's never the same.

Evy Hauntings 47:07

I feel that. And I will give an example, you know, like they have Invisalign, they have smile direct. And I tried that cause I thought, well, dam, that's cheap. It can mess your teeth up. And that's kinda what I'm trying to tell to people. If you go with some cheaper alternative, you might walk up and walk out, looking worse than you did when you went in. And that's why I tell people, you know, what's your dream car, a Tesla, okay. Tesla's cost hard work and you're going to work hard. But when you have that Tesla and you're going to be the envy, everyone's going to be like, wow, you've got a Tesla. So everything that is good, you know, it's going to cost hard work. And this is one of these things. When it comes to your body, it's going to cost hard work, put in that hard work.

Evy Hauntings 47:53

How's the body you want and know that you didn't settle, that you actually chose the best that you didn't just settle for something else that just paying a little bit. No, you went for the best. That is what my biggest advice is because I don't have any issues. I don't have any problems clothes look great on me. I'm actually I don't get told to eat more anymore. And for those who think, okay, sure. I'll get surgery, but I'm so scared of anesthesia, which is surprisingly a big fear of people. I tell people, okay, I'm the scaredy cat. So I'll take one for a team. I'll tell everyone what anesthesia is like, and Holy heck if I could always be on anesthesia, I would because it's the best nap ever. I can say it. When it came to surgery day which by the way, if people are going to go for breast implants, also make sure to ask whether this is, you know, I recommend this place, the strongest, but always ask the plastic surgeon, Hey, I have my idea of what I want, but what's your opinion on what the, like, what do you think is going to look good on me?

Evy Hauntings 49:15

Because like I said, I thought, I didn't really know what would look good. Cause I was here thinking climate a, so I need the big size. Right. But you were able to tell me, you actually just need this side 440, this size 440cc is actually the perfect. And I was like, okay, I guess I don't need it too big then I guess I like, I probably do have something already there I think. And I'm so glad I did. I'm so glad I went with your advice. And that's one thing people really need to do is ask the plastic surgeon, Hey, what do you think will look good on me? Cause they've done it a million times. They will know. You will know you knew it because he did it so many times already. And I was so happy. I went with that size really, really happy.

Evy Hauntings 49:59

So I tell people that, and that's my biggest advice is to definitely don't go in there asking for like 600, 700cc. No, you know, they have to keep in mind a lot of swelling stuff. Cause you're healing. Keep in mind these things. So day of surgery I remember telling the nurses, I was like, Hey, I have a fear of needles. So you can't let me see it because you see these needles, you guys are gonna have to hold me down and it's gonna be awful. Like you guys were, you all have to hold me down. I'm gonna have a panic attack. I can not see the needle. I know I have tattoos, but like the needles are like a giant mosquito from like Jurassic Park. I can't see that. Okay. Like I just can't and they were like, okay. And they did a wonderful job keeping me calm. So that way I could be, you know, put under anesthesia. And I really just felt like a really good nap.

Evy Hauntings 50:51

Good. How has life been after surgery now? It's been for me personally, it's been like, I would say uninterrupted now, whereas before there's always like when it comes to clothes, I'll pick out the baggy ones. So people can't see how skinny and whatnot I am. It's like now it's like, I'm happier. Especially like with Tracy, she's such a happy giggly person and you know, that's what plastic surgery does. It just makes people happier. And that's like, like I said, with your teeth, when you get your teeth, then you're happy, smiling and laughing and you do it more. So when you get surgery done, you're happy going out places and you're not crossing your arms or hiding yourself. You look confident. That's the greatest part.

Dr. Javad Sajan 51:46

And what about your fans? Do you get any comments from that?

Evy Hauntings 51:50

My fans are, and my friends are really awesome because I do feel an unconditional love where they do love me no matter what I feel like I could get into dear fans and they'd be like, yeah, you look good. Cause I was just really, really happy with the support from the anesthesia team nurses. And especially a lot of the you ha you have like these this medicine moisturizers, and you also gave me a, like a moisturizer wash to use for the incisions.

Dr. Javad Sajan 52:28

Yeah, the scar protocol.

Evy Hauntings 52:30

Zack I've already ran out and I already want more. So I want to buy more because my skin breaks out really easy. And when you're under antibiotics, which every, I think everyone knows what that's like, antibiotics. They make your skin, you know, sweat, any toxins, they make you thirsty. It's different for everyone, but that's what antibiotics do. And for me, it made my skin breakout and naturally even, you know, my skin is always breaking out because I have very oily skin. That antibiotic wash or the soup, it cleared my skin a lot. And a lot of the blemishes I even had, like, I know I was supposed to use it for the incisions, but I was actually using it for my shoulders. I was seeing it for my arms. I was using it for just wherever my skin was breaking out and it made it clear up right away. And I was like, this is it. Like no more. I was looking for soaps to do this. And this one actually did it. I was really, really surprised. Cause I was trying other products. They never worked. My skin still broke out, but this one actually cleared a lot of my breakouts. And like, I don't know how you made it, but it works.

Dr. Javad Sajan 53:43

Cool. Well, thank you. Thank you so much for being our guest today Evy, if you could look back on your experience and share one thing with the, with our listeners and your fans, your experience, one thing, what would it be?

Evy Hauntings 08:59

Have patience, be kind, love yourself to be patient and give yourself the best work hard. So you can give yourself the best and that it takes a lot of energy to be mean, but it doesn't take a lot of energy, takes less energy to just be a nice person.

Dr. Javad Sajan 54:19

That's so amazing. I learned so much from this podcast and I'm talking to my patients. It really adds another level of humanity to what I do Evy. You know, to hear your story, to hear your experienced, to hear your thoughts, changes, how I do, what I do and what I do.

Evy Hauntings 54:37

It takes a lot of courage to do what you do. And for anyone who honestly looks down on plastic surgeons or plastic surgery, I hope they, after watching this, they can have insight and knowledge that Plastic surgery and getting your teeth. Then these are things that just make us happier and they're not a bad thing and they don't harm anyone else. So thank you so much for making my life so happy for giving me this confidence for doing what you do existing. And honestly, I don't know if you're going to be doing this still in 10 years when I have to get these replaced, but I hope that in 10 years that the person I have that replaces these implants is someone that you tell me is the right person. Because honestly, I'm so blessed that you do what you do. And I thank you so much.

Dr. Javad Sajan 55:31

It's my privilege. Thank you. Just so when, so with your implants if they're healing well and doing well, we don't have to redo them in 10 years. They do have a lifetime warranty. So certainly, you know, we can talk about all that. But the implants you have don't necessarily need to be changed at all. I have learned a lot. I know your ordeal, we'll teach our listeners how and what to expect as they start their own cosmetic surgery journey. I appreciate your time and I'm honored to have you as my patient. And I would say good friend.

Evy Hauntings 56:05

Thank you.

Dr. Javad Sajan 56:05

Thank you. Thanks for listening to the plastic surgeon podcast and please rate and review us on Apple podcast for more great content for my live surgeries on Snapchat and my adventures throughout the week. Catch us on all social media at @realdrseattle. See you next time. Bam what.

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